Ah… I hate being sick. But I love traveling to California… If both happen, is that really good or really bad? I guess it's worse because I don't even have the comforts of home… At least it was warm. But it'll be cold when I get back home…

Chie looked up at the sky.

"Something wrong, Chie-Chan?" Nagihiko asked.

"No," Chie replied, "I just thought I saw something." She gripped his hand tighter.

It's necessary, Chie thought to herself, I'm not doing this just because I don't want Tenshi to hurt him. It's just necessary. As she thought, his charas didn't sense anything.

Tenshi looked around with a cool look. X-eggs surrounded her. The Guardians had come, all but Nagihiko, and were in there character transformations. They were glaring at her, but it seemed that was what most people did when they looked at her, so she didn't even bother feeling upset.

"Why are you doing this?" The pink haired girl, Amu, asked.

"It's nothing personal," Tenshi replied, "I'm just doing my job."

"Your job?" Kairi frowned, "Do you work for some organization?"

"I am a worker of Theft," Tenshi replied," 'Steal your heart, steal your job, steal your happiness, steal your life.' I believe that was how it went."

"Why would you want to do that?" Rikka cried, obviously upset.

"It's a job," Tenshi replied, "I do what I'm paid for."

"Is that all? You'll put X's on all these hearts' eggs because it's your job?" Rima glared at her. Tenshi just turned, keeping her face blank.

"I don't like it. But Theft is the only company that will hire me. So, I must."

"So your saying you'll do all that for some money?" Amu looked disgusted, "Hurting all these people for that?"

I suppose they were right… I'll never be accepted as anything but an enemy. Tenshi sighed. She didn't even bother correcting Amu.

"I guess it does seem that way, doesn't it?" Tenshi waved her scythe around and the X-eggs swarmed at the Guardians. Tenshi noted that Rikka looked dizzy. Not surprising. She could understand the X eggs, hear their cries for help. It was nice that someone would listen to the unheard.

But no one could hear her cries, even still.

"Huh?" Rikka frowned.

"What is it?" Hikaru asked.

"The X eggs… It's sort of like…," Rikka frowned, "Like, they understand her. Like, they feel sorry for her or something… They keep on saying that it was okay, not to be to hard on her—apparently her name is Tenshi—and that if things keep going the way they are, her egg will join them…" Rikka shook her head. She didn't get it.

"I guess that means she has a bad life," Kukai said, looking like he felt sorry for Tenshi. That made her angry. She was supposed to be their enemy! So what, her life was horrible, she was poor, her mother thought she was a monster, she lived with her older brother. That doesn't mean they could make all those sad faces.

"D-don't," Tenshi muttered, "Don't act like you understand. You couldn't possible know how I feel…" Tenshi glared at Rikka and swung her scythe into the girl's chest.

"What are you doing?" Amu cried. Rikka just stared, her eyes wide. Tenshi took the scythe out and Rikka fell to the ground.

"Ah, I get it," She said, her eyes dull, "There are so many bad people in the world. The only way to stop them… Is to kill them all."

"Rikka-chan?" Tadese asked, looking worried. Rikka walked up to some of the X-eggs and they swarmed around her.

"Useless, Useless…," The eggs sang.

"That's right….," Rikka smiled at them. An eerie, blank smile, "They're useless… Useless people deserve death." With that, the eggs started to attack the Guardians.

"What kind of attack is that?" Amu asked, "How are we supposed to fight Rikka?"

"That's what she's counting on, probably," Rima frowned, "There's a lot of us, though. We should be able to manage…,"

"You don't get it, do you?" Rikka shook her head, "This world… is dying. In fact, it may as well already be dead. Making these people regain lost hope… How much will that change things?"

"You never know," Hikaru said quietly, "You just have to try."

"Useless," Rikka sighed, "You don't understand, really. How could you even fathom the horrible things in the world? You're rich, high class, and have someone who loves you. So what if you were lonely? Some people are cold, hungry and have no one to turn to. You can't say you suffered."

"And you can?" Hikaru asked, shielding himself from a blow of negative energy.

"No," Rikka turned to Tenshi, who was watching solemnly, "But she can."

"I think I have it!" Kairi realized, "Amu, try to purify Rikka!"

"Huh?" Amu looked confused, "Ah, sure… Here goes nothing…"

"Negative Heart: Lock on… Open Heart!" Amu shouted, creating a blast of positive energy that engulfed Rikka. Rikka's eyes widened and tears started to prickle her eyes. She looked at Amu and smiled.

"Thank you, Amu-sempai," Rikka said and the X-eggs purified.

"Huh?" Everyone gave Kairi a confused looked, "What happened?"

"It was my guess that Rikka become connected to the X-eggs once Tenshi had struck her with the scythe," Kairi said, "Rikka become like the head. Therefore, purifying her would purify them all."

"Ah…," No one really got it, still. Except maybe Hikaru.

"Ah, you got it," Tenshi frowned, "How smart. I'll have to watch for that in the future." With that, she beat her wings and flew away.

"… Well, that was unusual….," Amu said.

"At least we got a name," Kairi said, "Now we just look for Theft."


"Nagihiko! Where were you yesterday?" Amu sighed, "We fought this really depressing girl and you didn't show up at all!"

"Oh, sorry," Nagihiko apologized, "I didn't even realize that an enemy appeared."

"Should Rhythm or Temari have alerted you?" Rima asked.

"We didn't sense anything…," Temari frowned. Rhythm nodded.

"That's strange…," Amu frowned.

"Rhythm I can understand, but Temari?" Rima agreed.

"Hey!" Rhythm protested.

"Well, anyways, I guess someone interfered," Tadese interrupted.

"But how?" Nagihiko frowned.

"I guess we'll have to find out."

"Hey, who's that?"

"Who?" Amu asked.

"The girl outside," Nagihiko explained, "With green hair down to her shoulders and pink eyes. She looks about our age. Outside, over there."

"Shouldn't she be in school?" Rima asked.

"Exactly what I was thinking," Nagihiko agreed.

The girl looked at them and waved. Nagihiko opened the window.

"Shouldn't you be ay school?" He called to her.

"I'm home schooled," The girl called back. Rima and Amu couldn't help but think the voice sounded familiar.

"Then shouldn't you be at home?" Nagihiko asked.

"I'm taking a field trip," The girl replied.

"For what?"

"Because I'm bored and my teacher isn't coming."

"So you're skipping?" Rima asked. The girl laughed and nodded. Then she walked away.

"What an odd girl," Nagihiko said.

"She looked familiar," Rima mused.

"I thought so, too."

Tenshi walked away from the school with her chara.

"They seemed nice," Shi said.

"Too bad we're enemies," Tenshi sighed, "It'd be nice to be they're friend."

"Well, we can't do anything about it," Shi shrugged, "Not unless you want to go back to being dirt poor."

"No," Tenshi shook her head, "I'd rather be a thief, smiling with my brother then a miserable honest girl."

"But only because of Taro," Shi sighed.

"It's no fun smiling if I have to do it by myself," Tenshi shrugged.

"So, you'll be depressed and mope by yourself, but act like a cute little girl around everyone?" Shi summed up.

"That's how it works," Tenshi replied.

"Heads up!" A guy cried. Tenshi turned her head, saw a flying soccer ball, swirled around and kicked it back.

"Nice," It was Kukai. Tenshi grinned at him.

"Yep! I'm kinda an idiot, but I'm pretty good at sports!" She gave a thumbs up. Kukai laughed.

"You go to school here?" Kukai asked. Tenshi shook her head.

"I'm home schooled, but my teacher was busy so I slipped out to wander around," Tenshi explained. Shi hid in Tenshi's hat.

"So, you're skipping?" Kukai asked. Tenshi shrugged.

"Well, I call it a field trip, but you can call it that," She replied.

"I'm Soama Kukai," He stuck out his hand, "I have gym first period, so I get to play soccer. I'm in eighth grade. You are?"

"I'm Aiko Kasagana," Tenshi lied, using a friend's name, "I'm eleven."

"You wanna play?" Kukai asked.

"Totally!" Tenshi grinned, "Just don't be too jealous of my skills!"

As she started to play, she couldn't help but wonder what her brother was up to.

"Takamaki Taro! No sleeping in class!" The teacher shouted. Taro opened his eyes drowsily.

"Huh?" He yawned.

"Do you find this boring?"

"Uh… Kinda, yeah," The teacher was mad at Taro's response, but it was the truth. School was boring to him. He always got As, hardly ever studied, and was either hated or loved. In the classes he didn't like, he was hated by the teacher. In classes he did, the teacher ordered him. All girls loved him and so all the guys hated him. Well, except one.

"God has a sense of humor. He made you a genius then gave you a short attention span," Hideki Kasagana, Taro's friend, laughed.

"Yeah and he made girls love me, but you the one who wants a girlfriend," Taro replied.

"Harsh, man."

"Simply reality."


" Sorry Teach."

"Hnn? What'd I do?"

"You went to sleep again….?"

"I was up helping my sister with my homework….."

"Hey, Taro! Wake up! I'll get in trouble too!"

"So, did you find anything out about Tenshi, Kairi?" Amu asked. Kairi nodded.

"I found this article and a home page for Theft," He replied.

"What article?" Amu asked, looking at his computer.

"Ah, well apparently Tenshi is an… _ child, along with her brother. Her brother was born when their mother was fourteen-,"

"WHAT?" Amu cried, shocked.

"-And Tenshi was born when she was twenty one," Kairi finished.

"Ah, she was an idiotic girl in love the first time and a poor girl with bad luck the second," Chie said, looking at the screen.

"It seems that way, yes," Kairi agreed.

"And Tenshi looks nothing like her mother, so she probably reminds the poor woman of the evil man who had hid way with her," Chie added.

"I, personally, am amazed about how you can use so many words and not say a certain one," Nagihiko told her. Chie shrugged.

"It's a talent," She replied.

"Ah, the homepage now?" Amu interrupted. Kairi nodded and switched windows.

"'Theft: Steal your heart, steal your job, steal your happiness, steal your life. A poor man might steal for a living, but we steal as a job.'"

"It really says that?" Chie sounded amused.

"Yes, you can see for yourself."

"How uncool."

"It's not really supposed to be cool…. Oh, I see Tenshi!" Rima pointed at the screen, " 'Tenshi Takamaki, younger sister of our singer Taro. Like him, she loves to sing, but she's too shy to do it often in public. Instead, she goes to her brother's concerts, playing whatever instrument is needed.' Huh. So, she's some sort of musical genius?"

"It seems so," Chie agreed.

"Sounds like a lot of work…," Yaya muttered.

"How about her brother?" Amu asked.

"Found it," Rima replied, " 'Taro Takamaki, our handsome singer. All girls love him and he's now well known for his beautiful voice that's said to make anyone fall in love with him. He's a senior at high school and is hoping to soon go into music full time.' Wait, anyone? That seems a little extreme. I mean, not everyone could fall in love with a voice…,"

"Maybe he has a chara," Kusukusu suggested.

"Probably," Rima agreed.

"A brother and sister, fighting for an evil organization, both with charas," Hikaru paused, "Seems a little familiar, doesn't it?"

"They didn't grow up here, though," Rima replied, looking at the screen again.

"Wait…," Kukai looked at the screen, "I saw that girl today! She said her name was Aiko! I played soccer with her!"

"Yeah, didn't we see her outside?" Nagihiko remembered.

"But she was so nice…," Kukai frowned, "And she didn't seem like an evil person at all. She even made up a cool technique…"

"I guess you shouldn't judge someone by a first impression," Chie said.

"That doesn't really make sense," Nagihiko said.

"Ah, but how much of what I say does?" Chie replied, "I must go. I promised to meet with a friend." With that, she left.

"Ah, Chie-chan," Tenshi smiled at her. Tsukiko was out of her egg and hi fived Shi.

"Hello Tenshi," Chie nodded, "You fought the Guardians, haven't you?"

"Yes," Tenshi nodded, "They're strong… Much stronger then us."

"I did warn you about their strength," Chie replied.

"I noticed Nagihiko Fujisaki wasn't there," Tenshi murmured. Chie went blank.

"And?" She said.

"You really love him, don't you?" Tenshi sighed, "I can understand why you want to protect him. I saw him today. Then, sort of met him at his gym time. We played basketball together."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Chie told her.

"Yes you do," Tenshi grinned, "Even though you say you'll never fall in love and all, you do love Nagihiko. Without him, you'd have grown up alone. Like Taro-nii-chan and me."

"I…," Chie frowned.

"Where are your parents, Chie-chan?" Nagihiko asked her. Chie blinked.

"Gone," She replied, "As usual." Nagihiko smiled at her.

"Well, as long as you're here, I'll play with you," He said and hugged her. Chie smiled sadly at him.

"But you'll have to go one day. And then I'll be alone again," She said.

"I'd never leave you all alone," Nagihiko smiled, "And that's a promise."

"… Thank you…."

"I hate to admit to you being right," Chie said. Tenshi laughed.

"Well, as sad as it is, it's the truth," she replied, "I don't know what I'd do without my brother…"

"You'd go crazy from loneliness and join this organization because they promised people would accept you. And you'd do anything for Theft, anything," Chie replied.

"Could be," Tenshi agreed, "But I got a brother to bear it with me. And I got you as a friend."

"I guess…," Chie thought of something, "You never told me why you don't go to school."

"Ah, that," Tenshi looked oddly serious, "You'd probably like the story. It took place about six years ago."

"Why would I like it?"

"It involved a murder."

Wooow… Six pages… this was pretty long… But it skipped around a lot.

I don't know what Taro's name means and I forget what Hideki's means. Aiko is love child though.

Tenshi and Taro are normally used in a plot my friend made up… Tenshi's the Goddess of Death, Taro's the God of Love. It's sort of funny because Tenshi's a self proclaimed cupid. And she loves angel wings and acts like an innocent child. But she's sort of yandere… Taro really doesn't like it when everyone makes him the center of attention, but he doesn't have a choice. Poor him.

I was gonna make Taro's Chara be named Cupid, but know I think it should be Ai (which means love) or something like that….