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Escaping the Dursleys


I was lying on the floor by the couch watching Dudley's watch as my birthday drew nearer. At midnight I heard banging on the door and stood up, wondering what was going on. Uncle Vernon came down the stairs holding a rifle followed closely by Aunt Petunia. They stayed on the stairs with Uncle Vernon aiming the gun at the door. Dudley had gotten off the couch and had moved to the wall by the window when the door fell off its hinges. In the doorway stood a giant with wild black hair and beard and his eyes were black. It looked like he said something to someone behind him but I didn't see anyone.

I was scared and curious as the giant stooped to enter the room followed by a girl who looked to be my age. She had bright green eyes similar to mine and the brightest red hair I had ever seen. Both she and the giant were drenched. Once both she and the giant were inside he spoke.

"Sorry, 'bout that," he said as he placed the door back in the doorframe.

"W-who are you?", Uncle Vernon asked but the giant ignored him and walked over to me.

"'Allo Harry. Ain't seen you since you were a baby. I got somethin' fer yeh baked it meself. It might be a bit squished. Here it is happy birthday." He handed me a box that I opened to reveal a birthday cake that I set on the table just as Uncle Vernon spoke.

"Get out of my house," Uncle Vernon said while pointing the gun at the giant man obviously hoping to scare him off without any luck.

"Dry up Dursley you great prune," he replied as he walked over and bent the shotgun towards the ceiling. Just then the girl walked over and introduced them.

"I'm Jean Grey and that's Hagrid," she said while offering her hand, which I shook as I replied, "Harry Potter."


Hagrid came over to us clearly excited to see Harry again. Harry looked at him and asked, "Not to be rude, but what are you doing here?"

"We're here to take yeh to Hogwarts, but yeh'll know all about Hogwarts, o' course."

"Sorry, no," Harry said.

"NO!," Hagrid turned to the Dursleys anger evident in his face and voice further terrifying the Dursleys, "Did you tell him NOTHING? HOW COULD YEH NOT TELL HIM? IT'S HIS RIGHT TO KNOW…"

I cut Hagrid off before he could say anything else by running to his side and tugging on his arm while saying," Hagrid you need to calm down, now! Your scaring them and yelling won't change anything that's happened and you don't want do something you'll regret or get in trouble for, they're not worth it."

During my little speech he had turned to me and slowly the anger faded and was looking at me with a mixture of shock, recognition, pride, and sadness that I didn't understand till he said, "Blimey! Yeh're just like yer mum. She was always calmin' me down, actually she could calm anyone down and yeh look like her 'cept fer yer eyes and hair, got those from yer dad," he turned to Harry and continued," and yeh look like yer dad but yeh got yer mum's eyes."

"Thanks? What's Hogwarts?" Harry asked.

"Oh! Forgot to give yeh yer letter," Hagrid said while pulling it out of his pocket and handing to Harry. Harry opened it, read it and looked up at us.

"So, I'm what? A wizard?"

"Yep," I replied popping the 'p'.

"He's not going. We swore when we took him in we'd put a stop to that rubbish!" Mr. Dursley was yelling and turning purple in the face by the end.

"I'd like ter see a great muggle like yerself stop 'im."

"What's a muggle?" Harry whispered to me.

"A non-magic person," I whispered back.

"We will I won't pay to have a crackpot old fool teach him magic tricks."

Hagrid stood up pointing his umbrella at Mr. Dursley threateningly while Mr. Dursley paled so he looked like a ghost.

"NEVER insult Albus Dumbledore in front of me!"

"Hagrid!" I yelled before he could curse him or something, "Shouldn't we explain to Harry before we all go to get our school supplies?"

Hagrid slowly lowered his umbrella as he turned to me and Harry, "Yeh're right. Let's go to the boat and head to Diagon Alley."(A/N I know it's around one by now but pretend that it takes them till eight to get to the Leaky Cauldron cause they're driving the motorcycle on the road instead of flying it.)

"What's Diagon Alley?" Harry asked as Hagrid headed for the door. I shrugged as Hagrid explained it was a wizard shopping district. Harry and Hagrid had already gone out the door, but before I followed I turned to the Dursleys.

"Your lucky I stopped Hagrid before he cursed you or something and you should treat Harry better if you don't I'll know." I could sense their fear as I turned and left using my telekinesis to shut the door. I went to the boat where Hagrid and Harry were waiting and got in. Nobody said anything as we made our way back to the alley where we parked the bike. When we got there Harry froze looking shocked.

"Are we riding that?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, till we get ter the Leaky Cauldron."

We all piled in, there was enough room for Harry and me in the sidecar, and I fell asleep after had been driving for a while.


I was still a little confused about all of this, but I was mostly excited. Right now we were walking towards an alley by the pier and once we got there I froze. They could not be serious we're not really riding that are we. I turned to Hagrid, "Are we riding that?"

"Yeah, til we get ter the Leaky Cauldron."

I was really nervous but got in anyway there was plenty of room for me and Jean in the sidecar. We started on our way, just as I was about to ask a question when a felt Jean slump over and her head came to rest on my shoulder as she fell asleep. I was surprised but tried not to move, cause I didn't want to wake her up. I sat thinking about everything and slowly my eyes started drifting closed as the sleepless night caught up with me and I drifted off to sleep my head resting on Jean's on my shoulder.

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