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Sit Boy! I'm An Untrained Miko. Chapter Two

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Kagome was bristly walking together with her dog. She was happy : thanks to the ads she deposed in various veterinarian shops, her small dog training business was starting to become talked about among dog lovers. She actually managed to schedule two group training sessions per week as well as private lessons. In a while, her business income will be sufficient for her to quit her second job that is dead boring.

As she reached her destination, she locked Croquett's leash on the ring that hangs on the wall, just under a cute dog picture. She then gave her dog a pat on the head with some good-bye words and entered the shop.

Inuyasha was walking on the street. In a good mood, he was whistling various tunes at random and was looking around him. He noticed an old lady that was giving bread to some birds, then a caramel-coloured dog with golden eyes that was looking at him. Its mistress was patting him. Inuyasha smiled : the dog seemed perfectly happy.

"Wait for me here, be a good boy", said the mistress just before dissappearing in the shop.

Inuyasha froze.

Later, in Sesshomaru's office.

"Do you mind telling ME why you're twenty minutes late?"

"... I played with a dog?"

To be continued.

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