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Two weeks had passed since the most infamous Dalton dorm party in five years. Kurt and Blaine had fallen back into their easy friendship; each boy thinking the other wasn't interested in a romantic entanglement. Wes and David were now watching the two from their seats at the Warbler council table. Warbler practice was due to start in ten minutes so the boys were lounging around the practice room until then.

Kurt and Blaine were sharing a plush armchair in front of the fire. Blaine was perched on the arm of the chair and leaning forward talking animatedly to Kurt who was laughing at the story. Their faces were mere inches apart but neither boy seemed to notice or think it unusual. Wes sighed and pointed at them discretely with his gavel. 'Why are they so oblivious? Don't they realise how close they are?' he asked David in exasperation. David chuckled, replying 'I should hope so. If Blaine ever leaned that close to me I'd get a restraining order!' Wes laughed appreciatively at the joke and answered 'But that's just it. Blaine is so restrained normally. He's never usually so tactile'. David nodded in agreement, glancing over with a smile at Blaine who was now leaning his head cutely on Kurt's shoulder. 'They are so cute together though. I really hope they get together soon. I was so hopeful the morning after the dorm party' David said wistfully. Wes patted his shoulder in support, 'I know. I was too. Don't worry. They'll see it soon enough' he reassured his friend. Both boys were heavily invested in the potential romance simply because they had wanted to see Blaine happy with somebody for the last two years. They cared deeply for the younger boy and had come to care for Kurt too.

Kurt jolted to attention when he heard the sharp rap of Wes' gavel on the mahogany table and heard the authorative voice announce that the meeting would now commence. He had been so captivated by Blaine who was leaning his head on Kurt's shoulder that he had forgotten all about the meeting. Blaine groaned under his breath at the intrusion and straightened up unwillingly. He looked at Kurt and rolled his eyes at the council who were now chastising Leo for not wearing his tie. Kurt giggled which immediately drew the wrath of the council down on him. 'Kurt? Is there something you want to share with the group?' Thad demanded pompously. Kurt gulped, eyes wide and answered 'No. Sorry. Blaine made me laugh!' in panic. Wes hid a smile as he saw Blaine look sharply at Kurt in shock. 'You tell-tale!' he protested to Kurt who had the grace to blush at his tactics. Thad cleared his throat to interrupt the little exchange. 'If you two persist in distracting each other you'll have to be separated in Warbler practice' he decreed ceremoniously. Blaine shot a clearly disgruntled look at Thad but nodded his head in compliance as Kurt replied 'Okay. No more interruptions I promise'.

Blaine was mortified. 'Way to go Thad', he scolded the pompous boy mentally, 'You made it so obvious that I like Kurt!' Blaine tried to keep his face impassive but Kurt clearly noticed his sulkiness because he discretely found Blaine's hand among the cushions and squeezed it gently in reassurance. Blaine immediately felt better. He and Kurt held hands until they had to get up to practice their dances. It was little gestures like those that had Blaine so in love with Kurt. 'He always knows how to make me feel better' Blaine thought fondly as he gazed at Kurt who was attempting to teach David to moonwalk. Blaine wished he had the nerve to tell Kurt how he felt about him, but his fear of destroying their friendship made him wary.

Kurt laughed heartily as David attempted the moonwalk awkwardly. He automatically looked for Blaine to share the joke. He saw Blaine sitting on a chair nearby staring at Kurt with an intense, thoughtful look in his hazel eyes. Kurt had noticed that look in Blaine's eyes often lately but couldn't decipher what it meant. Kurt took a moment to study his friend who remained deep in thought. Blaine was in full Warbler mode which meant an immaculate uniform and carefully styled hair. Kurt's heart soared as he appreciated how great Blaine looked. 'He's so gorgeous. I wish he wanted more. I know I do' he thought almost sadly. At that moment Blaine snapped out of his trance and realised Kurt was looking at him. He jumped up from his seat and approached Kurt who, embarrassed at being caught out staring, had turned back to the flailing David. Blaine laid a friendly hand on Kurt's shoulder as they both laughed at David's antics.

Warbler practice soon ended and Kurt sighed in relief. He had an evening free from homework for once and was looking forward to some relaxation. 'Hey Blaine, do you want to hang out this evening? I'm finally free of homework' he told the other boy with an excited grin. Blaine smiled at Kurt's enthusiasm and replied 'Sure. Do you want to watch movies?' Watching films together was their favourite pastime. Kurt linked Blaine's arm with his own and started leading him off towards the dorms. 'Absolutely I do' he replied. Blaine loved when Kurt initiated physical gestures like that because the he knew that Kurt was naturally self-restrained. 'It has to mean something that he's so comfortable touching me' Blaine reasoned internally.

Soon the boys were sitting together on Kurt's bed leaning against the headboard, shoulders touching lightly. Kurt had changed into jeans and a long-sleeved casual top. Blaine was wearing his uniform but as a concession to the relaxation theme he had removed his blazer and loosened his tie. They had decided to watch 'Step Up'. Kurt claimed it might give them inspiration for their Warbler dance routines and Blaine had conceded. However, judging by the dopey grin on Kurt's face as the movie began Blaine had come to the conclusion that his crush was crushing on Channing Tatum. 'Great. He couldn't look less like me!' Blaine fumed jealously.

'Is he your type?' he finally asked petulantly, driven into action by Kurt bursting into delighted applause at Tatum's first big dance routine. Kurt looked at him like he had two heads. 'My type?' he asked in confusion. Blaine sighed but persisted, 'Yeah. Like what you look for in a boyfriend'. Kurt thought for a minute. 'He used to be' he answered after a moment, 'but not anymore'. Blaine perked up happily. 'Good' he answered fervently. Kurt raised a perfectly arched eye-brow in question. Blaine gulped and covered quickly. 'Good for you I mean. Because nobody in Ohio looks like that you know.' Kurt looked at him suspiciously but clearly decided to believe him. 'So...what's your type?' Kurt asked shyly, turning his body so he was facing Blaine now. Blaine bit his lip wondering what to say, and then decided to go for it. He took a deep breath and grabbed Kurt's hand.

'My type is about 5' 10'' or so, brown hair, porcelain skin' here he winked at Kurt who was staring at him wide-eyed. 'Great fashion-sense, Vogue subscriber, a counter-tenor and bird-owner, has to have a blended family; his Dad has to own a garage. Oh and he has to have been both a football player and a cheerleader'. Blaine stopped to draw a breath and finished quietly, embarrassed now, 'It's a tall order.'

He chanced a quick look at Kurt who was frozen in surprise. 'What's your type?' Blaine asked softly. Kurt blinked then smiled at Blaine. 'My type is about 5' 8'' or so, with curly black hair covered with copious amounts of gel, the lead singer of a school acapella group, a huge Katy Perry fan, addicted to the Dalton school uniform, a Vogue reader, a Buckeyes fan and he has to have stunning hazel eyes'. Kurt blushed at his own boldness as it was Blaine's turn to be struck speechless.

Kurt tried to snap Blaine out of his shock. 'Do you know anyone like that?' he asked coyly. Blaine grinned widely and leaned forward. He met Kurt's eyes and said huskily, 'That sounds a lot like me'. With that he leaned forward and captured Kurt's lips in his. Kurt leaned into the kiss eagerly. After a few minutes of kissing sweetly Blaine pulled back breathless. 'Wow. I didn't think I'd actually see stars' he laughed ruefully. Kurt looked dazed and said 'fireworks actually'. Blaine grinned happily. Kurt smiled back, his expressive eyes screaming his delight.

Blaine leaned back against the headboard and Kurt settled in between his legs, his back leaning against Blaine's chest. Blaine felt braver now that they weren't face to face. 'Kurt. I've liked you since the first day I saw you' he confessed shyly. Kurt gasped, surprised. 'I had no idea' he admitted. 'I've liked you since I met you on the staircase. Although seeing you sing Teenage Dream really sealed it' he confessed. Blaine tightened his arms around Kurt and leaned his cheek against Kurt's head. 'Will you be my boyfriend?' he asked Kurt softly, irrationally afraid of hearing a 'no'. Kurt twisted his body around so he and Blaine were eye to eye. 'Of course!' he replied, overjoyed. Blaine let out the breath he hadn't realised he was holding in relief. 'Thank you' he replied seriously. Kurt rolled his eyes at Blaine's formality and grabbing his face began kissing him again. Blaine lay back happily and decided to devote the next few hours entirely to kissing his new boyfriend senseless.