Okay, I'm really inspired today since I just saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon for the fifth time.


Sam had hit his head pretty hard on the ground so he had no recollection of that girl he used to date. He had a vague feeling she fell down a plothole. Fortunately, he remembered everything else that had happened. He saw Bumblebee staring at a very small robot.

"Uh… Where are we?" He said sitting up.

"Like I said before." the little robot said. "This is Earth, Generation One Universe. Oh! You must be from the 3D universe! That explains why you're all… puffy."

"Are you calling me fat punk?" Ironhide interrupted, raising his cannon.

"No! Well… You are a little, but that's beside the point. My name is Bumblebee!" he said in an annoyingly cheery voice.

Sam looked at his hands and screamed. "What the hell?!"

He had become the thing of his nightmares, a cartoon in an 80's cartoon.

"Why am I a cartoon?!" he screamed in fright. "All of you guys are normal looking!"

In deed, all of the Autobots were in their normal forms. No one was sure why Sam was the only one who had changed, but who could tell in a story with plotholes and interdimensional travel?

"Who are you?" Little Bumblebee asked. "Are you from Cybertron?"

"Of course, we're Autobots." Ironhide replied, still not putting away his cannon.

"Where is your Optimus Prime?" Jazz asked.

Little Bumblebee pointed to a nearby mountain, with a red and blue truck on an outcropping. Suddenly, there was an explosion, and it started to roll down the mountain in slow mo, while everyone else stayed at normal speed, which was really weird. Once it got to the bottom, it transformed into the Real Optimus Prime that everyone knows and loves.


Okay, this chapter's really short, but I haven't updated this story in a long time, so I felt it should suffice until I can come up with more plotlines. If you have any ideas, please review and I'll most likely put it in!