All right, let's give this another shot… My readers probably remember "The Fight Will Go On", my previous Transformers story, but this is something different. I hope anyway…

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Heads Up! No original characters!

Heads Up Dos! BE AWARE! This is a crossover for Transformers with Shia Laboeuf (did I spell his name right? If I didn't please tell me because I'm too lazy to IMDb it.) and Transformers: Generation One. Just wanted you to know that.



"Yes Sam?" the huge robot answered.

"Please tell me why you dragged me and Mikaela out into the middle of nowhere."

*Facepalm* "I've told you three times Sam, we picked up a signal that is Cybertronian in nature. We're checking it out to make sure it is not Decepticons."


"Hey, Sam?" Mikaela asked.

"Yeah?" he answered.

"Aren't we skipping school?"

"Since when do you care?"




All right, some things to tell you.

I really despise Megan Fox

This takes place after the first movie.

I really despise Megan Fox

WAIT! Before you judge me for hating her, the only response I've gotten from some of the guys in the whole "Megan Fox Sucks Debate" is that she's hot, so, don't post any comments about this, because I deal with enough of that D'arvitting stuff at school.

(Please excuse my language)


Ratchet came up and stood behind the two humans. "You're courting rituals are still a mystery to me Sam Whitwicky…"

Sam went all red in the face. "That's uncalled for! I know you did that on purpose!"

"Maybe… Maybe not…"

"Hey… Where did Mikaela go?"

Ironhide came up beside him too. "She fell down the plothole, it's over there." There was in fact a giant plothole a couple feet away. "Don't worry. I'm pretty sure there's some other Autobots and Decepticons in there to keep her company."

"I feel so much better!"



Optimus turned around. "Good riddance, and Sam, don't even think about replacing her with another no talent."

"I've learned my lesson."

"Good, because I just found the source of the disturbance."

They all got up and carefully avoiding the plothole, followed Optimus out onto the deserted plain.

"I don't see anything Optimus." Bumblebee said.

"Neither do I, but it's there, I just know it."

They walked another couple feet until they could see a tiny crack of light in the time-space continuum.

"The Nexus?" Ratchet asked.

"Sorry Ratchet." Optimus said. "Wrong movie."


"However, it does seem to be a portal of some kind. We should run further tests before we test it."

"I don't think that's going to happen Optimus." Jazz said.

"Jazz? I thought you were ripped apart by Megatron!" he replied with awe.

"I came out of the plothole as that no talent fell in. Did you miss me?"


"Oh, well, see when I was in the plothole, I found out that this portal opens every century somewhere in the Universe."

"Why is it here?" The confused human asked.

"I don't know… Let's jump through it!"

The Autobots looked stunned.

Jazz held up his hands in a "just kidding" action. They talked for a little bit about what had happened after Jazz fell through the plothole. Silently, like a wisp of an apparition, the portal crack moved ever so slightly towards the group, almost as if it was conscious. Closer and closer it came, but the Transformers didn't react until it was too late and they were swallowed into the portal. Dazzling lights blinded Sam and the others as they fell through. They desperately tried to get out, but even the giant alien robots from outer space couldn't escape. The ride seemed to last for hours until they were ejected out. Bumblebee was the first to get up and what he saw, he couldn't believe. He was staring at himself.

"Hullo Friend!" other Bumblebee said.

"Where are we?" Sam asked groaning as he got up.

"This." said Other Bumblebee as he gestured all around him. "Is the Generation One Universe."


So? Did you get my jokes? Star Trek really has affected me a lot.