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Sit Boy! I'm An Untrained Miko. Chapter Three

« I heard you had some troubles with Sesshomaru », said Miroku to his friend.

« Yeah. Was late. » Inuyasha answered from inside the swimming-pool where he was relaxing.

« I thought you knew better than being late when the one you've the appointment with is your big brother. »

« I know. I wasn't going to be late. But... »

« But ? »

In order to avoid answering this question, Inuyasha started swimming. True, he wanted to be there right on time. But, somehow, he couldn't help himself and stop in front of this dog. He was there for twenty minutes. He only left when its mistress came back, saying happily « Let's go ! ».

« Miroku... There was this girl and her dog... »

« Girl ? Tell me more ! »

« ... Maybe I should buy a dog. »

Miroku nearly drowned.