Second chapter~! I just realized that the charas should be able to sense if an egg has hatched… Ah, well. Tsukiko is an actress. I'm sure she'll know some way to fool them… Well, without further ado…

"Rikka-chan, I've been meaning to show something to you and Hikaru-Kun," Chie said, before class started.

"Huh? What is it?" Rikka asked. Chie held out her modified egg.

"HUUUUUUUH? YOU HAVE A-?" Chie clapped her hands over Rikka's mouth. Everyone turned.

"Ah, nothing!" Rikka waved her hands, embarrassed, "Nothing at all!"

"Please don't shout," Hikaru came over.

"B-but!" Rikka exclaimed, "She has an egg!"

"Really?" Hikaru simply blinked, "In that case, you should come to the Royal Garden with us after school."

"Okay," Chie nodded.

"Ah, don't you think we should explain a bit?" Rikka asked.

"Not at all," Hikaru replied.

"I don't mind," Chie told them, then went to her seat. Hikaru and Rikka stayed where they were and began to argue about something. The teacher came in and scolded them for not being in their seats.

"How idiotic…," Chie murmured to herself.

"Oh, Chie-chan," At the Royal Garden, the previous Guardians were there. That included Nagihiko, who Chie was fond of.

"Na-nii-san!" Chie ran up and hugged him, "I haven't seen you since a sad time."

"Nagihiko-sempai, you know Chie?" Rikka asked.

"Yes, are families are… close," Nagihiko replied.

"Were," Chie corrected.

"Ah, that's right. Sorry. They were close," Nagihiko nodded, not at all fazed by how calmly she had said it.

"Were?" Amu asked.

"Momma and Poppa are dead," Chie informed them, still hugging Nagihiko.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Amu gave a sympathic look.

"Why?" Chie tilted her head, "You never met them. You didn't kill them. You have nothing to be sorry for."

"A-ah well…," Amu looked at Nagihiko for help. Nagihiko just smiled unhelpfully.

"That's just how she is," He said as a way of explaining.

"What an odd girl," Rima said.

"Oh, Chie-chan's as weird as they come," Nagihiko said, as if he was boasting.

"That's true," Chie agreed, finally letting go of Nagihiko.

"Um, did she call you Na-nii-san?" Tadese blinked.


"It's a weird nick name…."

"Na-nii-san is pretty weird," Chie shrugged, "So, it fits."

"Anyways, why are you here?" Nagihiko asked. Chie held out her egg.

"What a pretty egg," Temari said. Nagihiko got an odd look in his eyes, but it quickly went away.

"Thank you," Chie said.

"How much do you know about it?" Nagihiko asked.

"Ah, I had a friend who told me a bit about Shugo Charas and X-eggs," Chie replied.

"Did you hear anything about Easter?" Tadese asked, then looked at Hikaru, who was calmly sipping tea.

"Hikaru was the leader, wasn't he?" Chie asked. Hikaru nodded.

"I still am. I'm just not after the Embryo," He agreed.

"Ah," Chie stored this knowledge in her brain.

"The Embryo is an egg that supposedly grants wishes," Kairi explained.

"Thank you for telling me. That's really interesting," Chie replied.

"The Embryo isn't so far fetched," Nagihiko said, confusing everyone, but Chie, "After all, you have your own egg."

"I suppose so…," Chie shrugged.

"Huh?" Yaya frowned, confused, "Yaya doesn't get it."

"Chie-Chan is a liar," Nagihiko explained, "She's really good, but I can always tell when she's doing it."

"Na-nii-san is the only one," Chie had a fierce look in her eyes, "He can always tell when I'm lying. I need to practice so he can't."

"Go for it, Chie-chan," Nagihiko gave a slightly superior smirk. Chie frowned, glaring slightly at him.

"W-what an interesting person," Amu sweat dropped.

"Ah, we have to say one last thing. About yesterday," Nagihiko remembered.

"Oh! That's right!" Amu nodded, "Yesterday night, there was someone who could create X-eggs, but left before we could find anything out about them."

"So someone is creating X-eggs? How horrible…," Chie gave a sad look. Tsukiko would be amazed of this acting… Nagihiko opened his mouth, then closed it.

"Yes, it is," He said after a pause, "But we can't know if she's working alone, so there's a chance there might be a group using X-eggs."

"For what?" Chie blinked innocently, as if she didn't know.

"Who knows?" Rima shrugged, "But if you see anyone suspicious, let us know. Okay?" Chie nodded.

"Okay! Enough being serious!" Yaya pointed her finger at Chie, "Yaya wants to know what your Chara's gonna be like!"

"I don't know," Chie replied simply.

"Well, what do you like?" Rima asked.

"Horror stories," Chie replied, a dark aura appearing around her, "Stories where everyone ends up dead, dreams have been ruined, and one last thing and…," Chie pretended to slice off her head.

"If I recall correctly, you once scared me so much that I was afraid of my house for a month," Nagihiko said calmly.

"That's because you teased me," Chie pouted.

"Oh! I have to get home," Nagihiko got up. Chie slipped her hand in his.

"I think I'm going to take you up on your offer," She whispered.

"Chie-Chan…," Nagihiko smiled, "Alright, let's go home."

Chie nodded.

"You're crying?" Nagihiko looked at Chie, who wiped her eyes.

"Who would you feel sorry for more, a crying child who lost their parents, or a child who was dry-eyed?" Chie asked. Nagihiko thought for a moment.

"Well, I guess if you weren't crying, it'd make you seem like you were in denial of what happened," Nagihiko replied.

"Exactly," Chie said, going back to crying.

"Even so, using fake tears…," Nagihiko frowned.

"Na-nii-san is the only one who knows these are fake, so it's okay," Chie replied, "Because you know that I'm not sad."

"'I can't cry for people I don't know' right?" Nagihiko sighed, "Even if your parents were always away, you should at least feel something."


"My mother told me to invite you to live with us," Nagihiko saw someone coming and patted her on the head affectionately, "She said you could come stay over at anytime, if you feel lonely. Shall I tell her you'll be fine?"

"Yes," Chie nodded, "But… Maybe I'll take up the offer later. When I find out what loneliness is."

"I guess I'll see you then," Nagihiko had a sad expression on his face, then he smiled, "See you later, I guess."

"Who was that, Chie-Chan?" Tsukiko asked.

"That was Na-nii-san," Chie explained without emotion, "He'll be our enemy from now on."

"I see…," Tsukiko thought for a moment, "We'll have to worry about him, huh?"

"Yes. But we could always eliminate him later."

Tenshi hummed a few notes softly. Her chara, Shi, was floating near her. Tenshi looked up at the sky.

"We should be going soon, shouldn't we?" Tenshi was talking more to herself then her chara.

"Chie-san should have just left," Shi agreed, "So we need to be going soon."

"That's right," Tenshi got up, "So that I can continue to have a peaceful fate with Onii-chan… So that we can sing together and smile… Things like this are necessary."

"Tenshi-chan…," Tenshi placed her brother's guitar down lightly, then looked ahead. "My Own Heart: Unlock."

A Goth lolita dress, wings that would remind everyone of a dark angel, long gray socks and black dress shoes. A scythe appeared in Tenshi's hand.

"Charanari: Death Angel." Tenshi flapped her wings and went to wreck havoc and ruin other's happiness.

"One day, we won't have to do this anymore, Tenshi," Her brother had said, "We won't have to steal, or work for Theft. But we have no money and no way of getting any but this. One day, we can stop. But until then, please bear with me…"

Tenshi closed her eyes so tears wouldn't spill and hoped that the reality her brother and her dreamed of would come soon.


"I'm okay," Tenshi reassured her chara, "Tears are necessary for happiness. So, we're sort of doing a good thing, right?" But Tenshi wasn't a good liar like Chie, so she knew it wasn't the truth.

Just a stupid wish.

I was listening to Tsukiyo no Marionetto while I typed Tenshi's part… In case you can't tell, she works with Chie. Oh, and the names…

Tenshi: Angel

Shi: Death

Tsukiko: (I forgot to include her…) Moon Child

I just realized, in the last episode of Party, Ikuto's shirt says "Free Hugs" in English. I want that shirt.