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Sit Boy! I'm An Untrained Miko. Chapter One

Sesshomaru Takahashi was standing up from his chair behind his desk in order to greet his father as he always did. But, to his surprise (and his father's), he suddenly sat back on his chair, without really knowing why. Inutaisho Takahashi discovered his son sitted and in a kind of daze (as he wasn't understanding something... a sight that was really rare).

"Son, are you feeling well?" "Hum, yes, father. How do you do?" Sesshomaru tried to cover his uneasiness, but didn't succeed very well.

"Is this the Atlantis project that bothers you? Are the architects still bickering about stupidities and slowering the project?"

"No. I'm in control (as always)."

"Great, son. Can you please show me the model and the 3D video?"

Once again, Sesshoumaru rises from his chair.

In the same time, in the public park, just under the (opened) window of the famous Takahashi Company... a beautiful woman and her dog with twenty people and their dog were doing exercises.

"As you see, Croquett does everything correctly today. You only should be really firm in all the orders you give. One hesitation and your authority's challenged. So... once again, everybody tries just as I did.", said Kagome Higurashi, a young dog trainer.

"O-su-wa-ri!", proclaimed twenty people.

Twenty... two asses met the floor.

Simultaneously, two different shouts could be heard in the area :

"Great!" (feminine voice in the park)

"What the?" (two masculine voices in the office)

To be continued.

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