When the Doctor goes Visit Raven they stumble onto something that would like nothing more than warp their minds.

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Author Notes:In my story here the Doctor and Raven have met, not delving to much into it just bring up some past so people get what happening now. Also note this story is based on A Raven solo story written by Marv Wolfman. You didn't have to read it it will be recapped. Also this is my first fan fic so be kind. I do appreciate helpful criticism , also I'm working on narration so any feedback on that is appreciated

Chapter one: Pretending to Be Normal

The Doctor stepped out of his familiar Blue Box. He patted the side of the Tardis as he were patting the head of a faithful old dog. He quickly looked around to see that he had landed the Tardis outside the grounds of a private school. It was one of those posh looking private school for the children of the rich and powerful. Then he ran to the front of the school to make sure it was the right one, he had learned that when he travels via the Tardis he doesn't always end up in the right place and he was looking for someone so he didn't want to ask for someone at the wrong school.

As he stood in front of the school he read it's name out loud "Strages Academy" he smiled to himself as he made his way inside "Now here's hoping I got the right year."

On the other side of the school a girl with dark haired girl was walking when she sensed something, something that made her stop in her tracks. The last class of the day had let out and the students were making their way out of school. Someone bumped into her, her friend Angelina.

Angelina looked saw her staring off into space "Hey Rachel, what's wrong?"

This was enough to snap her back to reality but she only murmured "He's here."

Before anything else could be said she ran out towards the administration building. Two other girls,Kayley and Jas, walked up to Angelina. The three girl traded each other a confused look which was followed by another look as to instruct each other to follow their friend.

The Doctor pulled out a black wallet out of his coat and handed it to the woman at the desk. As she typed away on the computer the Doctor spun on his heel, he stretched out his hand wiggling his fingers in the air. He sensed something, some sort of massive psychic episode or attack happened at this school not too long ago it's effects lingered in the air. Then he felt something he was far too familiar with, death. What had happened her had claimed a life.

"Here you go" the secretary told the doctor handing him back the psychic paper. He marveled at the little wallet, his psychic paper was his identification and could get him in anywhere. He was already allowed to be here the psychic paper just helped him get through a lot of needless explanations. The secretary was about to send someone one to find his friend when she showed up at the door.

The dark hair girl entered the room and stared at the man. He was tall and thin with messy dark brown hair. He was wearing a blue pinstripe suit, a red tie with red shoes to match and a brown coat. He smiled at her, a warm tender smile one that distracted most people from his piercing brown old eyes. She stood in front of him a young woman of about five and a half feet tall with shoulder length raven hair. She had dark blue eyes which would send shivers to anyone who looked at them. She had a goth looking going for her, a purple top which showed more of her midriff than he would expect from her, black jeans and black boot. She wasn't wearing much jewelry a silver ankh on a dark string and a red ruby sat on her forehead.

She was the first to speak "Doctor?"

He greeted her joyfully "Raven!"

"Doctor? Raven?" The secretary repeated clearly confused that at what they called each other

The two quickly caught onto the fact as the Secretary double checked that the picture on the computer file matched and it said her name was Rachel Roth.

Doctor corrected himself "I meant Rachel."

"And I meant Uncle John." Raven added

Still confused but she relented and went on to something else. He came to see her and she found him, he was on her visitor list and this just meant less work for her.

Behind Raven the girl had caught up and repeated "Uncle?

Raven looked at her friends a little surprised.

Jas looked at the Doctor "We've never heard anything about Rachel's family. She doesn't like to talk about her family."

Doctor stepped in "Oh you know. Our little Rachel here she's just so independent. I was in town I just thought I would come by and check up on her."

Raven was about to make an excuse for why he couldn't stay when Kayley grabbed the Doctor and pulled him outside "Oh you have to tell us about Rachel growing up."

Things between these two were a little confusing but they could deal with these girls. The Doctor suggested to get something to eat, the girls agreed hearing he was going to pay. They went to a nearby restaurant and took the orders from the girls. Raven and the Doctor walked up to a machine that the restaurant just installed to take orders. As they placed the orders tension built.

Raven asked "Why are you here?"

"I can't just visit a friend." The Doctor said voice full of energy

She glared at him. They were friends in a sense. A while ago something happened and a force drew several people together they were among them. Together they stopped something that would have caused chaos and destruction on several universes. Among the discoveries of those days was a megaverse composed of several orthogonal universes, among which the Doctors universe and Raven's multiverse were apart of. They discovered that traveling to the orthogonal universe was sometimes easier than traveling to true parallel universes. The Doctor didn't consider the multiverse that Raven was from as real all the universes there were attached together, it was more like a universe divided. They also found they developed a psychic link together from the energies released by an explosion. Overall it made it easy for Raven to trust the Doctor but he was in her personal life. When she was at school she was suppose to live a normal life and she tried to keep away her other life. The Doctor was indeed on her visitor list because she occasionally needed a guardian to show up, she would have gotten one of Titans to pretend to be her parent but was afraid someone might recognize them as a Titan, so instead the Doctor filled the role. The Doctor knew this was her shot at a normal life, or as normal as she was going to get, so why had he show up knowing that it could ruin it.

The Doctor answered "I just wanted to learn a little more about magic. You know checking up on those in the know. I'm thinking on going to visit Buffy maybe Gwen too. You know marvel at the wonders orthogonal universes offer, since each universe is the same except rules and reality are completely different so-"

"You're lying" Raven interrupted the Doctor "We both know magic to you is psychic energy. You came because you're lonely."

The Doctor's energetic smile dropped, pangs of guilt filled Raven. Raven had recently started to allow herself to feel emotion and now could feel all the loneliness in him. She knew his story, The Doctor the Last of the Timelords only member of his species. He had to watch as the only other Timelord allowed himself to die in front of the Doctor just so he would be alone. Doctor had lost someone and now she was trapped on a parallel world beyond where he could go. His last companion Martha left him to take care of her family leaving him traveling alone. Raven knew what it was to be alone, her entire life she was suppose to suppress all emotions not even allowed to speak to her mother for the fear of releasing the demon that called himself her father.

"Alright" Raven relented "Just pretend to be my Uncle and try not to reveal anything."

The Doctor smiles at her, as he pulled out his sonic screwdriver to trick the machine into thinking he had paid for the meal. Raven knew he just wanted someone to spend sometime with and she couldn't just leave him alone, not after all he did for her; fighting by her side,helping her at school and helping her figure out her cell phone.

They picked up their order and took it to the table the girls were waiting for them.

"So" Angelina began "Rachel's uncle"

"Call me The Doctor everyone does." He told the girls

"Alright Doctor you're Rachel's uncle on her..."

"Mother side." The Doctor finished, he knew better than to bring anything up about her father

"So why does Rachel act like she grew up in a monastery. She has no idea of about pop culture. No idea about movies or music."

The answer was simple, The Doctor mused to himself, she was raised by monks but he knew better than try and explain that so he decided to avoid the question and turned to Raven "Are you still with Garfield?"

Raven eyes widened as her friends gaze turned to her.

"Who's Garfield?" Kayley asked "And why haven't you told us about him?"

"It's just... we aren't..." Raven tried to find the right words

Both the Doctor and Raven froze something just happened that sent shivers to their souls. A beep from inside the Doctor's coat brought them back to Earth.

"Excuses us for a second." The Doctor told the girls as he and Raven stepped away from the table

Jas noted "Looks like the whole spacing out is family trait."

Away from the girls the Doctor pulled out his screwdriver beeping wildly "That's Impossible!"

"What was it?" Raven asked

"A massive burst of psychic energy just ripped a tear in space. I have to get back to Tardis. Coming?"

Raven told him "I'll catch up in a minute."

"Allons-y." said running out of the door with a smile

Raven went back to the table and told her friends "We have to go something just came up."

Kayley told her "It's cool R, don't worry about it we all have embarrassing family. Remind me to tell you about my mom at my middle school dance."

Surprised Raven smiled "Alright." As she ran after the Doctor she thought did he do that on purpose, her friends actually were growing closer to her

The Doctor soon made it back to the Tardis and Raven followed him into it. The Doctor was looking at the scanner on the console.

"What's happening?" Raven asked him

"Trouble" The Doctor answered

Deep in an abandoned research facility a tear in the very fabric of space opened up and a teenaged girl fell out.

She looked around before she said "I'm back."

She smiled and began to laugh