Blaine Anderson tightened his coat around him as he hurried from the Dalton car park into to his dorm building. The night was unseasonably cold and there looked like there might be a storm brewing. 'If I hurry I might catch the end of the party', he thought. Blaine had been called home for an important dinner party his parents were hosting. This had meant missing the dorm party of the year. He wouldn't have minded so much but this was Kurt's first Dalton dorm party and Blaine had wanted to be there for his friend. Kurt hadn't responded to the text Blaine had sent earlier, and Blaine was slightly concerned. 'Kurt never ignores my calls or texts!' he thought. 'He's probably just having too good a time to even think about you', his brain reasoned with him. This thought made Blaine's chest twinge with hurt, but he brushed it off and continued towards the imposing dorm building.

Blaine smiled as he entered the dorm's front door and was immediately blasted with heat and the music of Katy Perry. He walked to the common room door and peeped in. The room was crowded and everyone was facing towards the large table in the centre of the room. The boys were cheering loudly, but Blaine couldn't see why. He pushed his way through the crowd, greeting various boys as he did. His classmates parted easily to let him through. Blaine was shocked when he saw what the commotion was. Kurt was doing complicated looking gymnastic moves on top of the table. Blaine watched open-mouthed as Kurt back flipped three times in a row. Wes cheered raucously in Blaine's ear, and caught Blaine's eye with a leering wink. 'Flexible, isn't he?' Wes said feigned innocence in his eyes. Blaine blushed, and shot Wes a death-glare. Ever since Wes had discovered his mammoth crush on Kurt he had been unbearable with the innuendo, normally in front of Kurt who luckily remained oblivious to Blaine's sudden blushes and stutters.

By now Kurt had spotted Blaine at the front of the crowd. 'Blaine!' he screeched happily and launched himself right off the table and onto Blaine. Blaine caught Kurt in his arms, but the impact had them both falling back. Blaine regained his footing before they hit the floor and eased upwards, still holding Kurt in his arms. The boys cheered and catcalled. Blaine was mortified but grew concerned when he saw Kurt up close. His hair was dishevelled and he smelled like a brewery. 'Kurt is drunk? Blaine wondered, surprised. Kurt leaned forward and rubbed his nose against Blaine's. Eyes wide Blaine stared at his happily oblivious friend. 'Oh my God Kurt is really DRUNK!' Kurt leaned in closer to Blaine's face and stage-whispered, 'I'm so glad you're home. These guys are crazy!' Blaine smiled at Kurt and drew him into a hug. Over Kurt's head he glared at the other guys. 'You got him drunk? And then let him do gymnastics on a table? He could have been hurt!' Wes held up his hands in an 'I'm innocent' gesture. 'He was drunk by the time he got here! I didn't realise Kurt was such a partier', he cried. David spoke up next, 'Sorry about the table though. It probably was dangerous'. Blaine's forehead creased in confusion when he heard that Kurt had arrived at the party drunk. He knew that wasn't usual behaviour for Kurt. He smiled as Kurt nuzzled into his shoulder sleepily. 'Adorable' he thought dreamily. 'Alright guys, I'm going to bring him up to bed. Goodnight'. The assembled boys chorused goodnight back to him, then went back to partying.

Kurt was staggering a little but was able to walk up the stairs. He chattered with Blaine happily as they went. It warmed Blaine's heart to see how genuinely happy Kurt was to see him after only a day's absence. He zoned out slightly as he watched Kurt talk, hands gesticulating wildly. Kurt's hair was messy, his white uniform shirt was untucked from his grey trousers and unbuttoned at the neck and his tie was open and hanging loosely. To Blaine he had never looked as amazing. Kurt had stopped walking and was staring at him, clearly expecting an answer. 'So, do you think I did the right thing?' Kurt asked. Blaine was stumped. 'Uh, what? Sorry I zoned out', he admitted sheepishly. Kurt groaned, then replied 'was I right to turn Neil down? I felt bad, but I don't really like him like that'. Blaine felt like his heart had stopped. 'Kurt got propositioned? By Neil. God I've always hated Neil. He's an ass'. Later Blaine would have to admit to himself that that wasn't true. Neil was actually a great guy, but Blaine was too jealous to see it right now. Blaine realised that he had yet to answer Kurt. 'Of course you were right Kurt. If you don't like him it would be wrong to lead him on'. Kurt sighed deeply, 'Yeah, you're right; as always.' Blaine smiled at him, and jokingly replied, 'I do try'. Kurt giggled all the way to his room.

Kurt was getting more uncoordinated by the second. In the end Blaine had to step in and unlock the bedroom door after Kurt tried to unlock the light-switch on the wall. He walked Kurt over to the bed and gently pushed him into a sitting position on it. Then he walked over to Kurt's dresser and found his favourite pyjamas-loose drawstring cotton trousers and a faded v-neck t-shirt. He approached Kurt who had been watching him move about the room with a merry expression. Blaine smiled at Kurt and stated 'Here are your pyjamas. You put them on okay? I'll wait over here'. Kurt smiled beatifically and nodded his head enthusiastically. Blaine stifled a laugh and headed over to Pavarotti's cage. He could hear Kurt fumbling around and groaning in frustration. Suddenly Kurt's voice piped up, 'Blaine? I think my fingers have grown. I can't undo any of my buttons because my fingers got so big! Do you think we should go see the nurse? Blaine laughed and turned around. Kurt looked genuinely afraid and was holding his fingers in front of his face to study them. Blaine walked over and drew Kurt's fingers down from his face, holding his hands in his. 'Kurt'. He began gently, 'Your fingers are fine. You're just drunk.' Kurt sighed in relief. 'Oh good, I was so worried Blaine. Imagine if my hands were too big to hold yours anymore.' 'He cares about holding my hand! Yay!' Blaine inwardly rejoiced. Outwardly he gave his patented friendly mentor smile and began to undo Kurt's shirt buttons for him. Kurt stood docilely like a small child and submitted to the help, which made the situation less awkward for Blaine than he might have imagined. Kurt managed to dress himself and was soon tucked up in bed.

Blaine felt uneasy about leaving Kurt alone when he was so drunk so he decided to stay the night. 'It's just to look after Kurt. It's the responsible thing to do' he reasoned with himself. Blaine was already wearing a football jersey from his old school so he just pulled on a pair of Kurt's pyjama trousers and sat on the bed. Kurt was singing softly with his eyes shut. 'Kurt, how do you feel?' Blaine asked. Kurt opened one eye carefully and immediately shut it again. 'The room is spinning. I feel dizzy!' he cried. Blaine remembered the last time he had felt like that and shuddered in sympathy. 'Kurt, I'm going to stay here with you if that's okay. You shouldn't be alone now' Blaine told his friend. A smile spread over Kurt's pale face and he found Blaine's hand blindly and squeezed it. 'Thanks Blaine. You're the best' he answered weakly.

Blaine climbed into bed with Kurt and carefully avoided jostling the other boy. Kurt felt rather than saw Blaine's head join his on the pillow. He opened his eyes and found Blaine's hazel one's staring back at him. Kurt smiled and found Blaine's hand to hold. Then he closed his eyes again. Both boys fell asleep.

Blaine was awakened by Kurt scrambling over his body to get out of bed. Kurt rushed to the ensuite bathroom and Blaine heard vomiting. He winced at the sound and got up to follow Kurt. It was 5 a.m. and a storm was raging outside. Blaine took a moment to close the heavy drapes over the window to block out the sound. Kurt looked up from his position on the bathroom floor when Blaine entered. His face looked confused for a moment, and then he croaked 'I thought that was a dream, you being here'. Blaine smiled softly, 'no dream. You needed company'. Kurt groaned; his face waxy. 'I feel awful' he whined. Blaine knelt beside Kurt and massaged his shoulders gently. 'I know. It'll pass'. After a while Blaine managed to get Kurt back into bed. Kurt was no longer drunk. He was now just extremely hungover.

They had been lying in bed side by side for a few minutes before Blaine realised Kurt was crying. 'Hey Kurt, what's wrong?' he asked immediately; his voice concerned. He turned on his side to face Kurt. Kurt buried his head in his pillow and mumbled something incoherent. Blaine reached out and pulled Kurt's head out of the pillow gently, and held Kurt's chin with his hand. He looked straight into his eyes and repeated 'what's wrong Kurt?' Kurt's eyes were glassy with tears and looked bluer than they ever had before. He sighed and began to respond to Blaine. 'I feel like I'm dying. I was puking for ages and worst of all you saw it! Now you won't like me anymore because I looked so gross and lame!' Kurt's lip quivered and more tears filled his eyes. Blaine felt like his heart would explode if Kurt got any more adorable. He sat up to face Kurt who had risen during his speech. Blaine answered 'Oh Kurt...' as he pulled him into his arms. Blaine gave Kurt a long heartfelt hug before laying back down still holding Kurt in his arms. 'Kurt. There is nothing you could do that would stop me liking you. Also, you didn't look gross or lame'. Kurt smiled happily and snuggled his head against Blaine's chest. Blaine tightened his arms around the other boy and began to sing softly...'You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...' Kurt drifted off to sleep immediately, wrapped in the warm comfort of Blaine's arms. Blaine stayed awake longer trying to figure out whether Kurt had feelings for him. He ended up deciding that right now it didn't matter. Kurt was lying happily in his arms and that was something he would hold on to. For now.