Chapter 12 Conclusion

Monday Morning Lunch Time

Midnight Restaurant

Barbara sat near the entrance of Ron Summer's place, her husband's brother. Tracy called her last night and asks to meet with her.

'Here's your drink, if you weren't my sister-in-law, I'll charge you. You know we mostly serve drinks in the morning.'

'Why don't you start serving foods as well? You've already finished renovating the place and it looks great. Why don't you turn the ground floor and the second as a restaurant and the third and fourth floor as a bar?' Barbara smelled her beer before drinking it.

'We will when you and Ron had done moving here. The restaurant will be his and the bar will be mine. Anyway what brings you here? And aren't you allowed to drink during work hours?'

'I'm free today. I'm meeting Tracy here. You met her already right?'

'Really? Wow, I'll be looking forward to watching some twin actions.'

Barbara knows he's joking but looks at him disgustedly.

'I'm kidding. I mean it would be amusing to watch two people talk who looks the same.'

'Fine, go on; go back to the kitchen before your other costumers complain.' Barbara smiled.

After a few minutes, Tracy arrived panting as if she ran in a race and took a seat in front of Barbara. 'I'm sorry I'm late. There was traffic in the highway.'

'Why didn't you just have Nathan fly you here?' Barbara stood up and kissed her in the cheek.

'I can't, he didn't know I'm going to meet you. Not that I'm hiding something.' Barbara's brow rose.

Gladys went to their table, greeted Tracy and took their orders.

'I thought they only serve foods at night?' Tracy immediately whispered to Barbara while looking at Gladys gives their orders to Ron.

Ron read the order and stares at them for a while and gave Tracy a nod.

'Yeah they do, but I requested them if they can serve us some food just this once.'

Tracy laughed at her. 'I can't believe you.'

'Oh come on, we're his sisters-in-law. I hope you're not bothered by the stares we're getting.'

Tracy glanced around them and teens in the other table turned the other way. 'I can't blame them. We look alike.'

'So why did you call me here?'

Tracy told her about the all the comments referring to them as a couple and even Samuel's words yesterday. 'I'm thinking that it's time to move in.

'Then move in with him. I agree that you should take your relationship to the next level.'

'Really? You're not going to tell me that I should think about it first before doing it.'

'Tracy, I think you're over thinking things and just scared of making a mistake of being with him. Don't, and take the next step. I know you want it. Don't prevent yourself and him from being happy and especially Sarah.'

'You're right. I know what I want. I shouldn't let my fears interfere with my happiness. I mean I've always wanted this; to find a person who's going to accept me as me and someone I can spend the rest of my life with. And I found it in Nathan and Sarah.' Tracy smiled to herself, pleased.

Ron served their food. 'It's nice to see you again, Tracy. How's Nathan?'

'Oh, he's busy in the office. Maybe next time, I'll bring him with me and Sarah.'

'I'll be looking forward to.' Ron poured some red wine for Tracy and left.

'You're drinking while at work?' Barbara toned increased.

Tracy laughed at her, 'It's just to calm my nerves.'

Nathan Petrelli's Office

Nathan entered his office and was surprise to find the person occupying his chair.

'What are you doing here? What do you want?' He tried to calm himself but he couldn't help it.

'Hello Daddy, I found something I can't believe.' Sylar imitated a voice of a child. He held up the magazine picture of Nathan, Tracy and Sarah. 'I also can't believe how you can still be alive.

'Again, what do you want from me?' Nathan wondered if Sylar can read minds.

'Your power, your position, and your daughter's power, and since I already have your power, that only leaves me two; your position of authority and Sarah's power.'

'You can't have any of it.' Nathan immediately cross the distance between him and his desk and took his phone.

'What are you going to do? Call for someone to rescue you? Let's face it Nathan, you're just a person with a position but you can't fight anyone; you can't defend yourself; you won't be able to defend', Sylar peek at the magazine, and 'who are they? Right, Tracy you're girlfriend, and even you're daughter Sarah.'

In Nathan's mind, he rang Peter's number so he can hear their conversation. He'll get the message of taking Sarah and Tracy away from danger.

Nathan laughed and walk ceremoniously around the room confident. 'I can defend anyone if only you try to fight like a man. You're just like any other psychopath who's got mother issues.'

Sylar locked the door with his power. 'Don't you ever drag my mother into this!' Sylar throw Nathan backwards.

Nathan didn't see it coming. He's back hit the floor badly and he couldn't move at first but he did his best to stand up again. 'You're a coward. You know why? You can only win, because you're using powers. I bet you don't know how to beat a guy with your bare hands. You're a crook. You shouldn't be group with people like us.'

'Oh, is that how you want it? Fist to fist? Sure, this will entertain me before Sarah gets here.'


Tracy and Barbara we're laughing melodiously talking about some of their childhood when Tracy accidentally spilled her wine in the table when she moved her hand. She doesn't understand what it is but she felt goose bumps while she stares at the wine in the table.

Barbara noticed her, 'Are you okay?'

'Uhmm, yeah, I'm sorry.'

Gladys went to their table and cleared the spill with napkins she brought with her. 'Hey, its ok accidents happen.'

'Are you sure, you're okay?'

'I felt weird when I looked at the wine, as if something bad is going to happen.'

'Why don't you check on Nathan and Sarah?'

'Yeah, I'll do that.'

Back to Nathan Petrelli's Office

'Oh, is that how you want it? Fist to fist? Sure, this will entertain me before Sarah gets here.'

'What are you talking about? You'll never get close to Sarah!'

'Oh but I will. I hear your daughter is very responsible and resurrected you from the dead. She knows this is a trap but she'll never let anything bad happen to you. They said that families have very strong connections. They feel if their love ones are being threatened or in trouble.'

'You bastard!' Nathan jumps at Sylar. He strangled his neck and pushed him hard in his desk. The contents fell on the floor.

Sylar loosened Nathan's hold in his neck when he got the chance to insert his hand between his hold forcefully and turn sideways quick. He kicked Nathan off him.

Nathan fell in the chair and the chair's legs gave in. Sylar pick up one of the leg's chair. He saw Nathan turn his back on him, trying to stand up. He hit him in his back twice hard. Nathan groaned in pain.

Sylar heard the door burst open; Peter shot him with a tranquilizer gun before he could even react and he fell to the floor. Peter run to Nathan's side and checked him up. Rene did his best to try to inactivate Sylar's power. Parkman entered helped Rene with Sylar.

'Where's Sarah?' Nathan mumbled.

'She's safe with Noah and Mom. She tried to go here but Mom had none of it.'

'And Tracy?' This time, he started to slur his speech a little.

'She's okay. I haven't heard from her but I'm sure she's safe. I know Sarah will call her. Right now, don't worry about it. Let's get you to the hospital, you seem to have a concussion.'

Back to the Midnight Restaurant

'He's phone is busy.' Tracy combed her hair with her fingers.

'Maybe he's just talking to a client.'


Tracy's phone started to ring and she answered it right away. 'Nathan?' She didn't mean to shout but she's so worried.

'Mom, its Sarah, Sylar is attacking Dad right now!'

'What? Alright, where are you? Are you safe? Don't even think of going where your Dad is!'

'I know Mom, Grandma and Noah is here stopping me but I don't want anything bad to happen to him.'

'Don't worry about it. I'll go there myself and make sure, he's fine. Ok? Stay there. I got to go. I love you.'

'I love you too, Mom.'

'Sarah said Sylar is attacking Nathan. I need to go. I'm sorry. I promise I'll make it up to you next time.' Tracy stood up and fixes her things.

'Don't worry about it. I got this. Do you want me to come with you?' Barbara reached out and squeezes her wrist.

'No, thank you. I'll be fine, maybe next time.' Tracy squeezed her hand in return.

'Don't worry they'll be more of this next time.' They hugged each other then Tracy left.

She went to her car and flipped her phone open and called Peter.

'Peter, where's Nathan?'

'Calm down, he'll be fine. He's got a concussion and some bruises in his back. He'll live. We got Sylar in custody.'

'Thanks, I'll be there right away.' Tracy closed her phone and drove her car like crazy on the way to the hospital.