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Here I am at St hopes MI9 base 250 feet underground. My name is Blane Andrew Salvatore, but the people here know me as Blane Whittaker. I am a 145 year old vampire, brother of Damon and Stephen Salvatore. No one knows about my secret, not even MI9 or my girlfriend Daisy Miller. Yep I finally had the courage to ask her out.

"Hey Blane what are you doing down here so early" asked a voice from behind me. I knew it was Daisy straight away because of my vampire hearing.

"Well Daisy I come down here to think sometimes and it's pleasant and silent." I replied hopefully not sounding like I was from 1875.

"Ok Blane. You've been so secretive lately is there something you're not telling me?"

"Umm..." should I tell her the truth? She deserves to know "Yes there is something I haven't been honest about. Well you know how I told you my brother is in the Army?"

"Yeah" she said with uncertainty in her voice.

"Well he was, 145 years ago, when my other brother and I were at college."

"Wait, what did you say? I swear I heard you say 145 years ago?" asked a very confuzzled Daisy. (hehe confuzzled its a cross between confused and puzzled get it? Hehe on with the story)

"I did say 145 years ago. Daisy I never wanted to tell you but I guess you have to know now. But just please don't freak out."

"Okay" she said sounding sad and confused.

I took a deep breath. "I'm a vampire." I waited for the squeal or the 'stay away from me'. But it didn't come. I looked at Daisy; her face was exactly the same as it was before I told her.

"OMG really? I've always wanted to meet a vampire!" She squealed excitedly

"Um ok... So you're not scared?"

"No why would I be? If you were going to hurt me you would have done it already!" This retort was the last thing I expected to happen once I told her.

"Ok that's good, I guess. So, we are still together?"

"Yes why wouldn't we be? Would you please turn me into one of you! Wait, why don't you sparkle like Edward?"

"That's just a story, real vampire's burn in the sun."

"Then you aren't a real vampire? We have spent many days in the sun; you even said that you miss the feeling!"

"I am a real vampire, trust me. It's a curse I have had to live with for many years. Me and my brothers have rings that protect us from burning."

"So can you change me? I want to be the same as you and your brothers."

"Maybe, it's a bit more complicated than just biting you."

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