A.N~ Heyy guys! I recently started reading the manga version of Yugioh… again, and I had a sudden urge to write about it, so I had this idea in my head for a while, but I only found the drive to write it out after I started reading so yeah… this is my prologue…I know it's short and what not but what do you want… IT'S A PROLOUGE! Tell me what you think!

WARNING!: Yaoi, and ending spoiler ahead! If you have a problem with yaoi or didn't watch the end of Yugioh, don't complain if you read this and get offended or angry, because I WARNED YOU!

Full Summary: Atem leaves to the afterlife, his feelings for Yugi, unspoken. He thinks that this is the end of his chaotic past, but why is he not in the afterlife? And who is this timid slave who looks eerily like his abandoned love?

Pairings: Atem/ Past Yugi(not sure of the name yet… any suggestions?), and other pairing I'm not sure of yet… if anyone has any preferences of pairings let me know!

DISCLAIMER: If I owned Yugioh, there would be less dueling and more MIND CRUSH!XD


"Pharaoh, wait!" The tug on his arm froze him where he stood. Why can't this be simple? Why does he have to make it harder? Atem – as he had recently discovered was his name - turned slowly to the spiky haired teen behind him, flinching at the distressed expression on his young face. It was hard to believe that the multi colored haired boy had defeated him in a duel, but then Atem had learned from experience many times before that the boy's intelligence far exceeded his young age.

"I can't stay Yugi…" He spoke, hoping his voice failed to project the confliction hidden behind his stoic expression. "This isn't where I belong…" - As much as he wanted it to be….

Yugi nodded, locking violet eyes with the identical looking Pharaoh before him. "But you could stay if you wanted to. You could stay with me…"

Atem's smiled at the sincerity of the teen's words. He really did wish he could stay, and forget all about everything he had learned from his past, but he couldn't. "Yugi, if I stayed, I would be forced to live forever in your body; and it is more than me who would suffer. I am not the only one who needs to be freed."

Atem smiled as the small hand loosened its grip allowing his arm to slide free. "I-I just don't want you to go…"

He looked around at the group of friends he had made during his journey in their world; the people who had saved him from the vast emptiness he had resided in before he had met them. He was confused and troublesome, but they all had accepted him, even the seemingly emotionless Seito had attended to witness his departure and he was grateful.

Though out of all of the friends he had made during his stay, he would miss Yugi the most. He was the one he would shed his tears for.

He had spent countless days with the teen and had grown to think of him as a close friend, and had dreamt of them becoming more than that one day, though he knew it was impossible. Even if he decided to stay, it would be infeasible since they both shared the same body. And beyond that, he knew how the young one felt about his companion Tea - as much as it pained him to say.

More than anything he wished he could have met Yugi as a man. Before his spirit was ruthlessly trapped inside the millennium puzzle and he was thrust into the young one's body. Maybe if he was his own person…

Atem shook the thoughts from his clouded mind. When you allowed those kinds of thoughts to overtake your mind, you start to regret, and Atem didn't want to regret anything about his spiky haired companion. He had lived, and more than that, he had lived by Yugi, so he had no reason to regret.

"I wish I could tell you "I'll see you again" but I don't think I can…" He turned away from his friends, and looked towards the blinding light. He would have to go eventually, whether he wanted to or not. 'I'll go, for you Yugi, even if you don't know it…'He sighed, stepping into the light, walking blindly until all he could hear were the faint whimpers of his old friends, and a small voice calling out to him from somewhere farther into the light.

He followed the voice, his eyes closed in bliss as the voice swooned him closer towards it. "Yugi…" He breathed… "I'm sorry…"

A.N~ This is just a short prologue of Atem/Yami leaving to test the waters I guess… just tell me what you think, and if I should continue…