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3rd Person POV

"Why, hello Gavin. What brings you to Hogwarts?" Albus Percivil Wilred Brian Dumbledore pulled out his desk chair and sat down, exsausted from days' worth of travel.

"The issue of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, I'm afraid," the aging man sat down across from his old friend. "You recall what I've told you of our brothers in Egypt, I assume?"

"That I do."

"And some Greek mythology?"

"Of course I remember, Gavin. I was a part of it. Now, what is this about? The students arrive tomorrow, and I still need to find a professor for our other forms of magic class…" he trailed off.

"Perfect!" Gavin exclaimed. "I know just the man!"

Crista POV

Who knew acting natural could be so hard?

I mean, seriously, how natural could walking into a wall and headed to a school for magic be? My mom knew something was up when I brought home Nico, Carter, Sadie, and Mel, but this…. It just lights the candles on the cake for the end of my summer and begins the melting, walking in with a new teacher. What other explanation would people come up with when I walked though with a guy who's obviously too old to attend Hogwarts and board with him and a couple of 'exchange' students. I could already feel my social life going down the drain when they discovered who we are and why we're here.

"Crista," Mel grabbed my arm, successfully pulling me back from everyone else. "What's up?"

"Nothing," I pulled away my arm. "I'm just thinking about how, if I know Thalia and Jason Grace at all, they'll be terrorizing Percy as we speak. Nico should be glad he could come with us." (A/N: Oh Crista…. How right you are…) As it turns out, I wasn't the only one who could do magic with ease at camp- besides Hecate's kids, I mean. While we quickly discovered that Feyda had trouble tapping into his magical reserve, we also discovered that I could do Egyptian magic just as well as Carter and Sadie could when they started. But, seeing as the Romans conquered Egypt (thank you, Annabeth), we decided to check Nico, since he's half Italian. As it turns out, my hunch was right, and so Nico's with us, catching on to the Egyptian wizardry as quickly as I am.

"I sculpt shabit in my free time, Crista." Mel sighed. "I've spent hours studying human movement and auras. You're upset about something."

"It's nothing, really." I turned away, hurrying to catch up with the others. Mel can try all he likes to get it out of me. But I'll never give in.

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