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Fireworks. That's what replaces the words. After our eyes locked, it was as if a tension between us released. Like there had been a wall pushing us apart that just disappeared.

His arms encircle my waist still and he leans down towards me. I lift my arms, running them up his chest and over his shoulders before finally locking them around his neck. He throws me his cheeky grin as I tiptoe to meet him and then our lips mould together. I'm vaguely aware of how right I was, his lips were as soft as always.

The fireworks feel wonderful exploding in my head as I move my lips with his. His tongue runs deftly along my bottom lip and I open my mouth. Our tongues delve into each other's mouths exploring to see what has changed. Nothing much has. I let his tongue dominate mine. As I always did. It wasn't as if it was in a bad way, just loving. It makes me feel secure and safe.

Pulling away in great need of breath I smile at him. He beams back down at me. "Welcome home luv."

I could cry. I place my arms around his waist again and tighten them around him. "I'm sorry."

"I know."

Mumbling I throw caution to the wind. "I love you."

Lifting me up he spins me around, I wrap my legs around his waist and he holds me up. "I love you too."

First Kiss

The memories flood in as I look at his perfect face and I remember the first time he ever made me this ecstatic.

"Peeeeete." I look imploringly up at my older brother and he shakes his head.

"No way Jessie."

"But Pete. Steve won't take me 'e's got 'is stupid firm, please."

I'm twelve years old and begging my older brother to take me to the match with him. Steve has his firm to worry about and Pete doesn't want me to go. Whether it's because taking your little sister isn't cool or because he's worried about missing the firm fight or me getting hurt I don't know, but he doesn't want me to go.


"Please. Mum said I could if you or Steve takes me."

"I aint takin' you Jess."


There's a knock on the door. I'm in my hammers shirt and looking at my brother with pleading eyes but he turns away from me to answer the door.

"Aye aye lads. Let's go shall we."

"Pete. Please."


The boys at the door all jump at the sound of Pete shouting.

Swill turns round and looks at me as I despondently walk back into the house to turn the T.V on and see the match there.

"What does she want mate?" He asks Pete.

"She wants me to take 'er to the match. Mum said she could go if Steve or me took 'er. Well Steve obviously won't take 'er and I don't want to."

Swill looks at me sat on the sofa. "Well 'as she got a ticket?" He asks.

"Well yeah. She saved 'er pocket money. But mate. I can't take my sister to football." Pete glares at me as if I'm some kind of germ.

"Mate. Just take 'er. We'll look after 'er. Fuckin' 'ell I'll bring 'er 'ome if you want to find Steve for the fight after." Dave joins in the argument on my side.

"Steve will kill me." His resolve is starting to weaken.

"Steve won't 'ave to know mate. I mean she's a scrawny little shit, we can 'ide 'er if 'e comes over." Ned joins in as well, in fact all the guys are seeming to look at it as a challenge now.

Pete sighs. "Alright. Hurry the fuck up then."

I smile and run out of the room following them to the match in high spirits.

The hammers won that match 4-0 and as the final whistle blew and everyone was celebrating, Dave picked me up and swung me round.

I giggle happily, and then his lips touch mine. It's brief but it's amazing and passionate.

"Dave." I mutter against his lips.

He puts me down on my feet again and glances over his shoulder at the boys. "Lets not tell your brothers 'bout that. I don't wanna die alright?"

I laugh and nod at him. "Alright."

"What are you thinkin' about?" Dave asks as he put me down on my feet.

"The first time we kissed."

He smiles at me. "Yeah, I remember Hammers won 4-0 right?"

I nod and he slips his hands into mine. "Lets go back inside yeah? I 'ave a feelin' it's my round."


I smile at him, a full bright grin showing off my teeth.

My mum always used to tell me that while, like my brothers, I had inherited everything from my father (a man who I hardly remember), my smile like hers, changes my whole face. Lights up a room, captivates attention and instils a sense of happiness in everyone who looks upon it.

I get that reaction from Dave. He stops, seeming to look at me in awe. A reaction I never understood from him, probably never will, considering I never understood his view of me or how I came to deserve him.

Shaking off the feeling, he slips his hand from mine, winks at me and pushes me into the Abby. Taking slow steps, we walk over to our booth and sit down. Everyone is watching us. Sighing Dave lifts his arm and puts it around my shoulders. Swill cheers, the boys all whistle and grin, Pete winks at me. I snuggle into Dave's chest and sniff his cologne. He smells warm and woodsy, rugged and manly, of larger and cigarettes, of Dave. This smell sends me floating into memories once again:

We always have an audience. I brush my lips against his, run my hands up his back and grip the top of his shoulders. It's a beautiful English day and we're sat in the park, I contemplate how perfect everything is as the rest of the boys play football.

"Tut." The sound cuts into out moment. Gritting his teeth Dave drops his head into the crook of my neck, his hot breath gusts across my skin as he exhales slowly trying to keep his temper in check. Not much will get to Dave but that kind of thing really bothers him.

I sigh stroking his hair softly, running my fingers through it I tilt his head up so he'll meet my eyes.

From my position, (straddling his lap), I cast my gaze down and see how much this has gotten to him.

"Don't worry." My voice is delicate as I try to cheer him up. "She's jealous." I wink.

"No she thinks I'm a perv." His reply is short his eyes are glinting with hurt rather than anger and I glare over at the tutting woman's back then return my gaze to his eyes.

"Dave listen to me. People are always watchin' us. We always 'ave a fuckin' audience but I don't care. You and me that's what matters. Coz they know fuck all to do wiv us. So fuck them."

He grins at me and kisses me again. We both know he's a bit insecure about being slightly older than Pete but for now we can ignore it.

A hot breath rolling across my ear and neck makes me leave my memories with a shiver.

"Always a fuckin' audience huh?" He asks as they continue to cheer.

"Just means I can show you off." I smile and place my hand against his chest. "It's good to be home. Audience an' all."