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Warnings: ...angst I guess, tini flash mention of torture, kidnapping, starvation, and Character Death


Naruto POV:

It was time. I was past my limit. It was too much. I wasn't that surprised that it all lead to this. I gave them enough time. They had plenty of chances, Chances that had came and went. Forgotten. I was just so tired. Tired of pretending that I was happy. That nothing could truly hurt me. Each day that had past I felt myself moving closer to the edge. There were a few stops and pauses but it never stayed longed. Then I was at the edge any shift of the wind would tip me either over or to safety. It was my limit. In a flash I was falling the wind whistling past my ears. I could feel it just as much as I saw the edge get further. Falling into the abyss there was a sense of calm, relief, panic. Then I was laughing and crying. Laughing because I thought I could actually be saved. Crying because I was still and will always be alone. I could still remember, when I was gone, taken when the moon was hidden. When I had awaken, I was in a cell, somewhere underground. The only one I had was the Kyuubi, he was my only friend, he kept me sane. Tortured, starved for months. The ones who had taken me jeered, almost broke me. One day a few years later, I had met my so called friends again. Never realized who I was, didn't recognize me. ME! Realizing that those people had really told the truth, not spouting lies to break me, that my village, my home had abandoned me. I broke, it was too much. I had shut down. Everything after was a blur, when I realized where I was. I couldn't believe it. Who would've known that I would end up at the Valley of the End. Then I knew, and I walked, then I fell. With the Kyuubi released from the seal, I knew I could finally have my end. So I fell, fell into Death's cold embrace because this was the only thing that wouldn't change.

Kyuubi POV:

I rushed to get there in time. I was too late. I saw as he fell. Then the pain came. It hurt so much. I roared, screaming so all could hear my pain, to hear his. Cried because he of all shouldn't have deserved this, but it was too late. I couldn't save him, heal him like all the other times. With my eyes I could see his soul drifting up and gone. Then I left, tears left behind.