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The heat of the warm summer sun shed its light beaming bright rays on the earth scorching it, the air humid and dry. The smell of fresh grass and new bloomed flowers. He inhaled a fresh breath before stepping out from the shade of the cool jungle, embracing it. The heat rushing to his face, bending down into a pouncing position. His amber eyes filled with determination. Letting his pink tongue lick around his white muzzle, sizzling his taste buds of a juicy antelope. There it stood alone and open. The golden furred, half grown, auburn maned Lion tip-toed lightly through the soft grass. Slowly pondering the beast, working his every move as to not make a sound. Just like his father had taught him so long ago. A single hint that something was stalking the antelope would bring alert to it's ears. He would lose his prey, and that meant no meat for him. Simba had got used to eating insects with Timon and Pumbaa but this was a rare opportunity, how the antelope managed to stray so far away from the Pride Lands to here was unknown. All the Teenage Lion cared about was digging his claws into that fat pound of juicy meat, then resting in a deep sleep on his vine roped hammock under the trees with the cool shade.

He took a step forward, the crackling sound of a stick breaking from beneath him. His ears perking up, the brown beast stirred with fear glazing it's eyes around the surroundings. Nothing could be seen in it's eye site as it averted looking back down chewing the grass. It stood motionless again. The Lion's tail flicked softly across the weeds rustling it, on the verge of excitement. A determined grin fixed on his face. His eyebrows bent down, the slow steady heartbeat racing from within, his blood flowing, coursing suspense through his veins. Taking another step stretching his body across the fields attempting to stay low as possible. Sweat pouring down his spine from the heat, sticking into the thick beautiful golden coat of fur. Flys buzzing around his ear, irritating, disrupting the focus of meat on his mind. Taking a swat with his paw at the insects he brushed them away.

The bugs ceasing to annoy him, flying through his ears buzzing. ''Ahh get! Get away!'' Whispering to the fly with annoyance. The sound stirring the antelope again, raising it's face up looking around the fields, studying, searching. The Lion smacked the side of his head making them buzz out of his ear. He crouched down low again in position, eyes fixed back on the antelope, it's look averting it's eyes down again, standing motionlessly still gnawing the thick weeds of grass down it's skinny throat.

With his tongue hanging out from his mouth, the piece of flesh growing closer. He stepped his forepaws forward a couple times rustling his way through the soft grass, placing his paw on a log that stood blocking the way. The Antelope finished eating, then suddenly in that moment the golden Lion came into his view. The beast's pupils shrinking with fear, Simba froze up stopping, clinching his paws together tightly. The two animals staring at each other for a long moment. Their eye's fixed on the other's, focusing which one was going to make a move first. Then the beast stood up taking off racing across the fields Simba following after it running, quickly pacing his speed, chasing with determination, desperately wanting the beast's meat. For a long length of time following the Antelope around the field in circles. Simba roared leaping into the air reaching out for it, his feet stumbling from under him accidentally tripping over a log the small Lion fell onto the Antelope's brown fur, it yelped with pain. He held the beast down with his paws, unsheathed his black claws and tore into it's flesh ferociously showing no mercy only the desire to eat. Red blood staining his muzzle, he smiled with glorious victory ripping the meat from the antelope swallowing, gobbling it whole, his smile wide until hearing the obnoxious sound of a small Meerkat alongside the hoarse voiced warthog. It was Timon and Pumbaa, Simba rolled his eyes.

''Hey! I knew you would be out here wandering off, and eating.. what are you eating? Come on mister open up.'' Simba gulped down his last bit of flesh nervously.

''Nothing why?'' The Lion nervously tried to hide what he had just done. Timon and Pumbaa didn't approve of him eating meat even if it was only this one time.

''No no, come on mista.'' Timon stuck his head inside Simba's mouth looking around, the foul stench of flesh rushing through his nostrils.

''Jeez Kid, learn to freshen you're breath up. Girls definitely won't kiss ya if they smell that.''

''Hey I just ate.'' Simba explained sounding offended.

''Yikes! Pumbaa! He's turned into a carnivore!'' The Meerkat after seeing that Simba had meat in his mouth leaped onto the warthog's head hiding himself under Pumbaa's tuft of hair shaking with fear. His legs wobbling. This made Simba chuckle wiping his muzzle off rubbing the blood on the grass. He licked his fur clean.

''Haha relax Timon I'm not a carnivore. I'm not gonna eat you guys. I just saw an Antelope so I got some meat for once, no big deal I don't get it alot around here. You guys know that. I'm a Lion meat won't hurt every now and then. I get sick of bugs sometimes.'' The Lion explained licking the last of the red stained blood on his paw. Admiring how sharp his claws are fiddling with them. Timon exchanged a look with Pumbaa, then rolled down his tusk waving his fingers in Simba's face. The Teen smiled chuckling to himself.

''Yeah yeah yeah Buddy. Just don't get any ideas, don't forget we raised you. Right Pumbaa!'' Timon proudly crossed his arms closing his eye's, elbowing Pumbaa in the stomach awaiting an answer to his question. The Warthog put his hoov to his mouth thinking blankly. The Meerkat blinked one eye open turning up to Pumbaa who sat their trying to think of an answer for a simple question as usual.

''Pumbaa? Pumbaa? Pumbaa! Oh why do you always do that?''

''Do what?'' The two began arguing in their typical manner, Simba grinned to himself looking back at his friends as they argued he was slowly walking across the fields slipping away from their watchful eyes.

''That!'' Timon shouted.

''Did what? Who?'' Pumbaa asked looking around the area. Timon smack his face wiping his hand down his face leaving a glum look.

''You? Everytime I ask you a question, Pumbaa buddy it's a simple answer.'' Timon began putting his tiny arms around Pumbaa's neck.

''Just nod you're head at least if ya don't know it. Yeesh!'' The two began looking around, nothing in the fields only to hear the sound of crickets chirping.

''Now where did he go? That little rascal, oi! Teenagers! Come on! We gotta go hunt for Simba yet again. Oi! Why must he do this every single day, I tell ya Pumbaa I need a vacation.'' Timon carried his small friend ontop of him prancing themselve's across the fields. Pumbaa began thinking again.

''Uhh, but aren't we already on vacation?''


''Sorry'' The warthog lowered his eyes sadly. Timon sighed then patted his buddy on the tuft of hair.

''Ahh it's okay buddy, it's just this kid. Where does he get the energy! Forward Pumbaa back to the Jungle we'll find em later. He's a big boy he knows how to get back.''

''Where do you think he went Timon?''

''Ah don't worry about it Pumbaa, he'll be back. He's not a cub anymore we don't have to watch over him like we used to. Who know's? Maybe the little guy got a girlfriend he's going to see or somethin.'' The two looked at each other thinking.

''Yeah like that will happen, there's not a female animal in miles around here hahaha.'' Timon finished off making Pumbaa bust out laughing into his raspy tone.

The two pals laughed to themselves cracking jokes on Simba, then huddled back into the jungle pushing their way through the thick green bushes. The cool shade hitting their furs, as they walked along the path Timon swiped bugs from ontop Pumbaa's back flinging them into his small mouth gobbling them down as much as he could.

''Oooh crunchy.'' Delighted he swallowed a fat red bug into his tiny mouth.

''Hey Timon, could you give me one?'' Pumbaa looked up to Timon with sad eyes.

''Hey sure pal, here have the platter.''

Timon passed the green platter down to Pumbaa's mouth, he gobbled the bugs that squirmed for their lives as the warthog swallowed them down. Just as the two were eating a Lion leaped out roaring thunderously from the jungle along the dirt path. Timon and Pumbaa shrieked with fear yelling at the top of their hugging onto each other only to realize that it was just Simba teasing them.

''Jeez kid! Don't ever do that again!'' Timon pleaded in relief hearing Simba's laugh at the pleasure of scaring them to death. Timon reached over whispering to Pumbaa ''Imagine when he gets older.'' The two shivered at thought of how fearsome he will someday be.

''What's wrong Ti-mon, scare ya?'' Simba bragged tapping Timon in the stomach with his paw.

''Hey nobody scares me buddy got that?'' Timon pointed his finger poking Simba's pink nose, the Lion gently grabbed Timon's finger and pushed it off.

''Riiight. So when are we gonna eat? Man I'm starved.''

Timon and Pumbaa looked at each other with shock while Simba rubbed his stomach pretending to be hungry.

''Heh? YOU JUST ATE! Yeesh! How much does a Lion have to eat in one day?'' Timon yelled shocked believing the Lion is still hungry.

''Well, you wouldn't let me finish so I'm still hungry.''

Timon smacked his face again with distress. Until he heard Simba laughing again.

''Haha hey I'm just kidding. Come on guys I'm stuffed that meat filled me up.'' He said smiling, Timon sighed then followed from atop Pumbaa's head.

After Timon and Pumbaa filled their faces for awhile stuffing with insects, Simba walked off towards the log that hung over the river. The same log that they sang Hakuna Matata every weekend. The lonely Teen lion's face fell with a frown thinking that evening, reminiscing on old memories. He saw his reflection in the water, he could see how sad he was. Something was troubling but he couldn't think what. Then it came to him, his father. Nala, everything that was taken out of his life. That fateful day where in the gorge, his mind blurred with the vision. He could see him self shouting ''Noooo'' his father falling from the steep cliff and crashing into the hard dirt. He went by his body, but there was nothing. Motionless, he was dead.

Simba twirled his claw in the water in a circle, leaning low off the log into his gloomy reflection. An eternal sadness that cut through his heart no matter how happy he seemed around Timon and Pumbaa. He never told them anything that bothered him inside. They wouldn't understand, they don't have any problems and never knew what it was like. As much as he wanted to forget the past it kept coming to him when he was alone. He couldn't help how he felt, his father is gone. The girl of his dreams is faraway and he can never go back to his home to see her ever again. He's an exile, a rogue Prince, no not even a Prince anymore. And he's guilty for everything that ever happened, it's all his fault. Memories flashed through his head, there he sat thinking in complete solitude.


''One day you two are going to be married''


''Eww gross.''

''I can't marry her she's my best friend.''

''Yeah it'd be so weird''

''Well sorry to bust you're bubble but you two turtle doves have no choice. It's a tradition..''

''I thought you were very brave.''

''I was just trying to be brave like you.''

''Simba, being brave doesn't mean you go looking for trouble.''

''But you're not scared of anything.''

''I was today.''

''You were?''

''I thought I might lose you.''

''Oh I guess even King's get scared huh?''


''But you know what?''


''I think those hyena's were even scarder.''

''Hahaha, come here you!''

''Oh no! No!''

''The stars are so beautiful.''

''Not as beautiful as you... where would I be without you Nala?''

''Lonely... forever...Nala that's where I'd be. Like I am right now.'' He said to himself quietly, the same voice he had as cub but slightly deeper cracking. Tears building up inside, he wiped them away with his paw flinging them in the river, as not to show sadness. Growling lowly he smacked his reflection in the water with his paw angrily stomping away.

That night he couldn't sleep he tossed and turned, his fur dripping with a cold sweat running down his spine bringing a shiver to his body. His eyelids squinting as voices of the past echoed over and over again in his mind. Stained dry tears on his face, his eyes bloodshot. A rumbling sick feeling in his stomach. He felt something grab him by the shoulder he awoke with a growl, startled to see an older looking pale brown furred male Lion glaring down at him nervously. He had a grey bit of a beard growing from his muzzle, his face wrinkled, looking deep into his blackish green pupils showed of his wisdom. Somehow he recognized this Lion, but couldn't figure out who it was. Then it struck him. It was his father's old general who fought the hyena's and trained the Lion army for Pride Rock. The elder bowed his head to the young teen, saluting him as ''You're majesty.'' Simba smiled he liked his tone, you're majesty created a tint of happiness in him. He had not been called that by anyone but his cub friends since... the day the King died, his father died.

''Who are you? What do you want?'' Simba whispered as quietly as he could so he didn't wake Timon and Pumbaa who slept ontop of each other peacefully but snoring loudly.

The general put his paw on Simba's shoulder with a smile, Simba looked at him as if he was crazy, his eyebrows raised with confusion.

''You're Simba, the son of Mufasa. Yes?''

The teen cocked his head to the side.

''Yeah why? Well I was the son... of... Mufasa.''

The general patted his shoulder showing comfort and sympathy.

''I miss em. You're father was a great King, but what if I told you he's still alive?''

''What?'' Simba shouted then realized he just yelled, Timon and Pumbaa stired nearly waking up. He began whispering pulling the elderly Lion closer.

''What do you mean he's still alive?'' He asked with shock, tears building up.

''There is no time, you must come now.'' The elder urged

''Right now?'' Simba asked hastily.

''Yes hurry, wake you're friends if you wish them to accompany you.'' Of course he couldn't leave Timon and Pumbaa, he ran sliding on the ground next to their bodies. He shook them whispering.

''Hey psst. Guys get up come on we gotta go.''

Timon stirred in his sleep mumbling to himself, ''Go? Go where?'' Simba felt a similar moment of dajavoo. Pumbaa grumbled rolling on his side flipping Timon off, the little Meerkat wake up swinging his fists around angrily startled with his eyes closed.

''That's it! Alright lemme at em! Lemme at em!''

Simba rolled his eyes then grabbed him waking him up.

''Hey! Oh, Simba. What's wrong kid?'' Timon asked with concern thinking it had to be something to do with a nightmare.

''Look we gotta leave. Quick! So wake Pumbaa and let's go.''

Timon looked around their space in the jungle then he saw the elderly Lion sitting thinking.

''Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Who's the old guy?''

''Don't worry about it, he's just a Lion that I uhh.. know. He told me something very important.'' Simba urged. The Meerkat sighed then started pushing on Pumbaa's side to wake him.

''Why do I always have to move you're big behind? Get up ya oaf!''

''Huh? Was it me?'' The warthog mumbled from exhaustion and sleepiness.

''Jr here, says we gotta leave cause it's somethin very important so come on buddy. You're the ride.''

''Alright Timon easy on the ears.'' Pumbaa grumbled still sleepy.

Timon hopped on Pumbaa's back as they set out, Simba thought to himself excited but very confused at the same time. They drifted out of the jungle and into the open arid hot desert, the white shine of the moon and stars bringing the group a bit of light. His life was about to change forever as he set out towards the greatess thing that could possibly ever happen.