"Bloody Hell, we are going to be late for class!" James panicked.

"Since when did we ever care about being on time for class, or even in class at all?" Sirius said, super confused by his best friend's actions.

"Sirius, since Lilly Evans started standing the thought of being in the same room as him, he thinks that being on time will help. I don't see why he hasn't given up yet." Lupin said, but also rushing for class too.

"Oh well, I guess there isn't too much harm in being on time for my favorite class." Sirius gave in, running alongside the others.

The three boys slipped in, right before Professor Pryt entered class. James took the open seat at Lilly's table as Lupin and Sirius sat down next to two Ravenclaw girls that immediately started blushing and whispering.

"Today we are going to continue work on patronuses, but first I have to pass out your Dementor Essays. I am proud to say that you all did a very good job on these, well at least almost." He said, looking at the two girls at the table with Sirius.

"What did you get Lilly? Gracie?" Flare asked in a whisper. "Oh I knew it, it's great having a teacher that actually will give the highest mark to a well-deserved paper, she said looking at Lilly.

"Wow, we all did great, what did you get James?" Lilly asked.

James blushed a deep red and tried to hide it, but soon Lupin and Sirius saw and they started laughing so loud that Lilly never heard James' answer.

When everyone had quieted down Professor Pryt had them pair up and try to produce patronuses. "Just think about the happiest time of your life, come on, Happy Happy Happy!" He kept saying.

"I think that guy might be a little too happy." Sirius said as he was working with Lupin. The two of them got it right off the bat, so that by the time everyone else got just a spark out they were prancing their dog and wolf-like figures around the room annoying people.

James had been put with Lilly and was thinking about that exact moment, when Lilly just smiled when they were put together, and he came out with a very strong shield right away. Lilly was having a harder time, which was really odd for her because she was the best in everything, even if she claimed her friends were better.

Flare was coming up with something that looked like a bird, but hadn't really defined itself and Gracie was just having a few sparks come out every so often.

"How much detention did you get for the food?" Lilly asked James casually.

"Just two, one at Hogsmede weekend though, so it's a good thing you turned me down then Evans or I would have had to ditch detention." He said with a semi-smile. He was still thinking about that and it made his heart sink lower, he started hardly producing a patronus at all.

"Well you have many chances." Lilly replied, very casually, without even thinking about it.

All of a sudden a beautiful big stag came prancing out of James' wand and running around the room with a sense of delight. The whole room stood in awe of the magnificent creature.

"God, if only I had chosen to be something more handsome, then all the girls would want to be with me instead of him." Sirius said, almost inaudibly to Lupin.

"I think you just want one girl and you're almost as love-struck as James but you won't admit it." Lupin retorted, looking over at Flare, meaningfully.

"Shut up or I'll charm your face into a pansy." Sirius threatened.

Meanwhile Lilly was just standing in awe of James' patronus, just like most of the girls in the room. "Uh, wow James, that's incredible." Lilly stammered.

All of a sudden James was in 7th heaven, he had made Lilly stammer, loose words and actually be impressed! He was so excited that he didn't even notice when Sirius' dog went right through his head, trying to bite it off.

The rest of the day for James was a blur. Lupin and Sirius tried to make him pay a little attention in Herbology, but they gave up in history. After class he just walked around the school, thinking, as the others studied like crazy in the common room.

All he could think of was that she had stammered. To him! She had lost her words in regards to him!

Meanwhile Lilly was ashamed of herself. Now his big head would get bigger. She wasn't into him, she wasn't just another girl, hanging onto every last word of the boy who was in trouble every other day and showed off by pranking people. She wouldn't be that girl and she didn't feel that way, well that's what she kept telling herself.

After the last class she decided to work on her patronus, she hadn't gotten anywhere in class, maybe a few sparks, but that was all. She found an empty classroom and tried over and over. After an hour she was actually getting somewhere.

She had tried for ages different days, the day she got her wand, or the day she got her letter, her first day at Hogwarts, but those were tainted with the sadness of losing her connection with her sister. -Finally she was getting somewhere with the first day of class, Potions and DADA. She had fit in and was becoming a witch. She hadn't started with that because it involved Potter and he was so annoying that she didn't think they would work at all. And all of a sudden, with her mind on that train of thought she produced a fully-fledged patronus. A doe, a lot like James' but a little smaller and without the antlers. It was beautiful and whimsical and pranced around the room. She was shocked and spellbound when all of a sudden the door opened and James walked in.