Ch 17. Trickery

Simba would not stop looking for his son. He quickly ran into the forest looking for more clues. It was morning now. The lionesses looked along with him. Simba started sniffing the ground. He definetly could smell two humans and his son. Now he knew for a fact that they were together! He was still unsure whether Sam and Adam were enemies or friends running from something. As for Sarafina, Simba had no clue. The main objective was to find Kopa. The secondary was to find Sarafina. It wasn't that Kopa was more important than her, it was the fact that Sarafina's best days were behind her. Kopa still had a bright future.

As he sniffed the ground some more he couldn't help but think how Nala would take all of this if he failed his mission. He knew how devastated she would be to find her mother and son lost.

"Don't think like that,"thought Simba.

He sniffed the ground some more. He couldn't fully get a trace on where they were. He was still very tired, so he decided to go get a drink at the waterfall about a half a mile from here.


Kopa woke up before Adam and Sam. He yawned a big yawn then came out of Sam's sleeping bag. He looked around for something to do besides wait. He looked over at Adam snoring. They both looked very peaceful in the forest. Kopa saw a butterfly in the air and started chasing it. But then the butterfly took off straight up leaving Kopa to safety. Kopa's ears drooped as he was sad he did not catch it. He looked around the campsite again for something. Kopa saw Sam's backpack open laying on it's side with food out. Kopas ears perked up as a mischievous smile appeared on his mouth as he licked his chops and dove at the food. He didn't know he was being so loud while eating food that Sam woke up a minute later.

"Oigh," said Sam as he stretched his 300 pound body. His eyes were still closed as he tried to reach for his backpack. He noticed while his eyes were closed the backpack was not there. He opened his eyes to find Kopa digging into his things.

"Kopa, stay outta my stuff."

Kopa did not hear him as he kept digging through the things. Then his head poked out with a tennis ball and a bucket on his head. He still had no idea Sam was looking at him.

"Kopa, you shouldn't be in my stuff."

The bucket fell on top of his head covering his whole face.

"Sorry. I just wanted to see what I could do."

Kopa pushed the bucket off of his head and grabbed the tennis ball that fell from his mouth a moment ago. He came over to Sam who was still in his sleeping bag and dropped the ball right in front of him.

"Let's play fetch!" Kopa said excitedly jumping on Sam.

"Whoa, I will if you calm down."

"Alright I will," Kopa said getting off Sam and waiting patiently.

Sam leaned up and grabbed the tennis ball. He immediately chucked it a few yards and Kopa chased the ball down and brought it back to Sam.

Kopa laughed as after a while they switched to just throwing the ball back and forth. Sam would throw and Kopa caught it most of the time while Kopa would roll it back to Sam.

Then Sam threw the ball behind his head and Kopa chased it down. Sam looked behind him and saw Simba 800 meters away walking their direction!

"Kopa! Get over here!" whispered Sam with a scared tone of voice.

"Why?" asked Kopa as he laughed chasing the ball.

"Your father is right there! We need to hide!" said Sam.

Kopa looked up from the ground and saw his father inspecting the ground 700 meters away.

Kopa turned and ran immediately to Sam.

"What do we do?" asked Kopa scared.

"Quick! Hide in my sleeping bag!" Sam commanded.

Kopa leaped into the sleeping bag with Sam following. Sam zipped the sleeping bag all the way and put his head in to it all the way.

"Sam, I'm worried about Adam," said Kopa.

Sam agreed. If Adam woke up while Simba was here, they were done for.

Simba walked towards the waterfall to get his drink. He looked around the forest. "This is pretty similar to Timon and Pumbaa's jungle," he thought.

As he came to the waterfall he noticed another campsite to the left of the waterfall. Another clue! He walked around to figure where Adam and Sam might be. As he was examining the campsite he heard footsteps behind him. He turned around hoping it was Adam or Sam. It was a lion in his late adolescent years with a light brown coat similar to Scar's.

"Why have you come here?" the lion asked.

"I am King Simba of the Pridelands. I am trying to find two humans and my son. Have you seen them?"

"Yes I have. However, I have some very grave news."

"What's the news?" asked Simba.

"They are dead."

"Simba's face turned to sudden shock.

"D.. D.. Dead?"

"Yes Simba. The humans and the cub attacked our pride. They were trying to kill us. We had no choice," explained the lion.

Simba turned away, his eyes in and started weeping. He felt his heart would explode. He felt worse then when Scar accused him of being a murderer. He felt worse than when his father died. Nothing could compare to the pain inside of him now. In a matter of one day and night he lost his mother, three friends, and... his son.

Kopa heard his father weeping outside. He felt horrible too. He never wanted to cause his father this much pain. Kopa didn't want to leave the pridelands now. He tried to climb out and comfort his father but Sam held him back.

After 5 minutes of crying Simba got up, head sunk.

"Where are the bodies?" he asked.

"We threw them down the river."

Simba was trying not to get angry with this lion. He realized this was his territory.

"How did it happen?"

"We were just sitting at our pride center when they came up and started attacking us. Several lions were killed. But we attacked them from behind and killed them."

"Are you the leader of this pride?"

"Yes. I will be."

"What is your name?"

"Obin. My name is Obin."

"Thank you Obin for the information you have given me."

Simba left with his head down tears flowing like a waterfall.

When Simba turned his back to him Obin smiled a evil grin.

Sam peeked out of the sleeping bag to see Obin walking away back towards the pride.

"My grandfather would be proud of me," thought Obin to himself.

"Simba got what he deserved," he thought to himself again.

Obin entered the pit and walked to Hila to report his patrol.

"So Obin, did you find anything?" asked Hila.

"No disturbances sire," reported Obin.

"Then who was that lion you were talking to?"

"Just a rogue. I forced him to leave."

All of a sudden Hila tackled Obin then pinned him while putting his paw on Obin's throat. Everyone stopped doing what they were doing and looked at the commotion.

"What was that rogue here for?"demanded Hila.

"He.. Just..." Obin couldn't get the words out.

Hila lifted off his paw.

"He wanted to challenge me didn't he!" yelled Hila.

"No! He was lost sir. Then we chatted."

Hila let Obin back up as he dusted his pelt off.

"Chatted! Your supposed to be on patrol! Don't let me catch you off task again Obin!" he said as he shoved the young adult aside.

Obin caught himself, mad about how he was always treated poorly for one thing. Obin knew he would get his revenge. All he needed to do was wait for the right time.

Scene Change

Adam woke up a hour later after Obin lied to Simba.

Sam was trying to comfort Kopa, telling him that it would be alright and that this was for the better. Kopa did not feel comforted by Sam at all, considering that Sam was the one who held him back from his father.

Kopa didn't even think about how his father and his family would react when he left the pridelands. Now that he realized it was a grave mistake.

"I am so selfish," Kopa said.

"No, No you aren't. Too much has happened the last couple of days. You can't blame yourself. I am the one who should be blamed. I shot Nitajina," Sam said.

"What happened?" asked Adam concerned.

"We were playing then Simba came over here. We hid as quick as we could. While he was over here Obin came over and told him we were killed. Simba started crying like crazy. Kopa wanted to go out there and comfort his father but I held him back," said Sam.

"Wow, I missed a lot. Kopa, we really appreciate you joining us and sacrificing this for us. We never meant to hurt you. As for me and Sam, we need to be thankful to Obin. We are not actually going to thank him, but, you know. Without him doing that Simba would still be chasing us," Adam responded.

Kopa nodded indicating he understood.

"Well, what do we do now?" asked Sam.

"Good question," Adam said as he puzzled over what to do next.

Scene Change

Sarafina stood at the edge of Pride Rock about to enter. She had not been successful in finding Kopa in the Southern jungle. Hopefully Simba had better luck. She started walking up the slope to the main cave where Raffiki and Nala where.

When she entered she did not expect to see such lonesome faces. Nala was lying in the corner, tears coming down her face while taking care of her new cub with Raffiki helping her. Her daughter knew that Kopa was missing.

"How is the new cub?" Sarafina asked trying to change the subject.

"She is healthy," Raffiki responded.


"Yes mother?"

Sarafina walked over to Nala.

"Listen closely. I know you definitely have a right to be concerned about Kopa, but worrying about him isn't going to help. Focus on nursing this child. It will help with the pain," Sarafina said.

"Yes mother," Nala responded.

Sarafina heard movement outside. She went to see if the pride had returned. She walked to the entrance of the cave then stood at the top of pride rock. She didn't liked what she saw. All of the lions' heads were down like they had suffered a huge defeat. Sarafina assumed the worse. She ran to Simba, who's head was down as well.

"Well, did you find him?" she asked almost knowing the answer.

"No. He is d.. d.. Dead."

Sarafina had not expected that at all. She thought maybe they had not found him, but dead?

"What? How?" she asked.

"Tell all the lionesses to gather down here. We need to inform everyone what has happened," Simba said quickly.

Sarafina could tell that was the last thing he wanted to do. She looked up and saw a thunderstorm rolling overhead.

"Lionesses assemble over here!" she yelled.

Simba moved to the top of pride rock waiting for her command to be fulfilled.

Once the lionesses were in place, Simba spoke.

"The last couple of days in our pride have been filled with light and darkness. The birth of princess Kiara, and the death of loved ones including my son Kopa. We do not know what the Great Kings plan to do, but we must take action. None of you, and I mean none of you, will ever speak of what has happened the last couple of days. We are doing this so we do not effect the next generation. If someone asks, lie to them. In honor of the people that died, we will bury a grave for them. We also will take a moment of silence, something Adam and Sam taught me, for at least a week. Cubs are the only exception."

The pridelands were silent for the rest of that week. No one spoke a word.

A.N: This is not the end of the story. There will be a lot more.