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To survive William McKinley High School there are a few unbreakable, unwritten rules to follow. The first: do not piss off Sue Sylvester. The second: if you're lucky to be popular students, Cheerios and Jocks, you rule the school. The third: don't be a loser, or your life will be hell. A forth rule was added just over a year ago. This one was perhaps the most important or second most important rule, depending if you consider Sue a bigger threat, as it could mean life or death for your entire life, socially and physically.

The rule; never under any circumstances mess with Santana Lopez, popular or not, you didn't mess with Satan. There were rumors that said she could get away with just about anything, she never got caught. One said that she did favors for the cheerleading coach who under a deal written in blood watched her back. Another said that she once beat up the badass of the school, Puck. Yet another mentioned that she had earned her nickname "Satan" because of her temper that would leave behind destruction and violence of everything had been in her way. These were the rumors that followed Santana around as she went through school.

Today would go down in history of McKinley High as the Storm of Satan, as Santana stalked out of Figgins's office and down the hallway. The sea of students parted to let her through, as if knowing a tempest that could go off at any second was in their mist. As she neared her locker, some poor nameless kid didn't move fast enough. He was picked up easily by the seething girl and thrown hard into a pack of other students, who all fell over. Seeing this, the students occupying the halls vacated as much as possible, even getting to the point of trying to squish themselves against the lockers to avoid becoming the second casualty. This left a good person and a half between the seething teen and anyone who could be her next victim. Upon arriving at her locker, she punched her neighbor's locker door, denting it, before opening her own. Using the few minutes it took to change out her books to calm down about the whole mess, she sighed.

"Hey babe, you should really watch where you're swinging those things," said a male voice next to her.

"Not now, Puckerman," was the answer as Santana slammed her locker door shut.

"I'm just here to remind you. You. Me. My house. Tonight," said Puck grinning suggestively.

Santana rolled her eyes, "Good, because you owe me big this time."

"Trust me. You'll enjoy it, you always do" replied Puck nodding in acknowledgement as he left to get to the last class of the day. "Same time tonight, they'll be out late."

Santana shook her head at his antics. She knew full well that it was all for show. To help keep up the appearance that they were dating. Tonight when she arrived at Puck's house, Quinn would be there too. The three of them would talk, do their homework, play video games, watch a movie, and then she would leave before the other two decided to get all hot and dirty on the bedroom floor. It all worked out to everyone's advantage. Santana didn't get harassed by the few guys who thought girls could never be as strong as guys because Puck's reputation kept them in line, her reputation did the same for him. Quinn got to give the appearance that she was available which made her power structure that much more solid when it came to the hormone driven boys of Lima school district. In return for this Quinn didn't get in her way, something that Santana was more than happy with. Santana played along for one reason, as she didn't really need Puck's standing in the school to take care of her. Puck was her only friend and she felt like owed him something for the lifelong friendship they shared, of course if it was a bonus as it kept Quinn out of her business.

This is not to say that Santana's reputation is completely based on speculation and circumstance. She was on good terms with Coach Sylvester, doing odd jobs here and there in return for keeping the Cheerios off her back and immunity for other certain things. She was for her temper that could flare up if someone pissed her off. And although she appeared to not pay attention in class, she was still pulling, by her own merit, a B to A grade average depending on her mood that week. The teachers believed that she was cheating but no one ever came forward and she was never caught. In fact contrary to popular belief and perhaps only to her few friends, she was a relatively nice person when the temper wasn't on at full, she was protective, and sometimes brutally honest. Of course as these traits of hers had become less used over the past year, even Puck could remark that there was something was different about her, something… harder maybe, he wasn't sure.

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