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Half an hour later, and with the sun going down, they finally stop at a little inn on the outskirts of the town.

Naruto, who's tired as hell from having going around in circles is grumbling profanities under his breath. "About damn time we stopped!"

Dark smiles but it doesn't really reach his eyes. "Sorry. I just hate to lose a bet."

Daisuke, even though he won, he keeps his face serious. "Not the time, later."

They walk in right pass the sleeping clerk, up the stairs, and to the furthest door on the right. It was a somewhat large room with three windows, the walls were a yellowish orange and the floor was a dark brown hard wood. To the far left was a door that obviously lead off to the bedroom. On the right side of the room there was two couches both against the wall, a chair, and a small table. On the left side of the room was a small kitchen with table and chairs off to the side. Inside, the group finds two others already waiting, one was even cooking; neither seemed shocked to see them.

The one at the table, drawing something the others couldn't see, stood up and beamed at the group. "It's about time you all showed up."

The two in the room were both just short of Dark's height. Like Dark and Daisuke, these two were pretty much opposites. The one cooking was calm and stoic while the other seemed to show every emotion he could think of. The one cooking seemed to look like any other attractive guy you'd walk right by, that is, if you didn't get a glimpse of his brownish hazel eyes, which seemed to see everything you didn't want them to see. His hair was various tones of brown and was cut long and awry in the front and layered in the back. At the moment he only seemed to care about the food he was preparing. The other was focused entirely on them, and he was anything but average. His hair was in various shades of light green and cut in tufts and layered. His eyes were the color of gold and had catlike pupils. His clothes were similar to Dark's color wise except he wore full on black and nothing else. He wore a tight no sleeved, v-neck shirt with close fitted black pants. The other one wore something similar, except his shirt had short sleeves and a folded collar and was a light blue; over it was a white apron. The two of them also had similar earrings; the odd one had 3 piercings in his left ear and 1 on the right all in silver, while the one cooking had them the other way around and all in burnished gold.

The odd one came right up to them and seemed ready to start chatting up a storm.

"I bet these two haven't even introduced themselves, well then again, neither have we." Doing a little wave and cocking his head to the side, he gives the three newcomers a pleasant smile. "Hello, my name is Hizumi Mizushiro, very nice to meet you three." Then he points to the one cooking. "My solemn and stoic companion over there with the dangerous looking cooking utensils is my partner Ayumu Narumi-YIPE!"

At that moment Hizumi had to dodge a very well thrown fork from said Ayumu. Who still kept on cooking like he didn't just try to hurt his friend with silverware, and without looking away from what he was doing.

Ayumu said in a low serious voice. "It's rude to point Hizumi."

Hizumi just laughs and throws back the fork, which he just pulled from the wall, which Ayumu catches in mid air, again, without looking up from what he was cooking.

Hizumi was making placating gestures, as to who they were for team 7 couldn't guess. "Sorry, sorry, sorry. Ayumu's right of course. Anyway~! Moving on to the next duo!" His left hand reaches out and pulls Daisuke forward and his right does the same for Dark so that they are now both facing Kakashi, Sakura, and Naruto. "Now, the short one here is Daisuke Niwa and the tall one is Dark Niwa. And in case you missed it, they ARE brothers." [[A/N: Yes I know his last name is Mousy, but this is my storyline and it works out better for me if they have the same last name. Especially since in this case they don't share the same body but are separate beings, I needed them to have this bond so now they are brothers with the same last name.]]

Sakura was a little floored by this announcement. "For real?"

Hizumi, laughing, says, "Yeah I know, don't look related or anything alike do they? Please don't throw that at me Ayumu!"

Kakashi, Sakura, and Naruto all look toward Ayumu as he begins chopping vegetables with a very sharp looking knife into a salad.

Daisuke, who was used to the duo's dynamics with one another, moves away with Dark and heads back to door. "Make yourselves comfortable, and we'll be right back."

After Dark and Daisuke leave the room, Team 7 is looking at each other all slightly uncomfortable. Hizumi turns and goes to sit on one of the couches and gestures for them to follow suit.

Having nothing better to do and curious to see what this was all about they sat down on the couch. As they were seating themselves, Ayumu brought out the dishes full of food and set them on the large coffee table in front of them all.

Naruto and Hizumi share twin expressions of avid joy aimed at the spread Ayumu just finished. "Awesome!"

Kakashi amazed at just the quantity and quality looks to Ayumu who was counting out eating utensils. "This is quite a feast you made."

Hizumi is grinning happily. "Ayumu is a fabulous cook, and there is the added bonus that it's all healthy and good for you."

Sakura who had been worrying about the diet she just started a few days looks up at this in amazement and excitement. "Really?"

Ayumu shrugs like it really isn't that much of a big deal. "It's nothing really. Hizumi likes to eat a lot of unhealthy foods, namely mass quantities of meat, just to pick a fight with me."

Hizumi grins unrepentantly at his partner. "Nuh uh! I would never be that mean or sneaky."

As he says this, he reaches out to sneak a bite but gets his hand whacked by Ayumu.

Ayumu an eyebrow raised just looks at him and asks, "You were saying?" And Hizumi just laughs as he soothes his stinging hand. "Wait until they return."

Kakashi who was keeping an eye on his own knucklehead to make sure he didn't attempt a similar stunt as Hizumi, decided it might just be time to find out some of the whys and such for this mission. "Mr. Narumi-"

Ayumu starts pouring tea into 5 of the 9 cups he had set on the table and passes them out to everyone "Ayumu is fine."

Kakashi nods his head and continues. "Ayumu then. Could you now tell us who exactly asked for the Leaf village's help?"

Ayumu and Hizumi become quiet (or in Ayumu's case even more solemn). Hizumi's face becomes more serious and Ayumu straightens up from the drinks he just finished pouring to look at Kakashi.

Ayumu pulls over a chair from the table in the kitchen and sits placing his head on his clasped hands. "Hizumi and I, along with the others, come from a small island nation, known by a very few, called Orb."

Naruto confused asks. "Orb? What's Orb?"

Sakura shaking her head say. "I've never heard of it before."

Kakashi is slightly stunned and is stricken by an unknown but intense sadness. "...I have. But only rumors."

Ayumu nods at Kakashi. "I figured out as much. You participated in the last Great Ninja War?"

Kakashi nods, Ayumu then focuses mainly on Naruto and Sakura. "During the war, many were driven from their homes or forced to fight for their lives, or sacrifice themselves to perpetuate the lives of miserable excuses for human beings."

At this point Ayumu's eyes have closed as if he was seeing it now and trying to block it out, and Hizumi was staring at the ceiling with a sad look in his eyes and a twisted smile full of pain.

Sakura getting concerned but confused says. "...Excuse me but...You don't look old enough to have been in the war."

Hizumi barks out a laugh with a twisted expression. "You would think that." Looking at her with eyes filled with pain he asks, "Do you know what else they did to their prisoners back then?"

Kakashi starring intently at both Ayumu then Hizumi "Don't tell me, you both..."

Ayumu stares at his clasped hands. "It wasn't as bad as some of the others. But yes, we were experimented on."

Hizumi looking tired but still smiling that twisted smile, lays his forehead in his palm "So many kinds of tests. Experiments. . . Even years after the war supposedly ended the torture and pain never stopped..." Then out of the blue, a look of absolute bliss came to his face, even Ayumu was smiling peacefully. "But then our angel came, and saved us."

There was a knock at the door and as it opened both Ayumu and Hizumi stood up and bowed slightly at the hip, both were smiling slightly.

In walks a young girl a few inches taller than Daisuke, with long flowing, wavy, slightly lower than waist-length, pink hair. She wore a gold barrette, in the shape of two fairy [[A/N: I never really got how to describe that gold clip she always wears, if anyone has a better description let me know.]] wings, clipped onto the left side of her bangs. She wore an off the shoulder dress that ended a little past her knees, with a dark purple pleated skirt, the bodice was white and sloped down into a wide v where the skirt started and, unlike the skirt, close fitted, with two light purple rectangles, similar to the skirt, connected at the top edges, with two dark purple designs on them. Her eyes were a rich blue high-lighted with purple, and on her dainty feet she wore white, short heels. It wasn't just her feet that were dainty either, to the naked eye you would think she was just a small, fragile girl, but you only had to look at her for more than a second to see she was anything but glass. She wore a gold rectangular locket with ivy and wings etched on the front, on her left middle finger she wore a gold band with four stones woven in: a saphire, amethyst, topaz, and an emerald.

Her face held a serene expression and a small smile, and she walked like royalty: head held high and with confidence that absolutely radiated from her. In her hands she held the odd bird. She tilted her head and began to speak, showing that it was her voice that came from the bird. "Hello my friends. My name is Lacus Clyne. I am the leader of Orb. And I would greatly appreciate it if your village considered helping us."

End of Chapter 3


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