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And, Steve Thought Charley Being Friends With Danny Was Bad…

I woke up the next morning wrapped protectively in my husband's strong arms and I never wanted to leave, but this morning we were picking up my sister-in-law and I was excited to meet her and see Steve act as a big brother. I shifted slightly in the bed, causing my husband to groan softly as he rolled over onto his back, releasing me from his strong grip. Smiling at his rumpled appearance, I leaned over and kissed him quickly before chirping, "Morning, Steven."

"Why are you awake?" Steve groaned, sleepily.

I slipped out of bed. "We have to pick up Mary in a couple of hours. Besides, you're usually up and running along the beach by now, Mr. Navy SEAL. So, why aren't you up?"

"You were so warm and soft," Steve supplied with a sleepy grin.

Chuckling, I cupped his face and kissed him softly before pulling away, Steve made a noise in the back of his throat and went to pull me back in, but I managed to dodge his seeking hands. Laughing, I sauntered over to the bathroom while throwing a smirk over my shoulder at my frowning husband, who slowly worked his way out from under the covers with intent in his eyes. Stripping out of my pajamas, I smiled at Steve as he joined me in the bathroom, his eyes taking in my body as if it were the first time he was seeing me naked. I crooked my finger at him seductively as I ducked into the shower, Steve trailing behind me with a grin.

Thirty minutes later, I was standing at the kitchen stove in beige linen pants with a white sleeveless blouse, gold flats and with my hair in a high ponytail, as I scrambled eggs and cooked bacon. Steve walked into the kitchen dressed like he usually is in cargo pants, tan combat boots and a tee shirt, but he still looked positively yummy. He kissed the back of my head as he passed by on his way over to the refrigerator to pour himself a glass of orange juice before taking a seat at the table.

"So," I began, carrying our plates over to the table. "I was thinking that maybe we could have a barbeque tonight to celebrate Mary being here and invite your new team, because I have still yet to meet Kono, and it could be good for Mary."

Steve shook his head slowly. "Mary would hate us for that; she's not one for attention from her brother's friends. She'd think she's a charity case."

"Well, tough because I already texted Danny the details and I'm sure that he's telling everyone else," I told him, scooping some eggs onto my fork.

"Wha-Wait. When did you get Danny's number?" Steve asked curiously.

I shrugged innocently. "I may have swiped it from your cell while you were in the shower last week."

"Should I be concerned?" Steve asked, amusingly.

"Nope!" I shoveled some eggs into my mouth, ending our conversation.


"You're my brother's wife?" Mary Ann McGarrett questioned incredulously, looking me over after the two officers guarding her gave us some privacy.

Steve opened his mouth to protest, his arm curling protectively around my shoulder as if I took offense, but I was a younger sister as well and understood the game. Plastering a sweet smile on my face, I shook off Steve's arm and stepped forward to look into Mary's eyes. "Why yes, yes I am. You must be the wandering sister, who's too afraid to make contact with her family, because she's afraid. Mary, is it?"

Steve closed his eyes as if he were in pain, while Mary stared at me long and hard before grinning. "I like you. You're spunky. But, I have to say you're not what I had in mind when Steve told me he was married."

My left eye twitch as Steve hissed at Mary. "Let me guess. You expected me to be some long-legged blonde with big boobs and no brain."

"Well, I got the big boobs right." Mary laughed. "You're better than what I'd imagine him with is what I was going to say before I got cut off, oh so, charmingly."

I smiled sheepishly. "Sorry. It's a habit that Steve's trying to wean me off. I tend to get defensive when he introduces me to people."

"Why? You're hot," Mary states simply.

"Thank you!" Steve declares loudly, throwing his sister a thankful look. "I keep telling her this, but she never listens."

"Well, excuse me Mr. I-Look-Like-I-Just-Walked-Off-GQ-Magazine! I'm a woman and insecure about my looks sometimes when it comes to new people." I defended myself hotly, crossing my arms over my chest. Steve looked like he was going to protest while his sister laughed and shoved him playfully; my phone chooses that moment to ring. I sighed heavily as I dug through my enormous canary-yellow purse, as Steve and his sister bantered back and forth. "Hello, person-who's-ruining-my-morning."

"Most people call me Zack, but I suppose that'll do, lil' sis," I heard the familiar voice that was my brother, Zachariah.

I grinned hugely as I squealed, "Zackie!"

Zack groaned at the dreaded nickname, I laughed but that turned into the look-of-death when Steve groaned too. For some reason, Zack and Steve never got along, I told them it was because they were both douches, but apparently that was just too absurd. Excuse me! I was brought out of my thoughts by Zack talking, "Why must you call me that, Charley?"

"Duh! You're Zackie," I stated simply, laughing at his long drawn out sigh. "So, big brother, I haven't heard from you in months and then, out of the blue you call me. What's up?"

"What, I can't call my baby sister without a reason?" Zack pouted over the phone, but I could hear the smile in his voice.

"Zachariah," I warned, jokingly.

"Okay, okay, I'm in Hawaii for a few days and I wanted to see my baby sister," Zack told me, which prompted more squealing from my part. "Agh! Charlene, watch the hearing!"

"Sorry," I said excitedly. "I just can't believe you're in Hawaii! You never come to Hawaii, where it's hot and sticky!"

"Well, I have a client that just recently moved there and my firm flew me out there last night," Zack explained, while I smacked Steve in the shoulder for making his 'constipation face' as I so lovingly call it when I mentioned Zack was in Hawaii.

"Are you staying somewhere?" I demanded, turning my back on my husband as his eyes grew big and he opened his mouth to protest, but Mary, the angel she is, distracted him with her life story since she last saw him and now, Steve didn't know what to be more upset over.

"Not yet, the plane just landed a couple of hours ago and I took small nap in the airport. Now, I'm about to rent a car and find somewhere to stay," Zack told me.

"You're at the airport now? What a coincidence! So am I! Steve and I are picking up his little sister. Here, I'll come find you and you'll stay with us! There's plenty of room at our home," I insisted, as I left the holding room we were standing in with Steve and Mary following behind. "See you in a little bit, Zackie."

"He's staying with us?" Steve griped, grabbing my arm to stop me.

I narrowed my eyes up at him. "Yes, he is. Is that a problem letting my big brother, who I haven't seen since before we moved to Hawaii, stay with us? Answer carefully, Steven."

"Fine," Steve grounded out, clenching his jaw all sexily.

I smiled at him as I cupped his jaw and raised on my toes to peck his lips, but my husband wasn't having none of that short kiss business, so he wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed me like a man kisses a woman. Mary decided to focus on her phone, as I deepened the kiss, but we were rudely interrupted by my brother's big mouth. "Jesus, McGarrett, stop grabbing my sister's ass! You two are like bunnies!"

Steve tensed and slowly pulled away, but kept his arms firmly around my waist as he glared at my brother. "Zachariah, always a pleasure."

"Steven," Zack briefly nodded at my husband before turning his dark eyes on me and grinning wickedly at me. "Baby sister, come here!"

I tore out of my husband's arms and launched myself into my brother's, while Steve pursed his lips and glanced over at Mary to see her staring wide-eye at Zack, which did not help the matter. I pulled away slightly to look up at my brother. "How's it going, Zack? I heard you're involved with a succubus. What's that like?"

Zack rolled his eyes. "Well, that's over, so you can report back to mother. Eh, boring after awhile. The sex was awesome, but she wanted to…date."

"That bitch," I gasped dramatically before smacking him upside his head. "You're thirty four years old, Zachariah, when are you gonna get married and give me nieces and nephews?"

"Woah, now!" Zack exclaimed, backing away. "Why do I get the kids? We all know you're gonna be pushing out babies before I even get a girl knocked up!"

"Nice," Steve interjected somewhat harshly, but Zack just gave him his infamous shark smile.

"You, lighten up," I pointed at Steve. "And, you, stop being an asshole!"

Rolling my eyes, I turned to face Mary, who was still checking out my brother. I shook my head softly. Some things never change. My brother was always attracting some kind of attention from the opposite sex and from men as well, but he doesn't like to talk about it. Zack had the same build as Steve, but a little leaner for he was a runner and he had dark hair and dark eyes with high cheekbones and a strong jaw. Women of all ages just fall all over him and he just soaks it up like the man-whore he is.

"Mary, this is my older brother, Zachariah. Zackie, this is Steve's sister, Mary." I introduced the two, Steve pulled me into his side and we watched as Zack turned the charms on his sister.

And then, Steve's phone rang.


"Here we are; home sweet home!" I announced as I opened the front door with Mary and Zack behind me.

"So, Steve does what now?" Zack demanded, completely ignoring me and focusing on the fact that we dropped Steve off at the prison.

I plopped down on the couch and sighed; Mary plopping down next to me. It was a very, very long drive with the two men bickering like small children every other second, but it gave Mary and I the chance to become fast friends. "Steve transferred over to the reserves, so he could run the governor's task force and hunt down all the big baddies in Hawaii. Now, your room is upstairs to the right and the second door."

Zack cocked an eyebrow at me. "Not much of a hostess, are you?"

"Suck a fat one," I retorted tiredly, which caused Mary to snort with laughter.

"Cute, Charlene," Zack hissed as he took his bags upstairs.

Mary looked over at me from her identical position. "So, why don't they get along?"

"Well, at first Zack thought Steve was just trying to use me as some on-leave booty call, but I set him straight when I told him I was still a virgin and when Steve proposed…Zack was livid. We have different dads, but my dad has always been Zack's dad too, because his real dad died on some mission when he was real little. It tore my mother up and Zack thinks that's going to happen to me. Plus, they're a lot alike that they just can't stand each other. It's kind of funny," I admitted. "But, Zack can be such a dick when it comes to Steve, especially when he has to leave. He makes sure to remind Steve of how I acted when he first left after we got married."

"What happened?" Mary asked quietly.

"I just lay in bed and stared at the wall while wearing one of his shirts, listening to the news to hear if his team made the headlines. I was terrified anytime someone knocked on the door, which resorted to me drinking when I realized how pathetic I was." I told her just as quietly. Those were dark days for me. "Zack was the one that found me all depressed and whatnot. He somehow managed to get a hold of Steve. I talked to him on the phone and that helped to hear his voice."

"Is it easier now?"

I shrugged. "It's still hard, but I have my job that takes a lot of my focus from worrying about him, but I do still worry. He calls me at least once a month, more if I'm lucky."

Mary shook her head. "It amazes me how in love the both of you are. It reminds me of how our parents were before our mom died; you could see it in my dad's eyes that my mom was the light of his life. Steve has that same look."

I smiled serenely. "He's the only man I've ever loved with my body and heart. I don't plan on letting him go anytime soon."

"Woah, wait! So, my brother really was the only guy you've ever slept with?" Mary demanded, sitting up quickly.

I laughed. "Yes, Mary, the only man."

"I'm sorry."

I shot her a smirk. "I'm not."

"Ugh, gag me!"

We fell into each other laughing like school girls and I realized that I now had what I've wanted since I was little; a sister.


The sun was setting just beyond the horizon as Mary and I took our wine glasses out on the lanai to watching the sinking sun reflect off the water. As we sat on the patio chairs, I glanced over my shoulder to see my brother pacing in the kitchen as he talked on his cell phone, hands waving dramatically. Mary looked back as well, asking, "What's your brother do again?"

"He's a CFO for some big insurance company back in Florida, but they have clients all over the country." I answered, shaking my head a bit. "Zack's always been a math geek."

Mary shuddered and I laughed. "That's how I feel, jut don't ask him how he likes his job. I swear he drools a bit when he talks about what he does."

"Hey," we both glanced back at the sound of Steve's voice.

I grinned at my husband before I noticed the people behind him; Chin, Danny, Zack, and who I assume is Kono. "Husband, come kiss your wife!"

"How many glasses of wine have you had?" Steve murmured as he leaned down to kiss me softly.

"This is my first glass," I answered, which made Danny laugh. "What's so funny, Chuckles?"

"Oh, nothing, you cute lightweight," Danny teased, which made Steve and Zack shake their heads. They knew what was coming.

"Lightweight? I may be little, but I can definitely hold my alcohol. I may not have been having sex while I was in college, but I was the master at beer pong and doing shots." I informed Danny, who cocked an eyebrow.

"She's actually telling the truth. Some of my SEAL buddies challenged her in beer pong a couple of years ago and he was very wasted before I decided she had enough before she got alcohol poisoning," Steve enlightened Danny, as he stood behind my chair with his big hands on my slight shoulders.

I mock glared at Steve as I snapped amusingly, "And, I would have won if you hadn't stepped in!"

Someone laughed and it was the pretty native woman who I suspected was Kono. I smiled as I stood up, holding out my hand. "Hi, I'm Charley McGarrett!"

"Kono Kalakaua and it's great to finally meet you," she said sweetly, as we shook hands.

"I know, right? Sorry that my husband is so rude sometimes, but you know, too many hits to the head." I told her sheepishly, which made her laugh. Speaking of husbands; don't you have some burgers to grill!"

"Nag, nag, nag," Steve whispered against my neck, as he pulled me into his arms.

"Of course," I chirped happily, as he pulled away to go get the hamburger meat. I spotted my next target; Chin Ho Kelly. "Chin, how's it going, brah?"

He chuckled good-heartedly. "I see Steve is trying to teach you the lingo. How's that going?"

"As good as he plays basketball," I answered just to annoy him as he stepped back outside.

"Hey," Steve snapped, as everyone laughed but not as much as Danny.

"God, I love you, Charley," Danny wheezed as he wiped the tears of laughter from his face.

"Back off, Danno," Steve warned from the grill, pointing his spatula at the ex-Jersey cop.


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