Sweet Tooth

Chapter 1!

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Honey loves sweets and cute things. Everyone knows this. But, no one realized that Honey had a secret. There was another thing that he liked, or, another person, to be more precise.

Haruhi watched as Honey swallowed down what she thought was his third whole cake so far for the knew that Kyouya wouldn't be too happy if he kept up with this streak much cakes were expensive, and they were meant for the costumers. All of Honey's fangirls were having fun feeding the cake to him, and wiping his face when it got dirty.

One girl leaned over to get the frosting off of his cheek, but honey grabbed ahold of her wrist and pulled her close to his chest.

"You smell pretty," he said. "Like strawberries!"

The girl looked surprised. "I do?" she asked innocently.

Honey put his lips up to her ear, and not-so-whispered, "Strawberries are my favorite."

The girl nearly fainted, and Haruhi just rolled her eyes. Fainting was an everyday thing here at the host club. Haruhi went back to her own business before Kyouya noticed that she was slacking off, and she didn't think about Honey again until later on in the day.

Honey entertained his customers the same as any other day, though nobody except Mori-Sempai noticed that he hadn't been feeling well the past few day. Honey may have been feeling a bit depressed, but he was still a host, and a good one, at that.

Honey took a bite of cake, and then took another forkful and fed it to his stuffed bunny, Usa-Chan. The customers all seemed to think that it was the cutest thing ever.

"That's so sweet, Honey-Sama. You're sharing!" One fangirl cood.

"That's so nice!" another replied.

These girls were all so typical and easy to entertain. Honey was getting a bit bored. He felt like he needed more of a challenge.

About a ½ hour later!:

"...So I really don't kow what I should do! I don't want my parents to disown me, but I really do love him!"

A client was explaining her family issues to Honey and Mori when Hikaru and Kaoru sat down beside her and started listening.

"I understand how you feel," says Hikaru. "We get treated badly all the time," finishes Kaoru. "Our family doesn't approve of our relationship."

Kaoru gave Hikaru a sad look, and tears began welling up in his eyes.

Hikaru ran over to him and cupped his chin in his hands. "It's okay Kaoru. I won't let them hurt you, and I won't ever leave your side."

They stared into eachother's eyes for awhile, until finally the girls coudn't take all the forbidden love any longer and their eyes turned into hearts as they fainted.

About that time, Kyouya announced that it was closing time. Kyoya and Tamaki roused the girls and they left sleepily to go to the infirmary. Now it was just the club members left in the room.

"So," starts Hikaru, "Today was pretty good. Do you think they'll want to hear more about our 'family issues' tomorrow?"

Honey nodded his head. "These girls do like to gossip," he said.

Haruhi walked up to them and sat down next to Honey. "You seem to have made a few stirs today, too, Sempai. For me, today was pretty boring."

Honey-Sempai frowned. "Well, we have to change that! Takashi, hand me one of those cookies over there, please."

Mori grabbed a cookie and handed it to Honey.

"Here, try this cookie! It'll brighten your day, fer sure!"

Haruhi took the cookie and smiled. The cookie was cute. It had white frosting and a strawberry on top. She took a bite.

"This is a good cookie, Sempai. Did you remember that I liked strawberries?"

Honey smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I actually ordered them with you in mind. You can take some home if you like, I won't tell Kyouya!"

"Heard that!" said Kyouya, whom was sitting at a table a little farther away. Honey stuck his tongue out at him in response.

"Really?" Haruhi asked, surprised.

"Yeah!" Honey said. "As long as your happy! Everyone needs a treat every once in a while."

Haruhi smiled that "natural" smile that made her popular with the ladies, and it nearly melted Honey's heart.

I can't believe I fell in love with a commoner, but she sure is perfect, in every way.

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