Hi, I know it's been a very long time. However, last year, I saw my story again and have read it. I deleted it because I've noticed so many mistakes. I was wondering if there are still people who are interested to know what happened next. Please message me or comment so that I'll know if I should upload it or not.

I've been so busy, but ever since I started reading it again, I started to wonder what would happen next at the same time it awakened my love for the show although it's more than five years. So while reading it, I started editing it again and somehow continued writing some of the chapters I save. I have a hard copy of all stories I wrote here at home. I even did some spring cleaning just to find this particular story.

So again, who is interested? I love to hear from you. If you're not interested anymore, it's okay.

I actually have another idea for a story, but I'm also not sure if people are going to read it or not. So I'm just keeping my ideas to myself.

So have a great day or night! If nobody wants this story, I guess I'll delete it eventually.

Take care guys!