I stretch leisurely across my messy bed. When I feel an ache in my nether regions, I realize I might've sprained something last night. Yeah, I used muscles I didn't know existed - so I was sore. But in a good way. Really good. Like "birds are singing" excellent.

I smooth the covers over myself and smoosh my pillow. Edward went back to his room to change only a few minutes ago, so it still smells like him - the fragrance can only be described as "yum" which is accurate because I wanted to eat him. Actually, I still smell like him. I'm not used to that. Unlike Edward, Mike was so fragrance-free he had an anti-scent. Like an aroma black hole. Gross. Why am I thinking about Mike? I wonder what Jasper would say if he analyzed that? Some latent emotional BS, most likely. I'd probably get committed if he knew my wacky thoughts.

Like I'd listen to that freak. If his patients only knew what he and Alice were up to...

Alice. She's probably dying to know what's going on. I reach for my phone and dial her number.

"So spill," she answers. Such a charmer.

"Good morning to you too, Alice. And you know I can't exactly kiss and tell," I say with a smile on my face that she can't see, but can probably hear because it's that wide. I am just a bit smug as I think about last night. Oh, we did way more than kiss. Though the kissing was pretty fucking awesome...especially down there...oh my. I'm getting all flushed.

"Shut up, Bella." I can hear her snort. "Kiss and tell, right. More like 'fuck all night.' I can practically smell the sex in your room. You're all sweaty from reliving it in your mind aren't you, you lucky whore," Alice says with a laugh.

"You shut it, Alice," I retort. I'm not sweaty. Just basking in the afterglow.

"Was it good at least? Your DILF has been out of commission for a while. Wait, he's a D.I.D.F. - dad I did fuck!" She breaks into peals of laughter. She sounds like a hyena. Alice is not known for her dulcet tones. Even Jasper will admit that. Well, not to her.

"It was amazing, Alice. He's amazing..." I sigh. Edward Cullen might've had a dry spell for two years, but damn, it was like he was saving all that pent up sexual energy and it exploded into me last night.

"Oh my god, Bella. It sounds like he blew out your uterus with his nuclear come." She giggles. "You might have a radioactive vadge now."

"Shit. I said that out loud? And stop making fun of us. I'm not radioactive...but I might be glowing." I giggle. I can't help it. I'm giddy.

"Damn. Edward fucked you silly. Good. It's about time. Mike was a loser. He couldn't have been hitting that right. No wonder you were so testy for the last year."

"I was not testy," I say defensively. I hear another loud snort. "I had some bitchy moments sometimes. And...well, you're right about Mike," I mutter.

"Of course I am. Bella, why do you think I'm always so upbeat? Jasper knows how to put the 'O' in 'Oh yes.' Usually multiple times. I'm only moody when I run out of Funyons or chocolate."

"You are a very happy person unless someone messes with your snack foods."

"Everyone has an Achilles heel. Mine is just deep-fried...Ohhhhh...mmm, yeah," I hear Alice moan.

"Alice, are you eating in bed?" I ask.

"No, Jasper is. I gotta go, Bellaaahhhh-"

Um, right. That kinda ruined my post-sex buzz.






Here in the happiest place on Earth, I'm feeling a little emo. I know my Edward Cullen fantasy is coming to an end soon.

So I do what any normal girl would - I refuse to leave Fantasy Land.

What? The teacups are awesome. Except when Emmett barfed up his corn dog. Lucky Rosalie had sat out that ride.

It's sort of ridiculous how I just fit in with his family. Not just with Jake - who is wonderful, but his sister and brother-in-law, too. It's like Edward and I have been together for years and not just two days. I feel complete with them. With him. It's so Jerry Maguire, I know. Only I have brown hair and he's the one with the cute kid. Maybe Emmett can be the Cuba Gooding character. And Edward has to be the young Tom Cruise before he went nuts and started jumping on Oprah's couch.

But I digress. It is Fantasy Land, after all. I fit in here - me with the life like the movies and crazy family. Me, Bella Swan who found the love of her life on the radio.

Yes, I think I'm in love with him, and I don't care if it's crazy. I believe in magic. I have to, because he's leaving tomorrow morning. And I have no idea what's going to happen. But the burning looks, the intimate touches, the way he kisses me...I just...he must...

"Bella, what are you thinking about? You seem far away," Edward asks, interrupting my thoughts. His green eyes, the ones that make me melt a little (ok, a lot), are filled with concern. He reaches for my other hand and turns me to face him completely. Emmett, Rosalie, and Jake are waiting for churros (Alice would be jealous), so we are alone - if you don't count the thousands of tourists around us.

"I'm just having such a wonderful time. I - I don't want it to end." I blink, trying not cry.

"It's not going to end. It can't."

His face shows that neither of us is talking about a ride, but he flashes me his perfect grin and makes everything better. Just like that.

Yeah, he's that good. Like Mary Poppins, if Mary was a six foot, two-inch fuckhot man. A spoonful of sugar, indeed. I'd rather have a mouthful of Edward. Mmmm.







"You are putting a serious dent into my cookie dough. Good thing I bought the tub from Costco," Alice says. "I love that place." The sound is slightly muffled by the spoon in her mouth, so she sounds like Scooby Doo - I rove rat race. Nice. No wonder Jake loves me. I think like an eight-year-old.

"The salt from my tears is actually tasty with the dough," I choke out between sobs.

"Oh, Bella," she says with concern, "just don't get any snot in there. You'll contaminate the tub."

"Thanks, Alice. Way to cheer me up."

"Okay, explain what happened. I'm failing to see why you are snot-sobbing."

"I just miss him…them. I finally have everything I every wanted, and now it's thousands of miles away."

"Does he not have a webcam? You won't believe what Jasper and I do on the computer when he's away at conferences."

"It's not the same. And you're right. I wouldn't believe the stuff you two are up to. And don't tell me about it. Like ever."

"Whatever, Bella. Like you're not going to be doing the same thing."

"Probably not, Al. I don't have double jointed hips and a tantric chair."

She rolls her eyes at me. "Anyways...finish telling me what happened. And don't skimp on the sex part. I'm still mad that you didn't bring me a churro."




"It will work, Bella. I promise. I will do everything I can to make it work." He's holding my hands and his green eyes are so earnest, I have to believe him. I shift closer to him, because I need to be as close as possible. I'd crawl inside him if I could.

"It's so far away...I - I -" I stammer. I should be under control - I might scare him away with my emo-ness.

"We will talk and text and email, and we both said we'd fly out whenever we could. And you are worth all of the effort. Plus, I think Jake would like to come back to Florida." He brushes the hair out of my eyes with our entwined hands, and kisses my wrist. This simple gesture wrecks me and I suck in a deep breath to calm myself.

I'm sure that I love him in that moment. But it's too soon to tell him anything. He'll think I'm insane. Everything I've done so far is evidence of that, and I don't need more reasons for him to end this.

"What are you worried about? And don't tell me you're not worried. You are. I can tell." he says. "Because I'm sure about this. If it wasn't for Jake, I'd move to Florida...I hope you know that...and I - I love...that you're willing to move to Seattle after your contract is up."

"Edward, I'm sure that I want this...and you. I just - What if you..." I swallow loudly, "what if you get tired of waiting for me?"

"Bella, listen to me," he says, pulling me close. God, he smells good. "After Emily…well, I never thought that I would find anything like this again. I didn't think I'd ever want to. But then, there you were. There you are. And you're amazing…you're perfect. And not just for me. Jacob adores you. I don't want to let you go. And if you'll let me…I won't. No amount of time is gonna change that."




"Oh, my god, he said that? Swoon," Alice exclaims. "I hope you at least blew him. Did you do that thing with the balls I was telling you about? Jasper goes nuts when-"


"All right. Geez. You'd think all that sex would've loosened you up. Continue."




I hug Rose and Emmett goodbye when we reach the gate. I'll miss them too. We've really bonded over the last few days, and they've been surprisingly supportive of our relationship. Knowing Edward has such a great family only makes him that much more attractive. Like he needs bonus points. They wave as they leave; Rose gives Edward a sad smile like she knows this is going to suck.

It will.

Jake remains with Edward and me. It's time to say goodbye.

I don't wanna.

I wonder if airport security will arrest me if I throw a tantrum? Getting led away in handcuffs is probably not how I want Edward to remember me, so I manage to control myself. Besides, I need to save money for cross-country plane tickets, so bail isn't in my budget.

"Bella," his voice pulls me from my ridiculous musings, "it's time."

He pulls me close and wraps his arms around me. I sigh, feeling strong arms and firm body pressed against me. This. This is what I'll miss the most. The warmth and comfort of his embrace. Skype sex and dirty texting can't replicate this feeling. Nothing can replicate this feeling.

"Edward," I choke out. I'm unable to produce any other coherent speech.

"I know, Bella. I feel the same. You have no idea...how much I -"

Jake grabs on to us, interrupting Edward's thoughts. He's obviously feeling left out of our little love fest. Edward lets me go and I crouch down and hug Jake.

"Oh, Jakey. I'm going to miss you so much."

"Bye, Bella. Love you," Jake says. The words tumble easily out of his mouth. I wish I could express my feelings so simply. But adults make everything so fucking complicated. But caring for Jake is something I don't have to worry about.

"Love you, too, Jacob. Take care of your dad for me. Someone is going to need to love him until I get there," I whisper in his ear. I stand up and give him a watery smile.

"And when you get to Seattle you can love us both, right?" he asks, eyes hopeful.

A hand with long, beautiful fingers grasps mine. The other hand is holding Jake's.

"How about it, Bella? Are you going to love us? Because...we love you."






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