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Chapter 30

By the time Santana entered the living room, Brittany and Josie were already double teaming their father again. She took the only empty seat, the one next to Brittany.

"Brittany, Josie," Mr. Pierce said to quieten them, "I'd like to hear what Santana has to say." The two girls stopped talking, Josie looked expectantly at Santana, no doubt paying close attention to what she was about to say. Brittany reached over and squeezed her hand reassuringly. The small gesture both encouraged and frightened Santana because the other two occupants in the room undoubtedly saw it.

"My friend, TG, needs someone to accompany her to Michigan. She's going to meet her guardian in a cabin off of one of the lakes, I'm not quite sure where but I'll get you an address. TG doesn't like to fly unless she has to. She said I could bring a friend because she'll be spending most of her time catching up." Great, she was rambling. "I don't know why she asked me. And it won't be for more than three weeks. Brittany can call every night. And I have TG's phone number." Finally, something useful had come out of her mouth.

"Let me see," Mr. Pierce said. Santana fished the phone out of her pocket, she was thankful for the first time that TG had gotten her the damn thing. Before she handed him the phone, she mentally hit herself.

"Brittany, do you have your phone on you?"

"Yeah, why?" Brittany asked, as she took it out.

"Better to use yours, she won't answer unless it's yours." Mr. Pierce gave Santana a weird look but still accepted the offered phone. "You'll understand if you meet her."

"I'll be right back," he promised as he got up and hit send. They could hear part of the conversation as he left the room. "Hello, I'm looking for TG. Is this..."

"So tell me about TG," Josie said as soon as Mr. Pierce's voice couldn't be heard. The tone was not quite demanding but not exactly politely either. And the look that she gave Santana could only be defined as an interrogating glare. Which was more intemidating than the look she had gotten from the father.

"She's short," Brittany said in a matter-a-fact tone.

"Sis…" Josie sounded exasperated but she was smiling. "Everyone is short to you."

"I work for her," Santana offered.

"You work for her? How can you work for someone younger than you?"

"Well for one.. she is crazy."

"Santana," Brittany scolded "that's not nice."

"To offer you a job, she has to be."

"Josie." Santana fought a grin because that was the exact thought she had when it was offered.

"I'm kidding." Josie said. "Kind of," she mumbled.

"In all seriousness," Santana said trying to answer Josie's original question. "TG's harmless, she works too hard, does terrible in school, and she's been a good friend to me. Besides she likes Brittany." The word friend might not be accurate but it would have to do, and she might be stressing the truth about TG personality.

"It's impossible for anyone decent to not like Brittany," Josie stated. Santana would have agreed with the statement except she wasn't half a decent person. Josie looked like she was going to ask another question but at that moment Mr. Pierce re-entered the room.

"I still want to talk to your guardian," he said to the phone.

Well, Santana thought, at least he didn't sound angry.

"Good, I look forward to hearing from her soon. Don't forget to call me if you're having any problems," he said before hanging up.

"Well? Did you come to a conclusion?" Josie asked him.

"I'm going to regret this," Mr. Pierce sighed resigningly. "But if Brittany wants to she can go." There was a but that would no doubtably follow.

Brittany squealled and captured her father in a hug, "Thank you."

He cleared his throat and continued, "But." There it was. "Josie has to go with you. And just so it's clear, I blame you for this," he gave a look to Josie, and then he turned to Santana. "If anything happens to my baby girl…"

"Or you'll kill me," Santana finished not even bothering that Josie was the baby of the family.

"Well… no." He blinked, "I was going to say I'll sic her sister on you but that's not a bad idea." He turned his phone off, "I need to go to sleep. Just," he eyed them. "Just, stay out of trouble." He left, yawning, he didn't really have any worries because Brittany could be responsible and if she wasn't, well his youngest was there and she had a good head on her shoulders, most of the time.

"Angel, don't you have to head to work now?" Brittany asked.

"Right, yeah." Santana's brain was now just starting to process what just happened.

"Angel?" Brittany put herself right in front of Santana's field of view.

"Wha- oh right work." Santana was quickly brought back down to reality. "I'll see you later," she said awkwardly before absent mindedly kissing Brittany on the top of the head then leaving. "It was nice to meet you," she called over her shoulder to Josie.

Josie turned to Brittany, "You did that on purpose." She accused.

"Did what?" Brittany said with such innocence that anyone but her sister would have bought it.

"You know what," Josie said, "I can't believe she didn't notice, you practically put your chest in her line of sight. You really like her don't you."

Brittany shrugged and grinned dropping all pretense, "It's fun. I wish I could see her reactions though."

"You could, I don't know understand why you don't just get the surgery. You've explained it to me, but I think you just don't want to face the world."

"I might be willing to face it now."

"Are you?"

"I haven't let dad know yet but I want to attend public school, and I'll agree to get my eyes fixed to make it happen."

"Good," Josie lay her head against her sister. There was a smile on her face, for her sister, because it felt like she was finally taking her life into her own hands instead of just letting it happen.

"Hey guys I'm back. I forgot my phone." Santana walked back into the room, she stopped for a second taking in the scene between the two sisters. "Um, don't mind me, I'll just go now." The moment the front door clicked close behind her. The house filled with Josie's laughter.

(With Kurt and Blaine)

"I can't believe they let you sleep over," Kurt remarked. "Are you sure you don't need my to accompany you to the bus stop?"

"I appreciate the thought," Blaine responded with a smile. "But if you come with me I'll miss it and I have to do my homework and help set up at work tomorrow. Don't worry I'll see you soon."

"We can stop by anytime right?"

"Yeah, just call first before you guys drop by. I'll tell the guys to be less intense. If you see Mercedes, you should invite her to come too, Sam can't stop talking about her."

"I'll invite her," Kurt was going to have to talk to Mercedes because clearly it had been a while since their last gossip session together. Blaine grinned and kissed Kurt as a farewell. He walked off.

Before he got too far away, Blaine turned around, held his hand up to his mouth and his ear. He mouthed, "Call me."

When Kurt returned home, he was greeted by his dad.

"So, he seems nice." His dad began then stopped letting the silence hang in the air.

"Honey," Carole said coming up behind him, "you have to use your words."

"I decided, we decided, together, that." Burt spluttered. Carole nodded her head encouragingly. "If you want, you can go visit Blaine on the next break."

Kurt's eyes went wide, "Really?"

"Only if your brother goes with you and Mercedes," continued Burt.

"We'll even call the club and arrange for a couple of rooms before hand, maybe meet you there." added Carole.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," Kurt said hugging his dad. Kurt turned to Carole, "and thank you." Carole held her harms out inviting him to hug her and he accepted the invitation. "Let me go talk to Finn."

Finn was easy to find when he was at home, usually he was either holed up in his room or out in yard. Kurt found him at the former of the two places. Kurt knocked on the door, when Finn opened it he looked surprised then guilty before getting a look of confusion on his face. Kurt had the distinct feeling he had interrupted something.

"Who is it?" asked the voice, that was unmistakably Rachel Berry's. Yup, he has definitely interrupted something.

"It's just Kurt." Finn said opening the door a little wider so that Rachel could see him.

"Sorry for interrupting," he paused then decided he'd rather not know what they had been doing. "I'll come back later."

"It's not a problem Kurt, what do you need?" Rachel said before Finn could say a word. It suddenly hit Kurt how awkward it would be to ask Finn to come with him to a gay club.

"Kurt?" Finn asked looking slightly lost. This brought Kurt back to earth and he realized that he had spaced out.

"Right. So," And then it all just kind of came out. "There's the club I want to go to in the city, but I can't go unless you come with me. I know it might make you uncomfortable because there will be lots of gay people and I know you aren't homophobic or anything but I was just thinking maybe it would be unfair to ask you. So nevermind. But I'd really appreciated it if you said yes." Okay… that was awkward.

"Kurt, you're my brother." Finn said then stopped. Was there more to this sentence? Thankfully, Rachel seemed to be quite fluent in Finn speak.

"Finn," she said getting up and chastising her boyfriend. "How is he going to know what you mean with that?" Finn moved back to give Rachel room to come to the door. "What he means to say is that, he'll be happy to accompany you. And I will be happy to come along as well."

Kurt looked up over Rachel's head to see his brother nodding in agreement. "Thank you," he said smiling, now he just has to call Mercedes.