Chapter 1: The Newcomers on the Hogwarts Express-part I

"Hey, Harry! How are you?" asked Ron Weasley, one of Harry Potter's friends.

"I'm fine, how are you and Hermione?" replied Harry.

"I'm fine, and so is Ron, but if we don't hurry then we'll be late for the train!" panicked Hermione.

"Fine, let's get going." stated Harry and Ron.

after Harry, Ron, and Hermione finally got onto the Hogwarts Express they finally gave up looking for an empty cabin and decided to ask the two "fifth years" as they seemed to be if they could stay

"Umm, can we sit here?" asked Ron.

"I don't know, can you?" asked the first of the two who was male with waist length black hair, strange silvery eyes, and an odd, tail-like belt.

"Zac, be nice to them." said the other who was female and looked like she was in a transfiguration accident and was stuck looking like a pink, half cat person. She also had blue eyes, and long hair, though not nearly as long as Zac's.

"Aww, why? You never let me have any fun Aeris." said Zac.

"Just shut up. Of course you three can stay. You don't really need to ask." replied Aeris kindly.

"Thanks." said Ron. "By the way, who are you two I haven't seen either of you at Hogwarts before? Why do you look like a cat? What's with your eyes, I mean why are they silver?"


"Yes Hermione?"


"Ok, I'm sorry."

"Well that's actually pretty easy to answer. You see...Ahh, my head, what's...Ok why the hell is the train slowing down?" said Zac in a bored manner.

A/N: I know Aeris may seem a little, how should I put this, too frickin' happy. I'm going to say that after she met Zac she started to become less aggressive and more "calm." So if you don't like Aeris' personality then...SHUT UP AND DON'T READ THE FRICKIN' STORY!