Once Upon A Broken Heart: Taking Chances, Book One

Chapter One-Anticipation

I'd been looking forward to this day all year, and at last, it had come! Today, Saturday, April 2, 2011, I'd be going to the Oklahoma Renaissance Faire! Ever since my family first found out about this festival, we went every year, even last year, when the wind blew and the skies were grey. Sure it was awful weather, but I got a nice fitting black cape to go with my old forest green velvet Juliet Halloween costume, sandals, and small beaded purse.

Don't think that I'm fashion obsessed or anything, I'm not. I just like to look nice and historically accurate. After Mom was in the car, Dad drove off, heading east. Remembering that I didn't have any books, DVD players, CD player or iPods like I usually do, I prepared myself for the half hour long trip to the city.

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Joy, it's nice to meet you. I've been going to college for four years, living in a shared dorm room during the week at my college and staying home during the weekend. A half hour later, we finally pulled into a parking space and got out of the car.

Grabbing my money, inhaler, cell phone, mascara and lip gloss, I dropped them both into my small beaded purse, and then placed my modern looking purse into the trunk next to my mom's. After locking the trunk, all three of us walked to the faire. As we walked, I noticed other people also dressed in either peasant or rich clothes.

I gave Mom a worried look. She was wearing the colorful peasant dress with a corset around her waist. Praying that I didn't tie Mom's corset too tight, I glanced at Dad, who was only dressed in a white shirt, black pants and black boots.

Shaking my head at my Dad's lack of dressing up for fun, I caught the strains of music coming from up ahead. Smiling in anticipation, I walked a little faster, this would be better than going to the Oklahoma State Fair! I didn't know it at the time, but I was going to be right in more ways than one.