Title: The Boy Who Lived To Be Pumpkin King

Chapter: Find Yourself

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A sizeable, swirling pillar of shadows filled the Room of Requirement causing Vlad to scream in surprise. A force beyond his control dragged him towards it by his wrist, feet sliding uselessly along the floor. With a large shot, Adrian and Lock appeared eyes vacant. Orpheus emerged next, glove discarded by the door. Shock and Barrel appeared eyes blank as well. The various calling cards of the youngsters where placed into the shadows, causing Orpheus and Vlad to cry out in agony. Kidd came out behind them and surged energy into their skulls, causing them to go lax like the others. Kidd glanced at the terrified Harry.

"Now you are aware of the dangers." Kidd instructed Harry through the final steps and the shadows became a brilliant white, a visualization of Lilith within it. Miniature diamonds tumbled from her eyes as she cried, terrified and alone.

"Lilith? Lilith can you hear me?" Kidd inquired loudly, staring at the projection.

"Kidd?" Lilith said raising her head, golden curls falling away from her shoulders.

"Yes, Lilith it's me. I need you to open a portal for me, can you do that?" Kidd asked. Lilith nodded, and stood eyes turning ebony. Kidd's own eyes enlarged as he pushed the others out of the enchantment. It was too late, however, and a circle of white erupted through the shadow pillar. The image was perpetually imprinted in Orpheus' mind, as the blinding light consumed him. Harry screamed as Orpheus flew across the room, hitting the far wall. The shadows extended chaotically, causing mayhem. A howl could be heard from the depths of the building. Harry struggled to stand, but his body betrayed him and he instead collapsed to the ground. A hoop of white slowly cracked open the ground of the room, ghouls and ghosts shrieking from the bottom. With one final fracture to the stone, a screech penetrated their plane of existence. Lilith rose from the fissure, eyes ebony. Harry gaped at the destruction that had befallen the room. Kidd stood and hauled Harry over to the hole. "Adrian, will correct what has happened, we must go now." Harry swallowed dryly and jumped in, followed by the could-have-been prince and an immensely powerful seven year old.

Harry shook his head once arrived in the center of Halloween Town. It was eerily quiet and he expressed his thoughts to Kidd, whom merely smirked knowingly. Kidd began to stride across the substantial expanse of the courtyard, footsteps reverberating with a chilling effect. Harry shuddered and followed him, while at the same time noticing he was once again an ordinary wizard. The duo approached the rustic gates of a tall, grey mansion that held a solitary black bow above its door. They ascended the ancient steps, dread forming in Harry's stomach. This was the home of Jack Skellington, the former King, and proud uncle of Kidd.

"Kidd, I'm sorry for what happened to Jack, really. I never meant to take your family from you." Harry whispered, tears in his eyes, and goosebumps on his arms. Kidd slowly knocked on the elder wood door.

"I know you did not mean it, and if it will cease you worried state of mind… he was your uncle too." The news hit Harry as the door creaked open and Kidd stepped inside. The tears fell, crashing into stone, and then forgotten. Kidd embraced his red-haired Aunt, giving her gentle words of condolence. Sally looked over his shoulder to see Harry, staring at her. The old puppet smiled tightly and took leave from the room. Kidd led Harry to the kitchen, the piano glistening softly in stolen moonlight. Harry recalled that the Dursleys had once been in possession of a piano, but theirs had been an obnoxious lavender with dreadfully perceptible bottle green blotches. He had always wanted to learn how to play one, but of course as with every other valuable object in the house, he had not been allowed to handled it, let alone hear any decent melody be uttered from it. He could almost imagine the rich notes that could flow from this prestigious instrument and in desperation asked Kidd if he knew how to play. "No, I regrettably do not play the piano. Vlad does, quite beautifully I might add." Sally reentered the room.

"Can you play?" Harry asked her. Sally stared at the boy before unhurriedly sitting upon the bench. Her fingers delicately hit the piano keys. It was an uncomplicated tune, but carried with it a collision of emotions, the pauses in it allowing time for reflection. All too soon for Harry the song ended, and he almost cried out in despair.

"Do you play Harold?" The first words she had spoken to him that day. Harry silently shook his head. Sally stood and led him to the piano bench, positioning his fingers over the sparkling keys. "Give it a try." Harry hesitantly looked up at her before hitting a few keys. They sounded jarred, and dispirited, so he removed his hands from the instrument. Sally brushed back his hair. "Try once more." Confused, Harry placed his hands to the keys. Then, he began to play. A soft, high-pitched melody that conveyed much more than words ever could. For Harry, it felt as if the heavens had opened themselves to him that the stars were smiling down on him and the darkness was cradling him. It frightened him and his hands moved across the piano, getting slower, and deeper. He imagined the rain calling to him, asking him to join, to forget the sorrows and human necessities, again his hand moved, fearing what was being told to him. Then he remembered, a movie he had once seen, alone without the oppressive air of the Dursley's, he had saved up to be able to see it, even if the children at school had said the movie was for girls. Harry concluded his tedious melody and he licked his lips, falling into the memory, recalling the haunting melody. It expressed aspiration, and the feeling of eternity. A love never lost, even in the face if death, a promise to defy the stars, to move against the rain, to be half of one whole. It flowed from the piano with almost tangible notes. Sally sat beside him and filled the hollowness of the song, sparking it to life. Tears fell from the doll's eyes, as she played. The song ended, notes falling away. "Follow me; there is something you must see." Sally grabbed his arm and pulled him along as Kidd prepared himself tea. The king and puppet went up the winding staircase and into a darkened room.

"What's this?" Sally flipped a switch and the room came to life with color and merriment. The room was a perfect combination of Halloween and Christmas.

"This was Jack's dream." She unlocked a closet and inside was two outfits, one that appeared to be a scarecrow and the other a Santa Clause outfit. "It was a selfish dream, but a dream nonetheless."

"Why are you showing me this?" Harry asked. Sally opened a small box and pulled out an elaborate key.

"It is my responsibility as the remaining upper royalty to present you this key. By bestowing this key to you, I hereby relinquish all of my supremacy, making you the sole ruler of Halloween." Harry wordlessly took the key. "Take good care of the Kingdom Harold, don't let obsession befall you, this Kingdom will be more than enough."

"I- Thank you, you didn't have to." Sally gave a cheerless smile.

"I realize it will be safer in your hands."

"Harry! It is time to go!" Kidd shouted from below. Harry turned and gave Sally one last hug before he sprinted downstairs. Sally lightly touched her own arm before a shadow fell over her. She smiled, knowing the key was safe.

Kidd led the way to the next house, a drab weed-filled place. Kidd knocked on the door three times and took a step back. There was a scuttling from the other side of the door. The door was opened, but not from side to side, but rather it went up and in. Glowing red eyes peered from the darkness.

"Welcome, my King."

Adrian slowly awoke from the depths of slumber blinking away the spots from his eyes. He stood in one fluid moment, surveying the scene. Orpheus was at the far end of the room with a suspicious puddle beneath him. Adrian ran over his anxiety and fear showing as he knelt beside the fallen boy. The shadow boy lifted the eleven-year-old bridal style and shadowed into Severus' quarters.

Severus looked up from his work when he heard a clatter from his quarters. He placed the bottle of wormwood on the table and walked over, wand drawn. Severus froze when he saw Adrian carrying a blood-soaked Orpheus. Adrian's crimson eyes glinted mysteriously in the flicker of the flames. Orpheus gave a small groan and shifted his head to look at Adrian. Confusion crossed his face, then, without warning he started to scream. Adrian dropped Orpheus onto the bed with surprise, hands going to cover his ears. The objects in the room began to rattle with such ferocity that the room was a cacophony of high-pitched shrieks. Severus at this point also covered his ears blood trickling from them ever so slowly. The lights went out with a large whoosh and the screaming ceased, a pair of glowing green eyes peering out of the darkness. The tattoos on Orpheus' left arm were glowing a faint green, matching his eyes.

"Orpheus?" called out Severus. The green eyes searched the room erratically. "Orpheus, are you okay? Did he hurt you?"

I was shocked, and scared, yet oddly thrilled at the same time. I had no idea where I was, but to me, this all seemed like a dream. I had no idea how to react, my instincts have failed me. I numbly look down at myself. I seemed tanner, but it could have been a deception of the light, or lack of light that is. My irises were glowing green, but instead of the burning and lack of control that I had always experienced I felt, composed. I had found myself, and now I didn't know what to do. My hair swept in front of my face with my sigh and I went to brush it away. Except, it wasn't black anymore, it was- "Orpheus!" My ears twitched to pick up the sound. "Dear Merlin, you've killed him." Killed, but I was right here, but my voice. I could not make a word form, the only thing that escaped were sapphire wisps and a muffled ghostly sound. I was not dead! Was I?

"I didn't even touch him! There was an accident when Harry opened up a calling portal." I heard another voice respond. Accident? I strained my memory but the only thing I remembered was a blinding white light. The pain, it felt like a million bolts of electricity were being pumped into my veins, stretching my skin until every molecule was screaming, while at the very same time it was carving away at my core.

"Of course Potter would have something to do with this. That boy is nothing but trouble!" Potter, the name was familiar to me, but my thoughts resembled a whirlpool at the moment. I had to make myself known; I had to find a way to return. I stared down at my ungloved hands, anticipating a solution. I jerked my head back in surprise when two glowing orbs appeared in my hand illuminating the room. An older bloke with black hair stared at me with surprised onyx eyes. Next to him was a shadow figure, smiling at me, and happiness in his solid ruby eyes. "Orpheus?" I frowned, I deduced that I was Orpheus, but what was I to these people? Was I his son, the other's brother or were we only friends? Tears filled my eyes. I wanted to remember, but I could not. I started to hyperventilate; I needed to find who I was. The shadow boy stepped forward, and I stumbled away, tears falling, my hair covering my face, arms crossed in front of me. The boy stopped and a sob escaped my throat.

"I need to find Harry; he'd understand what to do." The shadow boy whispered. The man glowered at him.

"Why do you rely on that boy!" he shouted. The shadow boy looked up at him, desolation etched on his face.

"He's the only thing I have." In an emerald mist, the boy was gone; leaving the man to contemplate what had been said. I attempted to speak again, but all that exited was a small groan. I glared in self-anger, my fists clenching shut. The anger was swelling, taking the best of me. I fidgeted, preventing myself from attacking the wall, and possibly mutilating myself. The man went around to all the stakes around the room, relighting them, casting the room in a warm, orange glow. The remains of glass on the floor twinkled like fallen snow.

'A wailing infant is left in the middle of the forest, snow falling at a rapid pace.' I clutched at my head; the aching was almost splitting me apart. 'The moon is full, shining brightly on the child, causing his tears to glisten.' I tried to let out a scream, but nothing came out, then I was out of the pain, and floating in deep bliss. 'The howl of wolves in the distance quiets the child; only miniscule whimpers escaping every few minutes. The pounding as several wolves raced towards the child, yellow eyes brimming with hunger and ferocity, their teeth as jagged as the icicles that dangled precariously over the child. The leader went up to the child and began to evaluate him. In a demonstration of dominance, the wolf stood on its hind legs, beckoning the rest of his less evolved pack. The baby began to wail again, but not from alarm, but the pain emanating from his now emerald eyes. The wolves cried out and scattered uselessly around the boy. A smaller, yet equally developed, russet wolf watched with relaxed yellow eyes from the shadows. The large, bipedal, grey wolf snarled loudly, and ordered his pack back. The child calms slowly, eyes fading back to sapphire. The grey werewolf sends his pack away and sits by the child, waiting for the moon to wane. The scrawny brown wolf too, was waiting, placing himself in the child's line of view. The child titled his head in confusion, and then squinted his eyes as the first rays of light rose above the horizon. The figures blurred, and then a brown-haired gentleman scooped up the child and began to run, brandishing a stick in his left hand. The child heard a scream of rage from where they had started and whimpered. The man looked down at the child with kind brown eyes and murmured soothing words.' I nearly jumped when I felt the icy stone beneath my fingers. I shook my head and braced myself on my elbow, pushing the hair out of my face. The vision, dream, memory, whatever it was, it had been so real. I felt like my heart was being stretched out and squeezed at the same time. There was a tingling in my nose, and my throat was dry. I took a shuddering breath and sat up. The room had been abandoned, the glass shards removed. I brought my knees up to my chest and lightly traced the glowing tattoo. My tears run down like razorblades, stinging my eyes, and causing me to clench my eyes shut so tightly it hurts. I'm falling apart, I'm falling apart, I'm falling, I'm…

"So, how exactly do you know how powerful you are?" Harry asked Aoi and Andy, hands clasped in front of him.

"It is customary for a winged- demon to display their rank when meeting another for the first time. Skin color can be used to evaluate power. The darker blue you are, the weaker you are. Frost blue is the highest level, and all your… human colorings are ranked below the darkest blue. Eyes, you want your eyes to be, dark. The rank order is black being the highest, and then gold, following that is silver, next is bronze and finally white. What else? Ah yes, hair. Both length and color of hair are indicators. The shorter your hair, the less powerful, and then black is the weakest, followed by brown, then blonde."

"Lilith is your cousin right?" Andy nodded slowly. "Where are her parents? Where are your parents?" Aoi chewed her lip nervously, glancing at her brother. Andy was like stone, unwilling to reveal anything. Harry waited patiently. Andy stood and walked over to the mantle in the far corner, retrieving a picture. He fingered the silver frame faintly before handing it to Harry. Harry took the picture from him and looked at it. It showed four regular, human beings, all with black hair and brown eyes. Harry shook his head to signify that he did not understand.

"Those people are our parents, along with Lilith's parents. After Lilith transformed they wanted to go back to the surface world. Our grandfather warned them not to go, that they would be found out, but they went anyway." Andy trailed off, looking at the ground. He shook his head sharply, meeting Harry's eyes once more. "He was right. Therefore, it was upon him to raise us, but at the time, no one knew where Lilith was. A few days later, our grandfather disappeared. Aoi and I had no home, and Jack took us in. He raised us until we were old enough to be on our own, and then he had a house built for us. Lilith appeared about a year ago, she was out by the woods. She was so different from the last time we saw her. She explained to us that she had gone to a place where neither war, nor hatred existed."

"We had to assume she had been in her chrysalis, she had her wings. However, she was so much more powerful after she came out, than when she went in." Aoi relayed.

"That was only her second transformation. Her final one comes this year on Halloween. I fear she will not survive it." Andy said solemnly.

"Do all of you cry diamonds?" Harry asked slowly. Andy and Aoi looked at him in confusion. "I saw Lilith crying, little diamonds were coming out of her eyes." The countenance of the two siblings changed dramatically, going to a state of absolute shock. "Did I say something wrong?"

"Diamonds, Grandfather was right. We have to save him! We know where he is now Andy! We need to save him." Aoi shouted trying to pull her brother out of the house. Andy wrenched his arm away.

"Aoi, I've already told you that we can't." Andy declared in a firm voice. Aoi gave a cry of anger and hit Andy in the arm before running off. Andy watched her go, not bothering to trail after her. Harry meekly returned the picture.

"I didn't mean to-"

"No, it's okay." There was a thunderous knocking at the door, startling them both. Andy stood straight and went to unlock the entrance. On the other side of the door was an out of breath Adrian. The expression in his eyes presented Harry with a bad feeling in the hollow of his stomach and he abruptly staggered over. Adrian rasped out Orpheus' name before collapsing face first on to the floorboard. Andy stared down at the shadow boy in astonishment. He did not make move, or a sound. "We need to revive him. Go into the grey cabinet to your left and bring me the supply kit." As Harry went to retrieve the kit, Andy began to evaluate what was wrong with Adrian, and if he was at all bleeding. Harry returned and shakily gave the white kit to Andy. Andy thanked him, and set to work, concentration firmer than steel. After healing Adrian's minor abrasions and bruising Andy sat back and replaced the utensils in the kit.

"Is he okay?" Harry inquired in concern. Andy gazed down at the fallen boy, picked him up and transported him to the aging, burgundy sofa. Harry watched Adrian with anxious eyes, following the boy's every move. Andy sat down, wings expanded in panic. Harry's eyes widened. "Andy, is Adrian going to be alright?" Harry demanded forcefully. Andy blinked himself out of his stupor and looked up at the King.

"For all intents, yes, he will be fine. What worries me is the fact that his injuries weren't translated on to you, and that you did not sense him coming." Andy explained, wings folding in. Harry stared at him in confusion.

"Wouldn't that be a good thing?" Andy shook his head.

"It means he has gained an independent conscious. He still holds all of your thoughts, and memories, but now he is making his own decisions based on what he wants, not what you would allow."

"How did he arrive here?" Harry asked. "I thought the gateway was closed." A large raven cawed loudly from the doorway, alerting the King of his presence. Harry smiled at the bird as it waddled over and bowed to him. Harry covered his mouth as he giggled, but Andy caught him and gave him a sidelong glance and a smirk. Harry in retaliation stuck out his tongue and held out his forearm for the bird to land on. The bird did so, cawing loudly again and shaking its leg. Harry caught a glimpse of an orange ankle bracelet, and brought it to the attention of the teenager. Andy frowned and requested his sister to come downstairs. There was a significant slam as a door was shut above, stomping heard as the annoyed girl came down the stairs. Aoi paused at the bottom of the stairway when she saw the raven hopping about on Harry's hand.

"Raven, is that you? However did you get the boys to open the door for such a tiny thing like you?" the raven cawed indignantly, stamping its small foot. Aoi smiled brightly at it before turning to Harry. "Can you fix him King Harry? He's getting awfully bored of being a foul." Harry furrowed his brow and looked down at the Raven.

"I do not see anything wrong."

"Aoi, what are blathering about? This is a simple raven, it can't be transformed." Aoi rolled her eyes at her brother and took the raven from Harry's hand.

"This is Raven the gatekeeper. He is anthropomorphic creature, but he's stuck in his raven form. You have to help him!" Harry scratched underneath his chin.

"We don't learn conversion spells until sixth year, I think. I don't what I can do for him." Aoi frowned and looked at Raven. Raven fluttered his wings lightly, head bowed in defeat.

"You can't give up Raven! You have to remember what she said to have you stuck like this." Raven shook his head giving out a solemn caw. Aoi hugged the raven, tears falling down her face.

"How are we supposed to get out for Halloween?" she asked her brother, fear evident in her voice. Andy looked out the window of their small house.

"I don't know Aoi." Adrian drew in a lungful of air startling the other occupants of the room. Adrian took a moment to stare at his rising and falling chest in confusion before turning to Harry.

"Harry, Orpheus is in trouble, something triggered his transformation early and now he doesn't remember who he is." Andy swore under his breath and began to pace the room, while Aoi stood in the middle clutching Raven tightly. Harry ran a hand through his hair in frustration. Harry turned to Andy and asked him for a list all the things that could go wrong in a transformation.

"Only one thing can go wrong. To understand, I have to explain transformation. In transformation, a creature doesn't emerge from the human or wizard. When a young child has a nightmare or invents a monster, or an image of something horrific is broadcast to a large number of people, it turns into… an invisible cloud, one could say, and floats about Halloween Town. Once one Called has entered Halloween Town, the clouds start passing over them, trying to match their energy frequencies to the natural vibrations of the person's inner thoughts. Have you followed so far?" Harry nodded slowly. "If a cloud finds a match it attaches itself to the person, and follows them around until Halloween. Now imagine the clouds were like Adrian. Before you transformed into the tattoo creature he was there but invisible. Then when he manifested himself, he did so in an exact replicate of you, except still a shadow. Now the cloud does this too, making a replica of the person if they were the creature. Since the cloud and the person are already connected by a small trendil from the cloud, the cloud enters he body. Now, you must realize that to the cloud the body is nothing but a vessel. Once the cloud copy enters the body, the mind must accept it, so they can become one. If a mind rejects the cloud it will disperse and one must wait until next Halloween to transform." Andy rubbed his eyes in concentration. "What most likely happened with Orpheus is that he was unconscious at the time, and the cloud is taking over his mind. If we don't stop it in time he will become the creature, no more Orpheus behind it." Harry stared at Andy in shock. It had been his fault. Harry glared mentally. No, this was Oogie's fault. Harry stood suddenly, startling Raven.

"How do we stop it?" Harry demanded.

"You can't stop it. Oogie stole the Blade of Unicorn, that's the only thing that could save Orpheus." There was a small cough from the door. Harry turned around to see Kidd waiting patiently along side the doorframe.

"Don't forget that only one with a Sight can use it." Harry's shoulders slumped. Adrian walked over and whispered something in Harry's ear, causing Harry to nod in agreement.

"Bring all creatures that have a Sight to me. I will choose from them." Harry announced. Kidd frowned.

"You shouldn't throw away your choice for that boy."

"It's partially my fault he's like that. I will save him." Harry growled taking a step forward. Kidd glared, yellow eyes filling with fury.

"Is he really that important, that you are willing to throw away tradition?" Harry thought back to the moment that he first met Orpheus in the infirmary, the time Orpheus had saved him from Adrian, and the way Severus acted around the boy. The last one brought a smile to his face. Harry furrowed his brow and dug into his pocket, pulling out the small bells he had taken to carrying around with him.

"Do you know what these are?" Harry handed the small bells to Kidd. Kidd closed his eyes in frustration.

"Stein." Aoi looked curiously over at Kidd.

"You aren't really going to take him to Stein are you?" Aoi asked nervously. Stein was the oldest citizen of Halloween Town, and lived at the very edge of the adjourning forest, in a house that was as scarred as him. Kidd rolled the small silver, flower-shaped bells in the palm of his hand. His pale fingers curled around them, hiding the shining trinket from view.

"I have to, he chose Harold." Kidd shook the bells in her face, angrily. "He called him." The bells were thrown to the floor, shattering into a small pile of glitter. Kidd stomped on the pile with rage. His hands curled into fists that he restrained in front of his face, eyes clenched shut. Aoi handed Raven to Harry and lightly placed a hand on Kidd's shoulder. Kidd turned and pushed her away, causing her to stumble slightly. Adrian stood swiftly catching Kidd's wrist with a faded black hand, pinching it in a way that gave him control over the boy's arm. He twisted the arm behind Kidd's back, making him let out a grunt of pain. Adrian leaned in, malice in his red irises.

"Never," Adrian growled giving Kidd a shake, "lay an offensive hand on a woman. Do you understand?" Kidd stayed silent. Adrian pressed on the arm a bit more, and Kidd cried out. "I said, 'Do you understand?'"

"Yes, yes I understand. I'm sorry Aoi I didn't mean it." Kidd told her. Adrian looked up at Aoi, awaiting her answer. She nodded to Adrian, and the boy released Kidd and retreated to stand protectively beside Harry. Kidd clenched his fists again, turning to Harry with pure ire in his eyes.

"I was fine with my father giving up the throne to my Uncle. I was fine with Harry becoming the prince. I was fine with everything, because I thought he would choose ME, not him. I've known Stein since I was a boy. Why did he choose you? What do you have that I don't! What makes you so special?" Kidd shouted. Adrian took a half step in front of Harry. Kidd refused to back down, staring ahead at the changing Adrian.

"You want to know what makes Harry special?" Adrian began in a low, rushed tone. "Harry has suffered. Harry showed so much understanding of how precious life was that death was not able to conquer him. Harry only has one memory of his mother and it is of her death, yet he keeps her alive with the courage and determination that always shines in his eyes. Harry lived and risks his very life, because he knows that it was a gift to him, a gift to be shared with his family!" Andy and Kidd looked at Adrian sharply.

"The Dursley's aren't worthy enough to be family." Kidd said.

"Family isn't always blood. It is the people in your life who want you in theirs, the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you."

Severus pushed back the bangs from Orpheus' head. The boy had finally fallen into a deep sleep, after an hour of fitful nightmares. There was a slight rapping at his door, and Severus looked up to see the Headmaster in the doorway. The Headmaster's expression was one of deep sorrow and understanding. Severus bade the man enter and Dumbledore did so, plain grey robes trailing behind him. The Headmaster did not speak right away, instead staring intently at Severus with dull, blue eyes.

"Adrian has gone?" Severus nodded. Dumbledore's gaze fell upon Orpheus, who was pulsing with an electric jade glow, which would at times flash ice blue. "You care deeply for him." It was a statement, not a question, yet Severus answered anyways.

"It is true. It is because of Potter that I care for him, and it is because of Potter that he is being taken from me." Severus looked up at Albus. "I never thought I would have a son. Orpheus… he is Bellatrix's son. Draco's cousin." The Headmaster did not say a word, knowing Severus was not finished. "He's dying, his memories are gone. No one knows his past. No one will ever know." Albus laid a wrinkled hand on the Potions Master's shoulder.

"Orpheus is still in there. We just have to find him." Albus said, taking out his wand.

"We can't. His memories wouldn't be able to be extracted by now."

"You will have to enter his mind, and push all the memories you can find to the surface. If whatever is taking over his mind is not a spell, they would have pushed all of Orpheus's memories into a corner of the mind, which is to be severed off later."

"And if it is a spell?"

"Then, there is nothing we can do." Severus took a deep, calming breath and nodded.

Vladimir groaned as he woke up, feeling an immense itching on his wrist. He looked around the room. I was utterly destroyed, as if a tornado had passed through. The center of the room was scorched, smelling faintly of ashes. The walls that had once had a magnificent scenery of the outside, were now grey and bubbling, and at places cracking. Vladimir stood slowly, but even so, the blood rushed to his head, making him dizzy. After the bright spots had disappeared from his vision, Vladimir took to walking around the large room, looking for a hint of any other living being. The smell of blood reached Vlad's nose and his pupils widened in hunger. He dislodged the feeling with a sharp shake of his head. The people in this room were his friends. Vlad followed the smell to a large pile of debris, catching sight of a pale red hand. His eyes darted to everything covering the body. With vigour, he began to throw the pieces of chairs and furniture away from the body to land with a sickening crunch at the far wall. Lock gave a shuddering breath as the last fragment of furniture was cast off him.

"Lock! Are you okay, Lock? Are you hurt?" Lock shook his head and tried to stand. Lock screamed, and crumpled his leg unable to support him.

"I- I think I broke my leg." Vlad knelt to inspect Lock's right leg. He carefully rolled up the pant leg to knee height. The bone hadn't broken through the skin, but there was a nasty bruise on the shin. 'You'll be okay; the hurt will be gone soon.' "What?"

Vlad looked up at Lock, confusion in his eyes. "I didn't say anything." The bubbling walls burst, water pouring out of the pipes that erupted with the explosion. 'I'll see you soon.'

"Did you hear that? That voice?" Lock asked eyes wide. Vlad rolled the pants back down in a hurry.

"What are you talking about? We have to find Shock, Barrel, Orpheus and Adrian! The room is filling up fast!" Lock stared at the water that covered most of the floor already, and continued to gush from the walls. "Come on! Snap out of it!" Vlad slapped Lock harshly, leaving a red imprint on his face. Lock blinked rapidly, clarity shining in his eyes.

"Forget about Adrian, he would have followed Harold, and if he didn't…" Lock gazed at the water that was now five inches high, "well it's too late now." Lock flipped over his mask and dipped his fingers in the water. He began to draw a design on the back, and his mask flared into colour. "Help me up." Vlad put Lock's arm around his shoulder and lifted the boy up. A small array of buttons appeared, Lock tapping away at them so quickly that Vlad was not able to follow the sequence. The water was now up to their knees, and threatening to drag them down with massive, churning waves. Lock hit the last few buttons and looked up expectantly. There was a high-pitched whistling to their right, and they spotted a bright light of green and purple. "They're over there. Hurry, we don't have much time before the water reaches our necks." Vlad waded through the violent waves, dragging Lock along with him. By the time they reached Shock and Lock, the water had reached their waists, and held the putrid smell of sulfur. Vlad lifted Barrel up first. The boy wasn't breathing. Vlad tried to remember anything that would help them. 'Vlad, do you happen to be an elemental vampire?' That's what the bushy haired girl had asked him. Vlad focused on his wrist until it glowed lilac then he turned to Barrel and forced his finger up in a quick flicking motion. Water exited Barrel's mouth explosively, leaving the boy coughing and gasping for air. Vlad clutched at his head and stumbled back, almost pulled down by the waves. Vlad gave Lock to Barrel, took a breath and dove under the water, searching for Shock. The young witch was caught on the corner of a table. Her dress was caught on a nail underneath, and when Vlad pulled her, it ripped. He stood and draped Shock over his shoulder. The water was lapping at his shoulders as he forced the water out of Shock's lungs. Vlad close his eyes a sharp pain entered his temples. Barrel took Shock from Vlad and gave him Lock. Barrel held Shock carefully and attempted to wake her. Lock scooped water into the palm of his hands and splashed it onto her face. Shocks eyelids popped open, shining a liquid buttercup colour. She drifted away from them and small spherical bubbles began to raise from the water, little sparks of light within them. Vlad spit water put of his mouth, and gazed at them in awe. Shock touched one and disappeared. Barrel followed suit and left with a splash.

"What about Orpheus?" Vlad shouted over the roar of the waves. Lock gave him a torn look before touching one of the bubbles and disappearing. As soon as the young devil left the water became choppy and erratic, throwing Vlad around as if he were a limp, rag doll. Vlad broke the surface and reached for the sphere but was thrown away violently. Screaming as his ribs cracked. Water filled his lungs and his screams became gurgles as he slipped under.

Hermione paced in her dormitory, the other girls watching her warily. She muttered to herself in half sentences. Hermione stopped so suddenly that the girls felt a chill crawl up their spines. "Of course, how could I have not seen it earlier?" Hermione dashed from the room and down the stairs. She scanned the room for Ron and upon finding him, dragged him out into the hall.

"What gives Granger? I was in the middle of a game!" Ron shouted. Hermione shushed him and beckoned him to follow her. Ron did so reluctantly, wondering what exactly Hermione wanted to show him. When they entered the corridor, containing the Infirmary Ron broke the silence. "What are we doing here Granger?"

"Harry healed me when I was hurt, I just know it! I don't know how though, but ever since he did I've felt stronger." Hermione relayed. "So, I've come to ask him what he did."

"Hermione, no one has seen Harry since yesterday night." Hermione slowed.

"Then he must be in the secret room. Do you know where it is?" Hermione asked.

"No." Ron responded. Hermione sighed.

"I feel so useless! We need to find out why the Stone is in the school. Harry probably knows more than we do." Ron rolled his eyes at Hermione.

"So maybe, they put it here because Flamel wants to keep it safe. Dumbledore did say this was the safest place in Britain. No one is powerful enough to get the stone. Dumbledore is one of the greatest wizards of the time, and with You-Know-Who dead, the Death Eaters wouldn't dare go against him." Ron explained to her.

"But why would Nicholas Flamel want to hide it in the first place?" Hermione persisted, poking Ron in the chest. Ron pulled at his hair in frustration, walking away from the girl.

"I don't have all the answers Granger!" Ron shouted fists clenched at his sides. Hermione's brown eyes filled with tears as she hugged herself.

"I was just trying to help." Ron dragged the palms of his hands down his face, trying to regain his composure.

"Look Granger, I'm sorry, but there is nothing we can do, even if there was a threat. I mean we're First Years, not that I doubt that you know a few more advanced spells, but there are people older than us to deal with it." Hermione nodded, stance becoming tired. "Your best bet would be to go to the Library. Try to piece together what Harry did, and don't limit yourself to the non-fiction." Hermione nodded, and left. Ron waited until she was around the corner before entering the Infirmary. For all the dumb things that Ronald did, he was not stupid, and he knew what Draco felt for his best friend. He approached the curtained off section of the Infirmary warily, aware that Madame Pomfrey could pop up at any minute. When he was sure that none of the other patrons were watching him, Ron entered. There was a low growl from the bed. Ron rolled his eyes and stood by the foot of the bed, the pale light from the window illuminating his shocking orange hair.

"Weasley." Draco said in distaste. "What do you want? Come to kill me off when I'm defenceless?" Draco sneered, hair lifting away from the pillow dangerously.

"No." Ron answered simply. Draco looked at him in confusion. "Harry's my best friend, break his heart, and I'll break your face." Ron told him arms crossed over his chest.

"Are you...giving me your blessing?" 'Great here comes the insult.' Ron thought. "I- Well, thank you, I guess." Ron stared at Draco in shock. The boy turned away looking at the left wall. Ron grinned and turned to leave. "Weasley, wait." Ron turned back around.


"Don't think that this makes us friends or whatever."

"I wouldn't dream of it."

"We should go check on Harry." Fred whispered to his twin. George wrote down a few more sentences before raising his hand. The professor called on him, asking what was wrong.

"Fred needs to go to the Infirmary, for...stomach pains." Fred looked at his twin.

"Wait, no I-" George elbowed Fred in the stomach roughly. Fred groaned and wrapped his arms around his stomach.

"It's very important that we go right now, it sounds like he might have internal bleeding." George continued.

"Internal bleeding?" Fred exclaimed. The professor wrote them a pass to the Infirmary and shooed them out the door. The pair began to walk up the stairs leading to the seventh floor. "Hey, George? I don't really have internal bleeding, right?" George rolled his eyes.

"Of course not, I just needed to get us out of here. We will have to go see a real doctor soon though; your temporary prescription is going to run out soon." Fred nodded in understanding. Fred took out a blank piece of parchment paper from his back pocket and said the passphrase. A map unfolded on to the paper, showing their current location.

"McGonagall is coming up on the left, one floor above us. Should we take the secret passage?" George stared at the map for a moment.

"Fred, look at that." George directed Fred's attention to Orpheus' name on the map. There was a dark cloud consuming the letters, slowly. Only the first letter of his last name remained, but it was slowly disappearing, the cloud working its way to the 'S'.

"What do you reckon it means?" Fred asked.

"I don't know, but I don't like it. Come on, let's take the passage." George said, pulling his brother along.

Kidd glared one last time at Adrian before backing down. Andy stared curiously at the changing boy. He had grown at least three inches taller, in the last several minutes and his hair now reached his eyebrows in the front, the rest falling down to the bottom of his ear, all of it silky. Adrian had a distinct set of irises now, that were such a peculiar colour that it seemed to shift from navy blue to dark grey and back repeatedly, though in reality they were one colour. His skin however was still a pale ink black colour. This new development could prove detrimental to Harry's well being, as Adrian was a part of him. Said boy seemed unaffected, which worried Andy even more. Harry should have become weaker, Adrian becoming more solid. Unless, was Adrian truly a part of Harry? Andy shifted his gaze past the two boys to a mirror that hung in the corner, so it reflected Harry's face, instead of Adrian's. Andy's wings flared out in surprise. "Well, you best get a move on! Orpheus needs your help!" Harry looked at Kidd hopefully, a small smile on his face. Kidd's anger defused at the action. Adrian had been right. Harry was the better choice.

"Let's hurry. Stein's home is quite a ways away." Kidd strode out the door, Harry trailing behind. Adrian watched them go, jaw set.

"Aren't you going to go with them?" Andy asked. Adrian shook his head.

"Harry needs to do this alone. I have some... unfinished business to take care of."Andy placed a hand on Adrian's shoulder.

"Please, don't kill anyone, and not just for Harry's sake," Adrian gazed up at Andy. "We don't want you getting locked away. Harry cares deeply for you, and I can't allow him to get hurt."

"Don't think I missed the look you and Kidd gave me when I mentioned family. I know about Lily." Adrian made his way to the door.

"If you know everything Harry knows, how would you know that?" Andy asked reverently. Adrian touched the doorframe lightly, not bothering to look back.

"I don't know." Adrian ran out of the house to the orphanage. Andy didn't bother to follow him, wondering exactly how much Adrian knew about Lily Potter. Aoi sighed behind him, letting Raven go. The bird cawed once before taking its leave, leaving the siblings to their musings.

A sorrowful smile slipped on to Albus's face as he placed the silver strand of memories into the Pensive. Severus came to with tears in his eyes. Orpheus slept peacefully, completely unaware of Severus's torment at having seen his mind, his breathing deep and even. "His mind," Severus began, wiping his tears away, "is utter chaos, or rather was utter chaos. When I left, it was just a black cloud. Orpheus no longer exists in that body. He is nothing but a Pensive full of memories." Albus placed a hand on the rim of the Pensive.

"I have no doubt, that Harry is doing everything in his power to save Orpheus. I also believe that you will one day again see Orpheus as before, a happy child who loves you." A pale white circle etched itself on to the floor near them. Severus and Albus drew their wands, spells at the ready. Adrian emerged from the circle and then it disappeared. He shook out his limbs and looked at the wands in confusion. "State your business or we will be forced to bind you."

"I'm here to check on Orpheus, and bring news of what Harry is going to do to save him." Adrian explained.

"Who exactly are you?" Severus growled, pushing his wand under the boy's chin.

"I don't know what you're-" Adrian caught sight of himself in the mirror. "What, what happened to me?" Adrian pushed the wand away and gazed at himself in the mirror. His skin was now a milky white, not unlike that of Draco Malfoy, and his eyes, a swirling dark, blue-grey colour. His hair, black as night and soft as silk, and he looked older, by at least two years. "Headmaster, what happened? I wasn't like this before."

"Adrian, my dear boy, I have not a clue what has befallen you, but please, we are anxious to hear of Harry's plan." Albus said. Severus stared at the boy in shock. The boy was Adrian, who not a day ago was but ink and shadow. Adrian calmed himself, and pulled on a mask of indifference, sitting on the edge of the bed, eyes watching both men in the room.

"Harry has gone with Kidd to the home of Stein, as they referred to him. He was called there by the man, by means of silver bells that were hidden in my shadow form. From there he is going to appropriate the Blade of Unicorn from Oogie, the local villainess. He will then return here, and use the sword on Orpheus. Andy told me that once the cloud takes over his mind, Orpheus is likely to stay asleep for two days, meaning he will awake on Halloween." Adrian pulled at his hair slightly, and stood suddenly. "Why did you leave Harry with the Dursleys? They are horrible people. They need to pay for what they have done."

"I'm afraid it is out of my hands until Harry himself comes forth to speak of it to me." Albus responded. Adrian tugged slightly at his hair again, making Severus uneasy.

"Then, I'll have to do it myself." Adrian disappeared without a sound much to the shock of the Headmaster.

"Severus, check the apparition wards."

"They are still intact, no sign of a breach." Albus stared contemplatively at the spot Adrian had vacated moments before. "Albus, did you see the way he was pulling his hair?"

"That I did, we may have a problem on our hands." Albus told him, standing unsteadily. Severus offered Albus a hand, but the elderly wizard waved it away. "I'm not an invalid yet my dear boy, and I shan't need your help until I am." Severus scowled as a twinkle returned to Dumbledore's eyes.

The mansion they approached towered higher than the trees, leaving them in the long, dark shadow as the sun reached high noon. Harry gulped nervously as they entered the yard through a large, rustic gate with vivid decorations of slaughtered pumpkins. Kidd appeared unfazed by it on the outside, but internally the gate would never cease to strike fear into his heart. The yard itself was filled with long dead grass and a few suspiciously big flowers, which were vibrant yellow, pink, and green. The pair travelled along the path of blackened stones to the front door. Harry's jaw dropped in awe as the house came into clarity, as it looked as if it had been cut apart and sown back together. Kidd stopped just short of the small patio that led to the door, confusing Harry. Harry took calming breaths to relieve the tension he was feeling. Harry heard a slight whirring noise, likes wheels spinning at a rapid pace. He looked at Kidd, who smirked.

"Watch out, here he comes." The door burst open so suddenly that Harry jumped, a man flying out of it and landing at their feet. The man looked up at them with mirth in his brown eyes, glasses balanced precariously on his face. The man jumped to his feet in the most literal sense, fixing his white lab coat as he did so. The sun reflected off the man's white hair as he adjusted a grey screw that stuck out of his neck. Harry's eyes nearly fell out of their sockets; he had never seen a man quite like this one. For one the man was covered in faded stitches, and he went about the world as if nothing concerned him, that is until his eyes fell on Harry.

:: How interesting. :: The man stuck out his hand and Harry grabbed it gingerly, afraid he would rip open the stitches. Stein laughed loudly at this, again causing Harry to jump, and said something in Japanese to Kidd. Kidd cast a sidelong glance at Harry and responded. Harry for the life of him could not deduce whether what was being said was good or bad, for both speakers kept their faces blank and their voices in monotone. Stein grinned widely and led the boys into his home, picking up his fallen wheelie chair as they passed it. "Welcome to my home, Harold Potter, I have anticipated meeting someone like you for quite some time now." Harry rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly.

"Meeting someone like me, sir?" Harry asked in confusion. Stein nodded, once more adjusting the screw on in his neck, not bothering to explain what he meant by the cryptic sentence. Kidd scowled internally; he had been hoping to hear the real reason behind Stein choosing Harry, rather than him. Stein strode from the front parlour into the hallway that led to his lab. Harry and Kidd followed respectfully, neither saying a word as the passed various portraits of Stein and a red-haired fellow. Harry leaned closer to Kidd and asked who the man was in a whisper. Kidd responded that the man had been Stein's best friend, until they had a recent falling out. Kidd looked up at the man ahead of him before continuing.

"Spirit is a Medalae Vila, or Metal Vila as it is simplified. Stein became his miser, or the one who helps him collect souls. Just like any other creature there are levels of power within the Vila. The Medalae are the lowest ranked and the most common, for they are not able to collect souls on their own. There power is really what hinders them, for it is that of transforming into an intrinsic metal based weapon. Above them is Anamisae Vila, or Spirit Vila."

"Aren't souls and spirits the same thing?"

"No, souls are the physical identifying print of a person's being, spirit is the mental consciousness of a life spent. The Spirit Vila aren't usually the most pleasant of creatures, but their have been few that choose the path of righteousness, and as a reward are beautiful. Most of the Spirit Vilas are hideous, cloaked creatures. There power is a valued Sight, that neither creature, nor created object can mimic. It sees the hidden things in life and is a literal empath." Harry signalled that he didn't understand. "Empaths can see emotion as colours around a being, they don't need to be taught what it is, and it's instinctive. Following them is the Noirolae, Shadow Vila, you can tell they are using their powers because their hair turns black and shadows seem to lick their feet like fire. Shadow Vilas rarely have any emotion other than negative, because the shadows are like a sucking vortex. They have access to the Shadow Plane, which if rumours are true, you have visited once already."

"Briefly, yes, how is it that you know so much of what has happened to me?"

"The town has been watching you, Harold, from the Oracle Sphere projector. Would you like me to continue?" Harry nodded, wondering how long the trip in the hall would take. He gazed up at the walls for a second to see the wallpaper was peeling back, and that they were moving at a downward slant as of now. "Because of their access to the Shadow Plane, most can manipulate the shadows around them to transport objects or to suck the life force out of them. This gift also comes with a price, for those who use it too often are mentally unstable." They passed a rusted chandelier, the flames from its candles flickering to life. "There has been much debate over the ranks of the Eauquae and Flamneigae Vilas positioning, as both have the potential to be excruciatingly dangerous. The Eauquae, water, can draw water out of anything that has it. This can prove disastrous to the environment, the weather, and humans, as they are made of mainly water. A rare few have mastered the art of bending creatures to their will by controlling the blood in their bodies. The Flamneigae Vilas, the kind that Draco Malfoy is, are those of opposites, for they are both fire, with ice."

"Wouldn't ice fall under the Water Vilas category though? I haven't seen Draco use anything that resembled ice powers." Kidd nodded.

"I understand where this confusion comes from; I struggled while learning this as well. The Flamneigae Vila only holds a small reserve of ice power, to balance out the intense heat of their powers. It is contained in their hair, as you can see with Draco, at the very tips. When he is enraged, his hair turns red and the blue tips black. What happened to our Uncle was done using Black Ice, then heat. Black Ice is a liquid form of dry ice, which cannot be naturally achieved, or duplicated by man. It blasts each cell, freezing it solid, but so it is still alive. The heat wave that follows it tears the cells apart, because of the inconsistency of temperature. The Flamneigae have the potential to harness the power of lightening, which is pure energy. However, most Eauquae and Flamneigae Vila are harmless, content to live in peace. That is until provoked past the point of reason. This anger usually only appears when they feel that their chosen is in danger. The Water and Fire Vila are the only two types to partake in Choice."

"So, they like mate for life?" Harry clarified. Kidd shook his head.

"Not exactly. They will choose one person that they wish to spend the rest of their life with, based on the strength of their soul resonance, however if it is not compatible they must settle for a weaker. Most think that Vilas are heartless when it comes to their Chosen, but this is not true. They love their Chosen, regardless of power; it is just to ease their worried state of mind, for those with stronger souls, are themselves stronger and won't need constant watching. A Vila will go into a deteriorating coma if they are expressly forbidden to be with their Chosen. A significant other or spouse will not pose a threat to a Vila, because a Chosen can almost always be won over. I say almost because at times a pairing of average humans can be in perfect resonance, or as those sappy authors write soul mates. The Metal Vila, do go through something similar when choosing misers, but it is not binding, and no feelings of love are expressed. Misers are born misers, they can't be trained to be one, and so in a way they are a branching off of the Metal Vila." Stein chuckled from ahead of them.

"I wasn't born a miser. I became one when I was seven." Kidd's eye twitched, it had to be seven. Stein paused in front of a decrepit door, pulling out a set of iron keys from his pocket. "Welcome to my lab, please refrain from touching anything, it could possibly kill you." Stein flung the door open with a wide smile.

"Why do they let this guy stay here, he seems dangerous." Harry whispered surreptitiously to Kidd. Stein stuck his head between the two of theirs, with a twisted grin.

"They let me stay, because I was the first King of Halloween."

George and Fred exited the secret passage, finding themselves on the sixth floor. They glanced at the map to make sure that no one was approaching before beginning their trek up the staircase. Fred paced in front of the wall three times, and a door appeared. George pulled it open and stared at what was inside in amazement. There was churning grey water, with sparks of electricity running through it, giving off a large whirring sound that scrambled the thoughts in his head. "Fred, what do we do?" George yelled, looking back at his brother. Fred fired off a series of spells, but none had an affect on the water. George stepped back and added a few spells of his own. George paced in thought, trying to remember anything that could help him. "Accio water!" he shouted pointing his wand at the door. The water shot out of the door into the hallway only to disappear before even a puddle could be formed. Fred caught on and transfigured a nearby stone into a bucket, scooping out the water. A bolt of electricity made contact with Fred and he screamed in agony. George dropped his wand and ran to his brother's side, pulling him away from the water. "Fred, are you okay? Fred, answer me!"

"That was so scary." Fred muttered. "I was shocked that it happened." He added cracking a grin. George rolled his eyes, making a slight laughing huff as he helped his brother to his feet. George reclaimed his wand, and Fred drew his. The nodded to each other while taking their stance.


Vlad broke the surface, coughing up water and a surprising amount of blood. He panted harshly, wiping the water out of his eyes hastily, his hair plastered to his head. He shook his head, sending water droplets flying. A chair went charging past him, leaving him no time to grab on to it for support. His head ducked under the water again, and he kicked to break the surface, gulping in a lungful of air. A tabletop came swirling by, and this time Vlad was ready. He grabbed the table and forced himself on top of it. His limbs were heavy with water soaked clothes, and he had lost one of his shoes. The waves sent him tumbling into a wall, and he cried out as his ribs shifted. He collapsed onto the table, arm falling into the water. Electricity wrapped around the marking on his wrist, entering it, making him stronger, but unfortunately not strong enough to use his powers again. Vlad's world faded to black, and he knew no more.

"This is taking to long, what if Harry is in there?" George shouted. Fred shook his head, not wanting to think of the possibility. "Fred, we have to try it." Fred looked at his brother in surprise. They had been warned against using each other to amplify spells, had they just been brothers amplification would have been an option, but as twins, it was almost unfathomable. Fred looked into his brother's eyes and knew that there was no choice, even if it killed them, Harry needed their help. "Come stand on the other side of me."

"No George, you can't. If you die, I'll be alone, forever. Let me do it." Fred pleaded his brown eyes wide. George glared at his brother.

"Fred, after all we've been through, do you really think I would let something as simple as an amplification spell separate us?" Fred shook his head slowly. "Get on the other side of me, we don't have much time." Fred nodded and stood to the left of George, wand at the ready. George grasped Fred's wrist and let the beginnings of the accio spell flow into his wand. Fred muttered the words to pull the spell from George. A scream passed George lips, as the spell was drained from his wand to his core. His grip on Fred's wrist made the other boy grit his teeth in pain. Fred clutched his chest as pain entered his magical core as well. George fell to his knees, dragging Fred down with him. Fred looked at his brother, fear written all over his face. George forced a smile through the pain, his face red, teeth clenched together, and choking sounds escaping his lips. George's amber eyes met Fred's chocolate brown, and they filled with tears. "C-cst."

"Accio." The water came rushing out of the room and along with it the unconscious Vlad. The water lifted away without a trace, and the twins fainted.

"This one I'm quite proud of one sprinkle into any liquid leaves the drinker unconscious." Stein explained, "It took several organs from various endangered species, but I finally got it right." Harry smiled uneasily when Stein glanced at him. Kidd coughed behind him, drawing the man's attention.

"Stein, while I'm sure Harry is absolutely fascinated, there is a reason we are here." Kidd frowned. "Right?"

"Of course, as the first King of Halloween, I was gifted with the rarest being as my form. Do you know what it is?" Harry stared at him blankly. Stein laughed and clapped Harry on the back. "This kid, he doesn't spazz out like the rest of your classmates, Kidd. My form is that of Fraudator frusta, do you know what that is Harry?"

"Stealer of pieces, sir? Do you mean to tell me, that you're a Demonter? That can't be they have the appearance of an ape with the face of dragon and the height of a giraffe and the scales of a fish." Stein took out a cigarette and lit it. "Not to mention there is only one in existence." Harry looked at Stein expectantly. Stein grinned and went to a cabinet, riffling through the tools inside. He lifted one up to inspect it in the light, and frowned suddenly.

"It seems my Spirit tool has grown to dull. We must travel to Death City to acquire a new one." Stein told them, putting various other tools into a bag, and dropping the cigarette stub to the ground. "For your friend's sake, I hope Spirit is compliant."

Bellatrix rushed about her small cottage with anticipation. Her master was to visit her today with the telling of a plan to gain the sorcerer's stone. She hoped that he would speak to her directly, rather than have the blathering host do so instead. The fireplace roared to life, and a large screeching could be heard within. Bellatrix gasped and ran to the living room to see what had gone wrong. Red eyes glared at her from the fire, promising punishment if the matter was not resolved soon. Bellatrix growled and let the shadows engulf her, transporting her to the front gate.

Raven flew about her head in a fury, pecking at the hands that were trying to bat him away. Bellatrix directing the shadows at him wrapping him in a way that he could not move. Bellatrix pointed her wand at the raven and it stretched into a man with a yellow bowler hat. "Come to kill me have you?" he spat out.

"No." The shadows fell away, and a vulnerable Bellatrix stood before Raven. "I need you to open the gate, please. I do not want to die!" Bellatrix clutched at the front of Raven's clothing. Raven pushed the deranged witch away, a scowl etched firmly into his face.

"I will open the gate, but not for you. I will open it only because it is my job. I hope you realize that King Harold will prevail, before it's too late." Raven turned around and directed his hands at the gate, the key lifting away from his body within a golden glow. His eyes flared with a yellow fire, hands bursting forth a glittery orange stream of energy. The string melted away from Raven's neck, freeing the key. The key entered the lock and the gate opened, flooding the town with the beings trapped outside. Raven smiled. "Welcome to Halloween Town!" The key flew back to him, the string reappearing, so the key was snug against his throat. Various creatures shambled into the town, amazement in their eyes. They began to grow more characteristic in their human like mannerisms, adopting the language of their King. "Please make your way to the integration Hall." Bellatrix gazed at the newcomers, and with one final gaze at Raven she fled to her Master.

"Bella, I am in need of one of your creatures." Bellatrix looked up at her Master's host in distaste.

"What did you have in mind?" the Host smiled.

"A troll would suffice." Bellatrix beckoned the host to follow her down to her cellar. He jumped when various howls and screams met his ears. Bellatrix sneered at the man. How could her Master have chosen someone so weak? She shrieked at her captives to quite themselves. Her steps clicked ominously as she crossed the large expanse to reach the steel doors. Bellatrix called her shadows to unlock the door from the inside. The door creaked open and the troll gazed stupidly at them.

"I captured this one before integration, he is still a regular troll, so I would caution against using him in a battle."

"We don't plan to; your services will be noted." The host said, stupefying the troll. Bellatrix glared at the man.

Shock, Lock and Barrel gazed at the forest warily, afraid to move. Shock was still in a state of power expression. She turned to Barrel and smiled, waiting for their next move. Lock looked through the trees, trying to discern in which direction the castle lay. His tail swung behind him in agitation. Shock shuddered and collapsed from surprise, scraping her hands on the rough ground. The green witch stood, dusting of her knees.

"Where are we?" Barrel shrugged.

"We are in the Forbidden Forest. We need to be careful how we move; the forest is too divided in alliances to go through without a plan." Lock dragged himself over to inspect a shimmering liquid near a tree. "We seem to be in unicorn territory, but blood has been spilled. There may be a war brewing." Lock sat up and surveyed the woods again. "Follow my directions carefully; we must inform the groundskeeper of this happenstance."

"Where's Vlad?" Barrel asked, helping Lock up, making sure not to put weight on his broken leg.

"I don't know." Lock responded.

Adrian stood at the corner of Privet Drive, gazing at the house that Harry had grown up in, the house that he had grown up in. It was two in the afternoon, meaning that only Petunia would be home. Adrian hesitated in walking up to the house. He knew Harry would not like it if he harmed them, Andy warned him against it, and he would much rather discover why it was he knew things Harry had no knowledge of. A hand creeped up to pull slightly at his hair and his hesitation evaporated as he straightened. He walked purposely towards number four, hands in his pockets. He glared at the perfect flowerbeds before knocking curtly on the door. His eyes travelled to the window on the second floor, where Dudley was staring down at him. He frowned, not having expected the boy to be home. The door opened and Petunia smiled nervously at him. Adrian smiled back handsomely, quickly rearranging his plan in his mind.

"Good afternoon ma'am, I am here to inspect your house as a final test of my apprenticeship under the local building inspector. If you would be so kind?" he lied with a smile. Petunia practically glowed and graciously bade him enter into her home. Adrian observed the foyer with a calm resolve, trying to take in the atmosphere of the place. He sauntered along the place, making noises in his throat as if he were actually taking note of the house. He had only one goal in mind, and it was the cupboard. He wanted to see it for himself; he was not content with the memory of the veiled understanding from behind Harry's eyes. He hand travelled along the wall and he tensed in anticipation as his fingers touched the cool metal of the handle. He gave a slight pull, and to his annoyance he found the door locked. He took a calming breath and turned to face Petunia with a smile on his face. "If it isn't too much trouble ma'am, may I ask for the key to this cupboard? It is an immense well of problems in most houses."

"I'm sorry, but my husband has the key with him and will not be arriving until five." She told him. Adrian felt a clenching in his chest as he was denied his goal. He let out a disbelieving huff, and grasped at the air. He chewed on his lip, planning his next move. He pushed back his hair and punched the cupboard door. Petunia backed up in surprise.

"I hate you. I hate you so much that words cannot describe what I feel inside when the slightest mention of you comes up." Adrian said with a glare turning on the woman. "Yet, I can't do a thing, not without risking Harry hating me. Harry still loves you, regardless of all the unscrupulous things you've done to him. You don't deserve his love." Adrian was trembling with fury, his hair in disarray. "Your son has not earned the life he is living. He is nothing more than a spoiled bully. Why is he home? Shouldn't he be at school, it is only two. I suppose Harry is like his mother after all. She loved you too. I will never come close to understanding Harry's heart, no one will, and he will never understand ours. It is as if he does not feel anger. Everything he has done has been to avenge another, or to fix a wrong. I would not be surprised if traces of unicorn blood run through his veins."

"Who are you?" Petunia whispered, fear in her eyes. There was a creak on the stairs behind them, and Adrian spun around to face Dudley. The blond boy reeled back in surprise. A dark laugh escaped Adrian's lips.

"You are unhappy with your life, Dudley. Do not deny it; I can see it in your eyes. Without Harry here your existence is a pitiful one. Your friends have turned on you because you have lost your edge. You never had an edge. Harry refused to fight back, thinking you would should him gratitude for keeping you on top. He loved you the most, he looked up to you, and then fear slowly began to set in when he realized you would never back down. So he began to run, but never fight. The urge to kill you in that very spot is almost overwhelming, but I fear Harry's hatred. I am sure that it would burn hotter that the fires of hell, and rain down with such ferocity that one would rather be mauled by a dragon." Adrian turned back to Petunia. "Tell your husband that I was here, and your life will end shortly thereafter. I will return one day, and if the cupboard is not unlocked, I will have to tear apart the house to get in. Is that clear?" Petunia nodded jerkily, trembling with fear. Adrian disappeared without a sound.

Severus gazed at the Pensive thoughtfully, watching the silver swirls intertwine and fall to the depths. He was unable to believe that he had been truly happy this past month. Orpheus was everything he could have asked for in a son. He hadn't loved a person this much since Lily. Severus gazed past the Pensive, noting a stack of ungraded papers on his desk. What if he had been able to see past the fact that Harry was James's son, would he have cared for the boy as he did for Orpheus? A bright white strand of memory floated to the surface, catching Severus by surprise. He knew what it was; it was the memory that would unlock a Patronus. Severus straightened when he heard footsteps behind him.

"You don't have to enter the Pensive to know what the memory is." Adrian told him calmly taking a seat nearby.

"How is that?" Severus questioned, his onyx eyes travelling back to the swirling white memory. Adrian brought his pale hands together, crossing his legs at the ankles.

"Orpheus cared deeply for you and it is obvious that the memory in there," Adrian looked pointedly at the Pensive, "is also in there." Adrian's blue-grey eyes pierced holes into Severus soul as he came to realize what the boy was saying. The boy stood swiftly, leaving the room without a backward glance.

Harry watched amusedly as Spirit yelled up at the two boys that had positioned himself over his favourite bar. "Nah, nah, you can't catch us!" Black Star taunted, sticking out his tongue. Spirit retorted with something equally childish, stamping his foot for added effect. At last the red haired man sighed, and walked into the bar. Stein instructed Harry and the others to stay outside while he talked to Spirit. As soon as he entered the bar, Soul and Black Star jumped from the roof to the ground, Black Star landing less elegantly than Soul seeing as he landed on his face. Black Star jumped to his feet and gave a wide grin. Kidd smiled slightly and moved forward to fist bump the two in greeting.

"Yo Kidd, who is that boy over there, I have never seen him before." Soul asked, red eyes trailing over to where Harry was standing lazily. Kidd turned to Harry with a smile.

"This is the new King of Halloween and heir to Stein's form. This is Harry Potter." Soul's eyes glazed over, as if he was stuck in a memory then his breath hitched violently. Harry took a step forward in concern, emerald eyes wide.

"Are you okay?" Soul nodded weakly, sweat forming at his brow.

"I have to go, I'll see you later Maka." Soul took of running before his partner could ask why he was leaving in such a rush. Black Star gave a barking laugh. Stein exited the bar with Spirit behind him. Black Star's face turned pale and he hid behind Harry.

"Spirit has agreed to help you. Come with me to my home, so we may begin. Your friends are welcome as well." Stein began to walk away from the group, Spirit trailing behind him.

Soul ran towards his house as fast as he could, not even noticing when a shopping Blaire turned into a cat and started to run with him. Soul rounded a corner, dodging the people on the busy road. The boy jumped over a set of crates with such grace that passerby's stared with awe. Blaire caught up to Soul and launched herself on to his shoulder. She grinned, ready to poke fun at him for forgetting something, but then she noticed his serious expression mixed with fear. Soul threw open the door to his apartment and ran to his room. He started to claw at the wallpaper in desperation. It fell away in large chunks, quickly revealing a hidden family tree. Soul slowly sat down, tears forming in his eyes as he looked at it. The willow that represented his family swayed easily on the wooden wall. His eyes traced the lineage down from the top, stopping at his mother's name. He knew what was next, but it pained him every time he saw it. His eyes travelled down, to the lightening scorch on the trunk of the tree, which appeared next to his own name and carving. His sister disowned before he had been born, because she was different. He was different too, and had feared being disowned at the slightest mistake. Blaire the kitten came strolling in reminding him of the wasted time Maka had spent collecting souls for him. He had always known that Blaire was not actually a witch, but he allowed Maka to spend so much time on collecting her soul. No matter how much he longed to be a Death Scythe he knew that in his heart he would never be able to eat a witch's soul without thinking of his sister. Lily Evans.

The red haired man murmured under his breath the whole way back to Stein's Halloween Town residence, tensing whenever a creature peered through their window. Harry gazed sideways at the man, quickly averting his eyes each time the man turned to look in his direction. "Kidd, he can't make me do this right! I am a Death Scythe; I belong to Death now, not this creep!" Spirit shouted as the house came into view.

"It is not for me to decide, take up you complaints with the King." Kidd responded calmly, hands linked behind his back.

"Alright, where is old Jack? Hasn't turned to ashes yet right?" Spirit said giving a loud laugh. Harry tugged slightly on the man's suit sleeve. Spirit looked down at the young boy in confusion.

"Jack has turned to ashes, it is not right to laugh in a period of mourning." Spirit slowly extracted his sleeve from Harry's grip and stood on the other side of Kidd.

"Who's the weird kid?" he whispered, sneaking a glance at Harry. "Jack isn't really dead? Is he?"

"He's the King. I believe that answers both your questions." Spirit stopped walking in his shock.

"You're the King of Halloween?" he asked, directing his question at Harry. Harry nodded shyly. The group entered Stein's home, quickly making their way to the laboratory. "Why do you need me again?" Spirit asked to no one in particular.

"I need to make an incision on my skin. The time has come for another Demonter to enter this world." Stein answered, fiddling with the screw on his neck.

"The kid? You trust someone like him with that power? We'll all be destroyed!" Spirit shouted.

"Not destroyed, saved. Harry carries within him something extremely special. This something gives his soul and will incredible strength, his courage matched with intelligence, and most importantly a heart that cannot be conquered yet is drawn to death. With that something within him, his abilities will exceed mine in a few short days, his magical core growing." Stein stated softly, yet strongly. "With Harry as our King, we will prosper. Perhaps in a few years our Vila clans will all come together."

"What exactly is this something that I have?" Harry asked. Stein shrugged in response while Stein turned into a Death Scythe.

"Only you can name it. I have not a single idea to what it could be, that is unless, you would allow me to cut you open and find out for myself." Harry paled dramatically, and shook his head, taking a step away from the white haired man. "Suit yourself. Bring me that green goo that's over there, we'll be needing it." Harry turned and went to retrieve it. "Kidd, does Harry have the key?" Kidd nodded. "I don't know if I should be the one to tell you this, but Sally's gone missing."

"Missing? How could she have gone missing?" Kidd asked, keeping his voice low so Harry would not hear.

"Well, not exactly missing. Oogie has her somewhere in the shadow plane. Harry will have to venture there to retrieve her." Kidd stared off into the distance, deep in thought. Kidd sighed.

"We don't tell Harry of Sally's condition. He has more pressing matters at hand. Adrian would have been of a greater help if he was still a shadow, but he has solidified and has an independent conscious."

"That doesn't mean he can't still access the shadow plane. He may be human, but blood does not pump through his veins. He came in to this world as a shadow and a shadow he will remain." Harry came back, carefully holding a beaker with glowing, green goo. Stein wasted no time and touched the tip of Spirit's blade to one of the stitches on his body. His skin peeled away from his body to reveal a grotesque being that reeked of the ocean floor. Dark green blue scales, glinted in the light of the room. Stein pulled a scale of his arm and dropped it into the beaker. The green goo flared a bright orange, bubbling dangerously. "Drink it."

"What? You want me to drink this?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Drink it quickly!" Stein urged as the concoction turned purple for a split second. Harry brought the beaker to his lips and began to drink, holding back screams as the liquid burned his throat on the way down. The empty beaker fell to the floor with a loud crash as Harry dropped down to his knees, pain erupting on every part of his body. He clutched at the floor, deep gouges forming as clear glass-like nails sprouted from his finger tips. The skin of his face tore as this mouth extended up to his ears, scales forming. His teeth clattered to the floor, new, sharper, black teeth taking its place. His tongue turned a vile green colour as Harry grew in size, his human skin falling away like a useless corn husk.

The forest loomed around them as the Halloween trio attempted to find their way back to the castle. A rustling to their left caused them all to freeze. Red eyes peered at them from the bushes, human eyes. "L-Lock? What is that?" Barrel asked. Lock didn't move from his position. His eyes challenged the red ones across from him. It was stupid of him to do such a thing, but he felt compelled to. At last the hidden creature turned away, running swiftly into the territory of the unicorns. Long, black robes trailed behind it, bare pale feet showing occasionally.

"That's Oogie's master. That's Lord Voldemort." Lock answered. There was a snap of twigs to their right, and Shock screamed. Hagrid stepped out from behind a tree, lantern in his hand.

"Who are 'ya, and what do 'ya think yer' doin' in the forest?" Hagrid demanded, glaring at them.

"Hagrid, it's us, Faust, Melissa, and Eric. Look we're sorry about coming into the forest we didn't mean to, but you have to take us to Dumbledore right now." Lock said quickly, gazing up at the half-giant with urgency in his eyes.

"What is so important that 'ya have to see Dumbledore about it?" Hagrid asked.

"We know what is killing the unicorns." Faust answered. "It's Voldemort, he's here in the forest and he's probably in the school."

"I'm not fallin' fer' that one. You-know-who is dead."

"Except that he isn't. He's living a half life. If he gets to whatever Dumbledore is hiding in the school, Harry doesn't stand a chance."

"How do ya' know about the Sorcerer's Stone?" Hagrid asked accusingly. Lock shouted in pain as he ripped out of Barrel's grasp to walk over to Hagrid.

"You have the Sorcerer's Stone in the school! You have to get it out before it's too late!" he shouted, wincing in pain as he put pressure on his fractured leg.

"You-Know-Who won't be gettin' past the castle walls, not when Dumbledore's around." Hagrid stated firmly, lifting Lock up onto his shoulder. "But, I'll take ya' to see 'im anyways. If I were ya' i would 'ave started running."

"Even if we had no chance of winning, we would not run, not until Harry himself does so." Lock assured him.

Harry gasped as air was finally allowed to enter his lungs once more. He shakily stood his height now at six feet. Harry gulped and closed his eyes, concentrating on his human form. Spirit changed back into his human form. "How the hell did you do that!" the red haired man shouted, pointing at the normal looking Harry. Stein smiled, black teeth making it seem sinister.

"He has that something within him. Prepare to become the most popular person in the world of the dead." Stein squeezed back into his husk of a skin, the stitches resealing themselves. Stein cranked his neck screw, and stretched out his arms. "Let the festivities begin!"

"What do you know about the Blade of Unicorn?" Harry asked. Stein frowned and tugged at his lip.

"You are not ready. Come you must gather the powers of the people before you can begin on your quest to take it from Bellatrix." Stein answered, pushing Harry toward the front foyer.

"I need to get it now! Orpheus is dying!" Harry shouted. Stein ceased his pushing, and slowly turned to Kidd.

"Why did you not inform me of this?" Kidd didn't say anything, yellow-orange eyes falling on Harry's shivering form.

"You want him to die. You don't trust him. You just see him as Orpheus Lestrange, not Orpheus Dragic."

"He is tainted with darkness-"

"I don't care! He is my friend and that cloud is taking over his mind! You didn't warn me about that when I created the calling circle." Harry shouted, chest heaving. Stein took Harry's arm, leading him out into the centre of Halloween Town. Stein cleared his throat.

"I present to you, your King! Harold Potter, Demonter!" The citizens poured from their houses, shouting praise, and making loud noises of celebration. A throne of ashy bones rose from the ground, a black crown, with rubies and sapphires, hanging from on of the corners of the backrest. Stein gave Harry a slight push towards it. Harry walked as if in a trance. He sat, the crowd going silent. Two werewolves came forth, and placed the crown on his head. Harry smiled at the crowd that all waited with baited breath.

"I, Harry Potter, accept this throne and crown in the passing of my late uncle. May your lives be everlasting and your families be ever loved." The crowd went wild, howls erupting from the werewolves. Stein stood next to Harry's throne, calling for silence.

"Your King requires a favor of his peoples. He requests your gifts to prepare him against the threats posed by the surface world and Oogie. The Stone of Immortality is at risk, and the Blade of Unicorn in the hands of the enemy. Come forth with that which you have to offer, yourselves." The crowd muttered among themselves, looking uneasy. Lilith stepped forward, climbing the three steps that led up to Harry's throne.

"I offer my gifts to the King." She proclaimed. Stein looked to Harry.

"We need a scale to accept the gifts." Harry willed his arm to its Demonter state, pulling off a scale. Stein took the scale and placed it on Lilith's forehead. It turned black, and circular, falling into the palm of her hands. She extended them towards Harry, who gingerly took the disc.

"Thank you." He said sincerely. Lilith smiled and gave a nod, stepping down from the steps. One by one a leader was chosen of each species to step forward and offer up a single power to their King. The pile of discs varied in color, no two the same. At last, a hooded figure came forth, hunched over, face hidden from view.

"I heard you are looking for the Blade of Unicorn." The voice whispered. Harry nodded, leaning closer. The figure thrust a solid white sword through Harry's chest, the tip striking the throne behind him, creating a horrible grating noise. The figure cackled madly, ripping of the cloak to reveal herself as Bellatrix Lestrange. Harry stared down at her end of the blade in shock. It had impaled him, but he felt no pain. Bella's laugh died down as she realized her victim was not in pain, but merely shock. The citizens' screams filled the air, as the caught sight of their King. Harry stood slowly, the blade showing clearly protruding from his back. Bella's eyes widened in fear. She released the blade as if it had scorched her hand, stumbling backwards down the steps. Harry grabbed the handle of the sword and pulled it from his body, to find it untainted by blood. Bella screamed in rage, calling forth her shadows. Harry turned the sword toward her, a white glow surrounding him, the sword acknowledging him as a user. Stein laughed wickedly.

"Bellatrix you fool! The Blade of Unicorn can not be used for evil, and none as tainted as you could ever hope to use it!" The citizens backed away from their King and his opponent. Bella's hair turned black, and shadows began to form at her feet as wispy smoke. Harry did not make a move to attack, he merely stood strong. Bellatrix cackled once more, using her shadow powers to lift herself off the ground. She created a wall of shadows that writhed with untapped power. Harry gripped the blade tighter. On an unspoken cue they charged. Harry brought the blade down on the wall, the shadows melting away with high pitched screams. Bellatrix took out her wand, and cast several spells. A white barrier appeared, absorbing the magic. Bellatrix shrieked in outrage.

"Die, you pathetic excuse for a wizard!" Bellatrix transported herself behind Harry, placing a silver dagger to his neck. The citizens gasped. Harry felt sweat form at his brow, and he swallowed loudly. "I have you know Mr. Potter. Won't Voldemort be pleased to find you have fallen?"

"I'm not running, not now, not ever. I will fight for these people, for all people who deserve it." Harry vowed.

"And as long as he stands, so will I." A voice said. Bellatrix looked up in shock.

"Tom?" Adrian stepped out from behind the citizens.

"Afraid not, isn't that a shame." Adrian called forth his own shadow powers. Bella's eyes widened in shock.

"Son? Are you alive, after all these years?" Bellatrix asked hopefully.

"Son? I am not your son! Orpheus is your son, and now he is dying because of you!" Adrian shouted. "A warrior, an assassin, those which you have trained him to be, but he is merely a boy. A boy you cared almost nothing for. He lies under the protection of one who does care for him, one that is doing everything to keep him alive. All those efforts will be for nothing, if you do not relinquish the Blade of Unicorn to Harry. Stand down this one time, not for us, not for Halloween Town, but for your son. You can go back to your plots the second we return if you wish, but I am asking you stand down for your son." Bellatrix backed away from Harry, for once an emotion other than crazed ferocity in her eyes.

"Save my son." Bellatrix disappeared in a puff of black smoke. The citizens cheered, and surged around their King and Adrian. Raven pushed his way through.

"Hurry, the night approaches." Harry quickly followed after Raven as he ran back towards the Gate. Raven unlocked the gate and Harry stepped onto the other side appearing at the Gates of Hogwarts. Adrian grabbed his arm and transported them in to the Infirmary.

"Where is he?" Harry asked in a panic. Adrian shook his head.

"Not here, he is most likely down in Snape's quarters. Lock needs to talk to you though. He knows what is killing the Unicorns." Harry looked towards the doors of the Infirmary, struggling internally, before turning towards the back rooms. Lock was in the third one down, Barrel and Shock sitting by his side.

"Harry, do you have the necklace?" Lock blurted out. Harry wordlessly pulled out the skull and crossbones necklace from under his shirt. Lock sighed in relief. "He's here. He's in the castle Harry."

"Who's in the castle?" Harry asked urgently.

"Oh my word!" Madame Pomfrey exclaimed as Vlad carried in two unconscious Weasleys. Harry turned away from Lock and helped Vlad. Each twin was laid in a bed, as Vlad lugged himself into another. Adrian pulled out a purple velvet bag.

"You might need these." Harry took the bag and opened it to find the discs he had collected from the people.

"I don't know how to use them." Harry said exasperated.

"Stick out your tongue." Adrian commanded. Harry did as he was told, looking at a nearby mirror as he did so. His tongue was a vile green colour, with a circular hole near the centre. Adrian fished out a metallic red disc and popped it into the hole. Harry blinked a few times as his eyes turned red. He turned back to Vlad and placed his hands over the bruises that he could see. A golden hue engulfed the boy's body healing him of his fractured ribs and broken wrist. Harry next turned to the twins, their bodies encased in a single magenta cloud. The two colours lifted from the ailing students and entered Harry's body. His eyes became black with swirling gold and magenta wisps.

"That same thing happened between him and Hermione. He is going to condense the energy. Knock Vlad unconscious, it will be easier on him when the energy is returned to him." Vlad's eyes widened and he backed up against the headboard.

"Wait, what? I don't think that is a good idea." Vlad stuttered as Adrian grabbed Harry's wand. "I mean, he could use the extra power right?" Adrian shook his head.

"Not now, he isn't ready." Harry stretched out a hand and lightly tapped Vlad's hand. Vlad screamed in agony as the power returned to him. Adrian turned around in surprise. Harry stared back at him, eyes completely black. "Harry, what did you just do?" Adrian exclaimed, grabbing the boy by the shoulders. "Harry?" Harry shook his head, eyes clearing to red. He took out the chip from his tongue, and he was once again a normal wizard. "Harry, what did you do?" Harry stepped back from Adrian, trying to avoid the boy's crazed eyes.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Harry answered. Vlad slowly rose from the bed. Adrian advanced on Harry, and gripped him tightly by the arms, nails digging into the flesh. "You're hurting me." Harry whispered.

"What did you do?" Adrian growled. Vlad threw a punch at Adrian, hitting him clean in the jaw. His eyes were a magenta color, and his face was contorted in silent pain. Harry shivered in fear. Vlad turned to him and Harry fled. Vlad calmly followed magenta trailing out of his eyes and out of his mouth in the form of wispy smoke. Harry had almost reached the door when his footsteps slowed to a walk. He ceased his movement and stared at the door that was a few feet away. He was tired of running. Adrian moaned from his position on the floor. Harry felt ice trail up his spine as Vlad stopped behind him. Harry spun around and grabbed Vlad by the shoulders. Vlad hissed at him, fangs exposed. Harry kept the boy at arms length, forcing him back towards the beds. Vlad freed one of his arms and swiped at Harry, leaving small scratches of his cheek. Harry gathered his strength and pushed Vlad into the wall. Vlad hissed again wind whipping wildly around them. Madame Pomfrey finally reacted, her shock wearing away, drawing her wand. Her wand was ripped from her hand by the wind and was thrown across the room. The Weasley twins lay almost comatose on the beds. Harry grabbed Vlad's wrist, holding as tightly as possible he moved the hand in the direction of the twins. 'I hope this works.' Vlad's slender fingers touched Fred's tan hand magenta racing through the vampire's veins into the unconscious twin. Vlad fell unconscious at the loss of extra power and Harry let him fall to the floor, stepping away to help Adrian up. Adrian pushed Harry's hand away, standing swiftly and stalking over to Vlad's prone form, energy cackling in his open palm. Harry grabbed Adrian's arm trying to pull it away from Vlad. Adrian threw Harry off staring down at the vampire with distaste. Vlad groaned, blinking himself back to consciousness. He gave a small scream upon seeing Adrian towering over him, grey-blue eyes ablaze with fury.

Lock knocked loudly on the Headmaster's door, Hagrid, Shock and Barrel waiting behind him. The floorboards creaked on the other side of the door as Dumbledore approached the door. The large wooden door swung inwards, revealing the headmaster's smiling face. "Lock, what a surprise." Lock looked into Dumbledore's sparkling blue eyes.

"Voldemort's back."