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A/N 1: This is basically AU, with almost all of them growing up separately. You'll probably notice that at least a couple of the characters mirror the actors that play them.

A/N 2: I do not own Glee. If I did… Well… There would be a lot of changes probably, and due to EXTREME amounts of gay content, it'd probably only be accepted by LOGOtv. I also do not own RENT, or Spring Awakening, or In The Heights, or Broadway, etc.

Character Pairings: Past Finchel (ew), Eventual Faberry, Brittana and either Sam-Kurt, Purt or St. Hummel (please help me decide?) I dunno if there'll be Asian Fusion or Artie-Tina.

A/N 3: The director of the show is completely my own creation and has no connection to the actual director of Spring Awakening or any other Broadway production.

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Rachel Berry took a deep breath as she stepped inside the nearly empty theater. She was early, wanting to take in the space and draw the calmness in. It was a ritual she'd begun since being cast in her first Broadway production.

Crossing to the center of the stage that was under construction, she glanced at the wood, metal and electronics that would soon make up her character's home.

"Should be a beauty once it's set up properly."

Whirling towards the voice, Rachel relaxed, seeing the musical director crossing up onto the stage.

"I never thought I'd get a chance to perform this once I'd heard it had left Broadway. This revival, and the fact that I'm a part of it-" she paused. "I just needed a moment to take it in, Erik.

Erik grinned, shaking dirty blond bangs out of his lively green-eyes. "As if I'd leave you out of a production of mine. You invented a character that helped raise my first original show to the top. Spring Awakening would've flopped without your six years of devotion."

The singer ducked her head shyly at the praise. "Jesse pulled us through too."

He nodded. "True, which is part of why he's Rodger; The rest having to do with his obvious talent of course."

Glancing up in shock, Rachel squealed, pulling Erik into a bone crushing hug. Pulling away just as fast, the brunette proceeded to pace the front of the stage, gesturing erratically with her hands. "How could he not tell me about this! Of course, I didn't tell him either; but still! We're best friends!" Realizing she was ranting to herself, Rachel turned back to her director and friend sheepishly. "Sorry about that."

Chuckling, the man slung an arm around the singer's shoulders casually. "It's quite alright, Rach." Checking his watch, he began leading her towards the meeting room. "Ready to meet your cast mates and begin the read through?" Rachel raised an eyebrow, leading to a smile and head shake from her companion. "Right, stupid question. Rachel Berry is never unprepared." He walked through the door ahead of her.

Stepping into the room, Rachel froze. "F-Finn?"

The tall man's head whipped around at the familiar voice calling his name. Catching sight of Rachel, a smile bloomed on Finn's face. Rachel returned the smile timidly, raising her hand to give a half-hearted wave. Spotting the band wrapped around her wrist, Finn's smile quickly morphed into a pouty scowl, causing Rachel to wince. She dropped the arm to her side, placing a hand over the rainbow bracelet.

An arm suddenly wrapped around her waist, lifting her off the ground and whirling her around. Her shriek caused the arm's owner to laugh. "Jesse Michael St. James! Put me down this instant!" Jesse complied, only to have Rachel spin to face him and sock him in the shoulder.

"OW!" He yelped, grabbing the bruising bicep. "Careful love, you're stronger than your tiny body gives you credit for."

Huffing at the dig at her height, Rachel crossed her arms. "That was for neglecting to inform me that you were trying out; and then neglecting to tell me you got in!"

"Road goes both ways, hon. I don't remember any phone calls bout you becoming Ms. Maureen."

Scrunching up her nose at the truth behind Jesse's statement, she sighed and nodded. "I suppose that is true." She smirked. "Who's your stage lover this time? As your best friend and former stage lover, it is my job to inspect her."

"Santana Lopez."

"From 'In the Heights'?"


"Interesting. Anyone cast that we know?"

"Brittany Pierce is our choreographer and dance captain once again, not to mention your and your lover's understudy. Tina Cohen-Chang is in this too."

Rachel smiled at the mention of her Spring Awakening cast mate; a frown took its place with her next question. "Who's Finn playing?"

Jesse grinned. "Benny." Laughter erupted from the small diva. "I know, isn't it perfect? The animosity will certainly be palpable. Plus the character suits him." His eyes darkened in anger as he glanced at the man in question.

Placing a hand on her tense friend's wrist, Rachel smiled tiredly. "I kinda deserved what happened, Jesse."

He pulled the woman into a tight hug, whispering fiercely into her ear. "In no way did you deserve what that asshole did, Rachel. You were being honest and it was the best for both of you. He just had to go and be a complete bastard."

Rachel pulled away, quickly wiping a single tear away. "I should be over this, ya know? It was years ago."

"When your boyfriend destroys your living room and throws a plate at you, consequently breaking your wrist, all the while calling you a slutty dyke, I think you have reason to still be upset."

"I had just broken up with him and told him I was gay."

"That's no excuse! He hurt you! Not to mention all the times he cheated on you beforehand."

Rachel's eyes lowered to stare at the floor, memories creeping up on her. Jesse grabbed her chin, forcing her to meet his concerned gaze. "You gotta realize that you're worth so much more than him, Rach." Seeing the barest of nods from the woman, he pulled her into another tight hug.


So… I guess first of all I should get this across:

I. Hate. Finn. Hudson. HATE HIM. So there'll probably be a ton of Finn bashing in this fic, as you see.

St. Berry friendship kinda makes my life. You'll be introduced to the rest of the cast in the next chappie I believe but I'll post it here so far.

Maureen – Rachel Berry

Rodger – Jesse St. James

Mimi – Santana Lopez

Benny – Finn Hudson

U/S (under study) Maureen and Joanne/ Dance Captain/ Choreographer – Brittany Pierce

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