Tying up a few loose ends.

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Author Notes:In my story here the Doctor and Raven have met, not delving to much into it just bring up some past so people get what happening now. Also note this story is based on A Raven solo story written by Marv Wolfman. You didn't have to read it it will be recapped. Also this is my first fan fic so be kind. I do appreciate helpful criticism , also I'm working on narration so any feedback on that is appreciated or if you want to tell what you think of the story

Epilogue: Healers

So after a peaceful trip around Azarath Raven brought them back to the research Lab. The Doctor ran the sonic screwdriver around all the equipment in the lab. He made sure the infrasound machine was broken beyond repair. He made sure that all the computer files were wiped clean and nothing could be recovered he even made sure any paper fires were safely in his possession to be taken in the Tardis where no one would ever get at them. After he was finished he met Raven waiting outside.

"Are you done?" Raven asked


With that Raven let out her soul self without hesitation the great black bird tore through the building bringing it down without an effort. The bird wrapped it's wing around the Doctor who quickly found himself back next to the Tardis.

The Doctor asked "Was brining down the building really necessary."

Raven rejoined with her soul and her clothes changed back to her civilian clothes "Yes, that place had terrible energy in it."

"Right, feng shui was terrible. But for once I would like to try and leave a place in tact."

"There is no try, only do or do not do."

"Wait!" That got the Doctors attention "You know star wars, you lied!"

"My friend convinced me into watching it. I needed to distract you from your anger."

"Well it didn't work. I knew all the time."

"Doctor, I'm an empath I can sense you lying."

"Right," The Doctor took out his sonic scanning Raven "Well the Nano Gen is almost done putting you back together." The glow vanished long ago and even healed the gashes Laura made without leaving a scar "They will work their way out of your system in a few days. Just try to relax and get plenty of calcium."

Raven placed her hand on the Doctors face where his scars were "Now let me heal you."

A small surge of pain later the Doctor scars healed.

"Thank you, Raven."

Raven sensed a new emotion bubble inside the Doctor "Doctor?"

"You wanna come with me?" The Doctor asked

"In the Tardis?"

"It would give me a chance to keep on eye on you to make sure the nano gen works right."

"Doctor I can't." Raven began "I have a report due next week on Prince Khufu. I just can't."

"It's a time machine. I can have you back in ten minutes. We can even go back and met Khufu."

Raven looked at the Doctor, who at this point was eager like a dog being offered a bone, she smiled "Alright. But one trip."

"One trip." The Doctor repeated

He pushed the doors open letting Raven walk in before him. He closed the doors behind him and a moment later the Tardis vanished. They met Khufu and his consort Chay-Ara. But since the Doctor was not used to flying through this universes time stream he missed the century. They ended up playing cards with Jonah Hex in the old west, they got caught up in a battle against Morgan La Fey in Camelot and helped the Green Lantern Corp in 31st century which ended with the Doctor being banished from Oa for the rest of time. But eventually the Doctor brought Raven back ten minutes after they left. Raven stood outside the Tardis, the light on top flashing as the box faded in and out until it was gone.

"Good bye Doctor."

She turned to make her way back to her dorm when she heard someone call out "Rachel."

She turned to her friends calling out to her.

Angelina asked "Rachel where have you been?"

Raven was about to say ancient Egypt but stopped herself "You know with family."

"You missed the whole thing. Someone fell from the sky."

Jas asked "Where is your uncle?"

"He had to go."

"It's ok" Kayley told her "We're going to get some Chinese food you wanna come."

"You know what?" Raven told them "Some Chinese food would be good right now.'

"Good we can tell you what you missed" Shay began "and you can tell us about this Garfield."

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