Texts- Klaine

Kurt was just about to finally finish learning his French vocabulary list when his phone vibrated for about the 20th time that evening, Kurt would have been annoyed at this but his anger soon disappeared when he saw Blaine's godly face appear on the screen, his unbelievably sexy boyfriend was texting him again. Kurt made sure to look at Blaine and roll his eyes across the room before reading and replying to it.

Blaine-Babe you nearly finished? X

Kurt – I would have been if you hadn't of distracted me. :O How may I assist you captain annoying?

Blaine-Oh I'm a captain now am I? X

Kurt- Of my ship Hell Yeh ;) Xx

Blaine- Now who's doing the distracting? ;) X

Kurt- Oh don't pretend it wasn't your intention, you've officially got my attention as always, how may I be of assistance? X

Blaine-Well... ;D X

Kurt- Blaine!.. I'm studying! Later! ;P X

Blaine- Look at me Kurt, cant you see what you're doing to me? :'( X

Kurt chanced a look at Blaine and then wished he hadn't, Blaine had his best puppy dog face on, the one he knew Kurt couldn't turn down.

Kurt- That's just cruel, why would you do that to me? :O X

Blaine- For one simple reason Babe... it works! :P X

Kurt decided to try and ignore him, he hated having such a disadvantage why was he so freakin' damn sexy?

Kurt- No I believe you're wrong. For once NERD ;) X

Kurt looked at Blaine and smiled when he watched Blaine's face change from smug humour to surprise and once again although this time not so smug, humour as he texted back.

Blaine- :O Me wrong? Never! But babe, how is this possible? Don't tell me you don't wanna come over here and snog the crap out me? Come on! ;D X (I may possibly enjoy it too)

Kurt: I'm sure you would darling but unlike you some people actually have to work hard to get good grades :L X (although it is a rather tempting offer)

Kurt and Blaine's eyes met from across the common room and a smirk appeared on both of there faces as they apparently mutually agreed on something, supposedly they were eye-lingual.

Kurt-Fine! If I fail my French this year it's your fault! X

Blaine found another opportunity to use his puppy face and he figured it had worked when he got another reply from Kurt.

Kurt- Our room! Now Shipmate! That's an order! ;D X

Blaine- It's not my place to disobey orders, I'm There ;D X

Both boys took a different route, and met outside there room.

"You're late Captain" Blaine stated a twinkle in his eye,

"Oh please have mercy Shipmate, please don't make me walk the plank, I'll make it up to you!"

Kurt pleaded humorously

"Oh will you now?" Blaine asked seductively eyeing Kurt up and down

"Looks like you're going to have to follow me shipmate" Kurt stated with a wink walking backwards facing Blaine and beckoning him with his finger making Blaine go slightly week at the knees as he followed him in, they had been dating for at least 3 months now but Blaine thought he'd never get used to this.

Regaining confidence Blaine proceeded to question Kurt

" A wet Kurt having walked the plank is rather tempting, even better you're wearing white mmm...

Blaine all but moaned making Kurt shiver

"It's going to take some convincing you know?"

Kurt smiled as he pulled Blaine on top of him on his bed with his tie murmuring

"I'll do my best"

Kurt and Blaine's lips met in a passionate kiss, a lot of moaning and rolling around was involved and both were content. It seemed Kurt wouldn't be seen walking the plank any time soon.