A.N:Alright My first story. Here is the Introduction. Bear with me the first 13 short chapters. Ch14 and so on are at least 2,000 words long. The first 13 chapters are pretty short.

Sunrise, pride rock looked majestic compared to any other rock Kopa had ever seen. Kopa was 8 months old. He looked exactly like his father Simba, when he was a cub but Kopa had a brown tuft of fur on top of his head which made him very popular. This morning he was very bored because he got up earlier than anyone else ever did besides Vitani. However yesterday Vitani was almost eaten by hyenas in the pride lands. Vitani was very tired and was sleeping in a little longer than usual. So Kopa just waited on top of a hill to the northeast of pride rock. All of a sudden, He heard a strange noise coming from behind him. He turned immediately and was surprised to see a giant bird overhead flying so high in the sky almost as high as the clouds were. Kopa had never seen a bird made out of steel and so big! Little did Kopa know as he was lying down that two men flying that bird would be great friends with Kopa in a couple of days.

One in Great Britain Adam Dixon was working for the Great Britain Zoo. The Great Britain Zoo was a very big zoo, with lots of tourists coming to it each day.

Adam primarily worked in the big cat exhibits. He had only started his job 4 weeks ago. Adam was about 6 feet tall and weighed 245 pounds. He had short black hair and green eyes. Most people called him an ordinary fellow. Little did he know that fact would change very quickly.

He had just finished his shift and was about to head haome when his boss Drew stopped to talk to him.

"So Adam, do you like working here?" he asked.

"Yea, today was great, I really enjoy my job," Adam said with Satisfaction.

"Good, I am glad to hear it, which big cat is your favorite?" he asked.

"Well I like the tiger, nah the leopard is my favorite, no the Cheetah, wait a minute, it's the lion! Yea! The lion is my favorite sir."

"Really, then how would you like to see one for yourself in the wild?" Drew asked.

Adam's eyes lit up with excitement. "Gee would I ever!" Adam yelled.

" Whoa, calm down Adam, it is only a trip to Tanzania and we are only paying you double your salary to go. So do you wanna go," he said to Adam sarcastically.

" Of course I do," Adam said with excitement.

" Good, you leave tomorrow morning," Drew said.

" Tomorrow morning! I haven't even started packing yet!" Adam exclaimed.

"Well, You had better get started then," Drew said.

Adam couldn't believe what he was doing, he was going on a trip of a lifetime!