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"Rachel?" A pair of fingers snapped in her face.


"Where'd you go, hon? I haven't seen that look in your eyes in over a year."

Jesse was worried. After the Finn incident, Rachel had shut down; staying shut up in her apartment while her wrist healed. Even when she was allowed to rehearse and perform again, she was silent unless on stage.

He'd worked painstakingly to break through the box she'd built around herself. Bit by bit, the old Rachel Berry began to emerge, but Jesse was the only on that she ever bared her soul to completely anymore. He was ready to kill the man who'd destroyed his best friend's trust and openness; and here Finn was, bringing back memories it had taken over a year to eradicate, and Jesse could do nothing.

"Sorry, Jesse." He could tell she knew what he was thinking.

Shaking his head, he pulled her into another hug, placing a kiss on top of her head. "Nothing to apologize for, Rach." Slinging an arm around her shoulder, he pulled her towards the table; picking seats as far from the giant man-child as possible. "Shall we meet our cast mates and get this show on the road?"

She smiled.

Erik walked in, clapping his hands together to gain attention. "Alright, everybody take a seat, and we'll get this shindig started." Catching the eye of Tina Cohen-Chang, who had entered the room behind Erik, Rachel gestured to the seat beside her. The Asian woman smiled, crossing quickly to her friend, who stood and hugged her tightly before sitting again.

"Okay everyone-"

Erik was cut off by a crash, as two people stumbled through the door.

"Sorry we're late! Someone took three hours in the shower this morning." Said a blonde, sending a glare towards her Latina companion; the darker girl simply shrugged.

"It takes time to look as good as I do, Q."

'Q' simply rolled her eyes.

"Santana, Quinn. Take a seat, ladies, you're just in time." The two women nodded and pulled up chairs; Quinn next to Finn and Santana on her left. "Okay, everyone, now that we're all here, how about we introduce ourselves. Name, role, hometown, hobbies. I'll start. Hey, my name is Erik Layton, I am your director for this production of Jonathan Larson's musical rock opera RENT. I was born in Madison, Wisconsin and my hobbies include writing, soccer and reading fantasy novels." He gestured to a mow-hawk sporting man on his left. "You're up, Noah."

The man in question smirked. "I'm Noah Puckerman; call me Puck. I am playing the role of Tom Collins. I was born in Dallas, Texas and my hobbies include partying, playing the guitar and sex. Lots of sex. I ain't picky about the genitalia of the person either."

Next to him was a tall blonde with piercing blue eyes. She smiled brightly and gave a half wave. "Hi there, I'm Brittany S. Pierce, not to be confused with Britney Spears. I was born in Thousand Oaks, Cali; I'm playing Alexi Darling, in the ensemble, a Life Support member and your Dance Captain. My hobbies are dancing, motocross and stopping my cat, Lord Tubbington, from reading my diary."

"I'm Jesse St. James and I was born in The Bronx. I will be playing Rodger Davis. I love singing, acting, reading and kickboxing." He pointed to Rachel. "And this is my best friend."

Rachel smiled. "Hi, I'm Rachel Berry. I was also born in The Bronx and I'm playing Maureen Johnson. I enjoy cooking, hanging with friends, listening to music and reading." She smirked. "Oh, and kicking Jesse's butt in kickboxing." Jesse used the hand on her chair to ruffle her hair. She smacked the offending limb away with a chuckle.

Tina smiled at the two friends before turning back to the group. "I'm Tina Cohen-Chang. I am playing Mrs. Cohen, a Life Support Member and ensemble. I grew up in East Meadow, New York and like reading, designing jewelry and creating independent films."

"I'm Mercedes Jones, I was born in LA and I am playing The Homeless Woman, Mrs. Jefferson and ensemble. I like hosting parties, karaoke and being stylish."

"Kurt Hummel, born in Colvis, California. Playing Angel Dumott Schunard. Love performing, musicals and designer clothes."

"I'm Blaine Anderson. I was born in San Fran and am playing Mark Cohen. I enjoy singing, The Gap and football."

"Mike Chang; born in Puerto Limón, Costa Rica. I'm The Squeegee Man and Dance Assistant. I love dance and Asian culture."

They'd reached the Latina, who leaned back in her seat with a smirk. "The name is Santana Lopez. I'm from Valencia, Santa Clarita, California. Mimi Marquez is who I'm playing. I enjoy clubbing, dancing and sexin' up the ladies. Don't even think about asking to see me get my mack on with anyone Puckerman; it ain't happening." Puck scowled with a slight pout.

Santana's blonde companion smiled shyly. "Hey. I'm Quinn Fabray. I was born in Savannah, Georgia and I'll be playing Joanne Jefferson." Rachel studied her new stage lover. She caught a slight southern twang in Quinn's words as she said the name of her birth-town and it sent a light shiver up her spine. "My hobbies are photography, reading and writing screen-plays."

"I'm Finn Hudson, I was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; but grew up in Lima, Ohio. I'm playing Benjamin Coffin the Third, also known as Benny. I like football and playing drums."

"I'm Sam Evans and I was born in Nashville, Tennessee. I'm playing The Waiter, Steve and ensemble. I love football, working out and spending time with my little bro and sis."

"My name is William Schuester. I grew up in Fort Ord, California. I'm playing Mr. Grey and ensemble. I like hair-gel, listening to Journey and rapping."

"Matt Rutherford, born in LA. I'm playing Mr. Jefferson, Paul and ensemble. I like football and dancing."

"Hello, I'm Emma Pillsbury. I am from Bristol, Tennessee and am performing as Mrs. Davis, a Life Support Member, and ensemble. I like cleaning and organizing. I also enjoy Rocky Horror."

"My name's Dave Karofsky. I'm playing The Man, Gordon and ensemble; born in Queens, New York. I like football, hockey and music."

"I'm Sunshine Corazon and I was born in Cabuyao, Laguna, in the Philippines. I'm playing Mrs. Marquez and ensemble. I love listening to music."

Erik stood up. "Here are your castmates for the next many months and possibly year or two. Now," he sat back down and pulled out a thick stack of paper. "let's start reading through and see how we mesh."

So… What did you think? Most all of the birthplaces (except Jesse's) were taken from the actors who play the Glee characters.

Casting is as follows:

Rodger Davis – Jesse St. James

Mark Cohen – Blaine Anderson

Mimi Marquez – Santana Lopez

Maureen Johnson – Rachel Berry

Joanne Jefferson – Quinn Fabray

Benjamin "Benny" Coffin III – Finn Hudson

Tom Collins – Noah "Puck" Puckerman

Angel Dumott Schunard – Kurt Hummel

Mrs. Cohen – Tina Cohen-Chang

Mr. Grey – William Schuester

Mrs. Jefferson – Mercedes Jones

Mr. Jefferson – Matt Rutherford

Alexi Darling – Brittany S. Pierce

Paul (LS Leader) – Matt Rutherford

The Man – Dave Karofsky

Mrs. Marquez – Sunshine Corazon

Life Support Members – Tina Cohen-Chang (Ali), Brittany S. Pierce (Sue), Sam Evans (Steve), Emma Pillsbury (Pam), Dave Karofsky (Gordon)

Ensemble – William Schuester, Emma Pillsbury, Brittany S. Pierce, Sam Evans, Tina Cohen-Change, Mike Change, Matt Rutherford, Dave Karofsky, Sunshine Corazon, Mercedes Jones

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