I am soooo sorry everyone, but as you can see, I haven't updated The Lightning Thief in a very long time (HOLY S**T! Has it really been a year!? OVER a year!?) I haven't really been writing at all this past year and when I have been, it's on the novel I'm writing to publish [or 4 novels that I can't make my mind up on]

So, obviously, I'm not going to be updated anymore.

FEAR NOT (sorry, had to do that), my fellow (and wonderful) readers, this story, from this point on, has been put up for ADOPTION! Which is honestly really sad because I had the next chapter planned out and everything, I just can't write it. It always sounds so wrong! T^T

As it is, this does NOT mean I have given up on Arianna and Achilles (or writing any of my other stories, my newest Hoot update, which I also haven't updated in almost a year, will [hopefully] be up by the end of the month. I swear it will be extra long with a bonus chapter because I have made you guys wait so long!)

PM me if you want to adopt my story and I will be checking to see what you are doing to it (NOT CRITICIZING! I LoVe to read and would love to see how you go about adding Achilles and Arianna into the PJO:LT either storyline or movie line [finally read the books, but I still like the movie better because I saw it first...and now I've trailed off again])

So best of luck to anyone who wants it! Ja Ne!