What I Like About Him

On night at a club in New York. It was what was known as a G.N.O. (Guys Night Out). Ben, Vince, and Gary were all on the dance floor. Gary getting his groove on. Ben, two stepping. And Vine having a latina chick on the front and one black chick on the back of him grinding. They had partied all night and they were beat.

The whole crew was driving back to their homes. With Vince in the drivers seat, Gary in front passenger seat, and Ben in back passenger seat. Vince dropped Ben off at Holly's place and was on his way back to his place with Gary. Speaking of Gary, Gary was having some strong feelings for Vince. He loved the way his tight black shirt hugged his upper muscular body and how his lips looked so kissable.

As Gary was thinking about Vince, the car broke down.

"DAMN" yelled Vince. "SHIT".

They both got out of the car to check it out Vince opened up the hood to check out the damage, as Vince was bent over Gary was sitting on a nearby rock checking out the show. Gary was wondering how Vince would react to him feeling this way.

While Gary was in deep thought Vince yelled

"Ay yo Gar, the car is down looks like we gon' have to camp out. Good thing we got tents in the trunk."

Gary's eyes glowed with excitement. This was his chance to tell Vince how he feels or get inside his pants. So when the tent was all set up Vince and Gary crawled into it. Once they were all settled, it was time for Gary to make a move.

"Ay Vince, I have something to say"

"Me too" chimed in Vince. "I can't keep my feelings in like this. I think about you every second and I just wanna say…"

Before Vince could finish his sentence Gary grabbed his face and connected his lips with his own. After their lips were satisfied, they cuddle together and had sweet dreams.