A/N: So, I know this sounds kind of sick but I ADORE Rachel suicide stories. The ones where she dies and leaves notes and you see any reactions. So if you have any good ones BESIDES the amazing ones I've already read (Close the book, take my soul by beyond-the-twilight and Tired by Golden Mist) then please let me know. thank you :D

Rachel Berry? She had an absolutely wonderful childhood. She grew up in Long Island, New York. There? She had friends, she was well-liked, even popular. In New York, it wasn't rare for children to be obsessed with fame and want to end up on Broadway and do whatever it takes to get there. It was normal. She was normal.

But, that's the problem really. She was normal.


Rachel loved New York. She did. But she also liked the whole "big fish in a small pond" idea. She knows it's stupid. She should be practicing for when she lives in New York and (for a little while, at least) will be a small fish in a GINORMOUS pond.

But she can't really help it, she just wants to be special.

So she begs and begs and begs her fathers, please, to move to a small town. She tells them that since she's going to live in New York when she's older, she needs something different, something new.

She just wants to stand out. Because normal? Normal's boring. And the one thing Rachel can't stand is being boring.


She expects to stand out in a good way, in Lima. She doesn't expect to be recognized with ice cold slushies. She shines occasionally, at Glee competitions. But normally, she's just a the weird Glee freak with a nose and voice way too big for her tiny body.

Santana says to her one day "Fuck, manhands, can't you ever just be normal?"

Most people would take offense to that. But, not Rachel Berry.
She's not normal. And she likes it that way.

A/N: In all honesty, not exactly sure where this came from. It just sort of did.