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Coruscant. The bright centre of the universe.

Even on a lazy afternoon, it was bustling. The hum of an uncountable number of vehicles was present throughout the planet-wide metropolis, mixing with the everyday chat of the residents and visitors alike, combining to create a unique symphony of city sound.

One man stood, staring at one building in particular. The grandeur of the Jedi Temple was marred slightly by the multitudes of workers, droid and humanoid alike, busily restoring it to all former glory. He watched with satisfaction.

Behind him, an engine roared- with some amount of splutter- into life.


He turned towards the majestically pathetic sound of the Millennium Falcon. "Are you going?"

Leia Organa nodded her beautiful head, then motioned it towards a backside, adorned with Correlian bloodstripes, protruding from an open panel in the old ship. "Han got it working."

A Wookiee's indignation was heard from an unknown place.

Leia shrugged. "Apparently Chewie got it working."

Luke laughed, before sobering and holding his sister's shoulders. "You're sure you won't stay? You know you've got it in you…" But he trailed off, knowing her answer before it came.

"You know I love you, Luke, and I'll do anything to help, but I've got Han, and for now, that's enough for me. Hopefully it always will be." She grinned.

He smiled with her, remembering why the couple was leaving the hub of the galaxy. "Just promise me two things."


"I get an invite to the wedding, and none of your children give me a belittling nickname."

"Of course. After all, if anyone gets to give you a belittling nickname, kid, it'll be me." Han brushed the grime off his face with an even grimier hand.

Luke hugged his sister goodbye. "Have fun."

As Han, Leia and Chewie flew away from him, Luke didn't doubt for a second that she would.

The new Jedi Grand Master turned back to his Temple. "To work…"

So, that's it for the moment... just a teaser... very short...

the rest of the fic is coming VERY SOON, in (hopefully) REGULAR INSTALLMENTS.

It will be set nine years AFTER this prologue, when Han and Leia have kids of their own, and Luke has the New Order well and truly up and running. We'll follow the new-born girl, SARA-LEA SOLO, second child of our favouritest Star Wars pairing EVER, through her life, dipping, ducking and diving into the heads of all around her- sister LOLANI, new friends, and the twin lives lived on Coruscant and Naboo.
It will be part rollicking-fun, part intense-adventure, part wholesome-heartwarming, and all STAR WARS EPIC.
Or at least, that's the idea.
It may even have a title soon... who knows?

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