AN: Okay, I'm a bit obsessed with the remake of 'Hawaii Five-0;' the characters are fantastic and it's shot in my birthplace! I don't remember it, so the show helps me out there. Lol. And, it has Alex O'Loughlin – um, hello, baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabyyyyyyyy! So, there's not a lot of Steve/OC's out there; it is my time to contribute to that small fact. Sadly, I came in during the middle – near end – of the season, so I'm going to try and keep things accurate. Most people might not like with what I'm going with, but get over it and don't read it! M'kay?


When Harry Met Sally…

In a small bar just outside of San Diego

June 13, 2005

"Okay, ladies, I'm back with sustenance," I announced over the loud jukebox, a bowl of peanuts in one hand and three longneck Coronas in the other. My two good friends, Jennifer Douglass and Victoria Burke, turned away from their gawking at the loud group of very handsome men in the back – most likely military by the looks of them – and smiled brightly, as they took their bottles.

I pulled myself up onto the ridiculously high barstool, took my first pull from the bottle and nodded slightly to the men. "So, spot any potential victims?"

Jenn rolled her eyes as Victoria laughed; exclaiming, "As a matter of fact, I spotted the most perfect one for you."

"Me? Does it look like I'm on a man hunt, looking like this?" I scoffed, gesturing to my plain black tank top and jean shorts.

Victoria clapped my shoulder. "But, Charles, you don't have that desperate look, which is gonna work in your favor! Just you wait and see!"

I looked down at my half empty bottle; I hopped down from the stool with a sigh. "Yeah, I'm gonna need something stronger than this. Tequila shots anyone?"

"No, thanks, Charley," Jenn declined, as she eyed a guy making his way over to us, his eyes and smile aimed at the tall, curvy blonde. Victoria grimaced and shook her head, grabbing a handful of peanuts.

I shoved my way through the crowds, cursing my short stature to myself, as I finally reached the bar. Spotting a clear spot, I made my way over and plopped down on the stool; I flagged down the bartender, but she ignored me and several other indignant customers and continued to bat eyelashes at one guy. My fingers tapped against the stained wood in time with the song playing on the jukebox, but I stopped suddenly when a warm body squeezed next to me; the man, too, tried to get the bartender's attention, but he was ignored. I caught the guy's reflection in the mirror on the wall behind the bar and I nearly keeled over; the guy was freakin' gorgeous. Okay, scratch that, he was sexy, rugged, and totally drool-worthy. He had dark, closely cropped hair, sexy stubble sprinkling his strong jaw, and light eyes that stood out in his tan face. And, that body! If I were a nun, I'd be saying the Hail Mary before ripping his clothes off and doing God knows what. Mr. Yummy was getting frustrated with the bartender and I spoke up without realizing.

"You'll have to forgive tits-for-brains over there, she's on the prowl and it's mating season for the pathetically desperate and sleazy." I wanted to fall off this stool and die when his turned to look at the person speaking to him; his eyes were blue-green, I noticed, before he grinned cheekily at me.

"I like that," he chuckled, as he leaned against the bar.

"I only speak the truth," I said solemnly, but my grey eyes sparkled in amusement.

He stuck his right hand out, a smirk on his very handsome face. "I'm Steve."

"Charley, it's nice to meet you."

Steve cocked his head, a small smile on his lips. "Charley?"

"It's short for Charlene, but if you call me that I may lash out unexpectedly, so watch out!" I threatened warningly, but Steve just chuckled and I watched as he scanned my body leisurely – obviously checking to see if he should be concerned when it comes to me. But, all he'll see is a very petite brunette with grey eyes, a cute smile, and big boobs.

He laughed loudly. "What are you, five foot even?"

I pursed my lips. "Five one and three quarters, thank you very much!"

Steve smiled slowly before he leaned in close, his lips just barely grazing my ear and his warm breath causing shivers to run down my spine. "I think I can take you, Charley, don't you worry about that."

My cheeks flooded with blood, as I looked back to see Victoria watching us with a grin on her face. When she caught me looking, Victoria waved wildly at him, mouthing, 'he's the one.' But, seeing how they made me leave my glasses at the hotel, I could barely make out that her lips were even moving. From the frantic motions of her arms, I could tell that she approved, so I turned back to Steve to see him glancing from Victoria to me with a smirk on his face and once again I blushed, as he asked, "Friend of yours?"

"Psh, no! Never seen her before in my life," I explained in a rush, my voice reaching an octave higher than normal.

It seems he was just full of grins today, as he yet again grinned at my response. But, he took pity on me and changed the topic. "So, Charley, where are you from?"

"Florida," I answered, raising my eyes to meet his.

What it just my poor eyesight in the dim light or did he get closer? Is he actually interested in me? Oh, I don't know. Guys can never just come out and say it. Where's Jennifer when you need her? She can spot interest a mile away. Oh, he gave me the once over again! I think its official – he's interested—

"Charley," Steve's husky voice stopped my thoughts.

"Sorry," I laughed. "What did you say?"

He stood up from the stool, bringing him even closer to my body. The man is trying to kill me with his warm, hard body, I swear! "It's loud in here; do you want to grab something to eat?"

This was my chance to stop over thinking things and just do something spontaneous. Come on, Charley, the man is hot. "Uhhhh, I could eat."

Steve helped me down from the stool and guided me through the crowd, his body a warm wall behind me and his hand lightly pressed to the small of my back. I remembered Jenn and Victoria, so we made a small detour to where the girls were at; Jenn's eyes bugged out of her head when she saw Steve hovering behind me, as if he were protecting me from harm and Victoria just grinned smugly.

"So, Charles, who's your friend," Jenn asked, brightly.

I sighed in resignation. "Steve, this is Jennifer Douglass and Victoria Burke; girls this is Steve. We're gonna go get something to eat, so…yeah."

They said hello to Steve and he returned the greeting, as we were walking away; Jenn shouted out, "Don't do anything I would do!"

If only I knew those four months later, we'd gotten married…


AN: This is just a test to see if anyone might be interested to see what McGarrett would be like with a wife. No, she won't be on missions with them – unless she gets kidnapped or something. But, I might not do that. Who knows? Their relationship is really gonna be like BFF's that sleep with each other, but then they'll have a moment that reminds you that they are married. Let me know what you think, loves!