"Wow," James whispered. It was all that came out of his mouth. After a long pause the doe stopped and disappeared. "No, don't do that," he found himself saying to Lilly. Entranced by the doe, and even more by the girl he was in love with in that room he said, "Wow, that was beautiful." There was so much sincerity in his voice that Lilly couldn't be mad at him for barging into the room.

"Bye James" she said awkwardly as she left the room, brushing by him so that he could feel the tingling sensation on his arm after she left.

He was spellbound, stuck in that room. What does it mean that her patronus is a doe? He thought. She didn't even know that he was an anamagus and that he could turn into a stag at will. All she knew was that his patronus was a stag-but then again she seemed just as surprised as he was that that happened. Maybe it was nothing, but maybe it was just what he wanted it to be.

James walked into the middle of the empty classroom and sat down. Wow was the only thought he could put into words. Did this mean something, or was it pure coincidence. Did she like him? Even if it was just a little bit he would be happy; no, more than happy. He would be elated, out of this world if she thought of him in any way as somebody who at one point she would go out with. The rest of the afternoon he sat there, thinking. Then he skipped dinner and went to bed. Wow.

What was that? Lilly thought to herself as she worked in the common room. Glad to have many people buzzing about and making noise so that she wouldn't think too hard, but still she thought. What does it mean? Why a doe? Did he mean what he said? What was I thinking about to produce that patronus? She couldn't get over it, there was something more and she had to figure it out. So after finishing her History paper and editing Flare's she put everything away and went to the Library. There has to be something about the meaning of your patronus' form in here somewhere… She thought as she searched. Eventually she found a few books and started reading.

One said the meaning of the forms, like otters and swans and dogs, but nothing as in relation to other people's. In another they said some ridiculous things, but also some that made sense, or were completely obvious. One was that making a patronus is easier for anamagi, and that their patronuses are always the animal form they take. But the most ridiculous thing it said, or at least what Lilly thought was the most rediculus, was that your patronus may take form the same as the patronus of the person you love. And even more ridiculous it said that that only happened with the deepest loves. Loves that were destined and long-lasting.

Lilly stuffed the books back on the bookshelf and left the library in a huff. They are crazy. I made a doe just because that's what I'm like, a doe. It has nothing to do with Potter. UGH!

The next morning Lilly was in a bad mood and James was in the best mood in his whole life. He knew in his heart that she liked him, maybe even if it was a tiny bit. She didn't like that he had barged in though and he planned on fixing that.

He walked up to Lilly at breakfast and started talking, he greeted her and then started apologizing and all of a sudden she got up and left. James was confused. He knew she wouldn't like that he barged in, but she didn't need to be that mad. What did I do, why is she so mad? He wondered.

Flare and Gracie looked over and started whispering to each other. They were trying to figure out why the two were quarrelling, or by the look on James' face, why Lilly was so mad at him.

Sirius was completely oblivious to the fact that Lilly was mad at James and he came over. "So, plan for today. Skip History and go get some stuff for tonight- you know what day it is don't you?"

"What are you talking about?" James mumbled, looking over at Lupin across the table.

"Tonight is the night that we are going to teepee the castle. Duh. We have been planning this for weeks." Sirius reminded him.

"Oh, I don't think so." James said, slouching over his breakfast.

"WHAT?" Sirius exploded. "Come on mate, this was going to be the best night. We were going to have butterbeer and firewhiskey and make a whole night of it."

"I guess I'm not in the mood. Have Flare do it with you, maybe if you get her totally trashed you'll actually have a chance." James said coldly.

"Oooh, that was low mate," Lupin whispered as Sirius got all riled up.

"Oh and you think your so much better? Falling at Lilly's feet whatever chance you get. There is no chance in HELL that she would want to go out with you and you think I need to get a girl smashed so that she would be interested in ME?" Sirius started yelling at James.

The whole room went quite as Sirius stomped out. Everyone knew that he got girls all the time, so why did James think he couldn't? James just kept eating, he knew what he said was mean but to him, at that moment, it didn't matter. Lupin and Peter just gaped, nobody had seen Sirius so upset before that.

That night James was in the common room, without any of the other maurderers. Lupin was studying, and nobody really cared where Peter was. Sirius was outside, with Flare, like James had suggested. She was having a blast, laughing and drinking with Sirius, oblivious to his major crush on her.