Ch.19 Obin's vision

Obin lied down on one of the center rocks in the circular pit. Once he felt the sunlight gleaming on top of him, he could see his father looking down on him with a stern face. He could imagine his father talking to him.

"You did a good job of protecting your future territory from that descendent of Ahadi. You still need to overthrow Hila. Understand?"

"Yes father. Killing Hila and avenging your death wouldn't make me any happier."

"Then why haven't you done it yet?" Obin's father yelled at him.

"Be patient. I need to look for a situation where the pride will turn against Hila."

Obin could see his father laughing. "You have tremendous gifts my son. Strength, Power, You can be a good leader, and most importantly, a brain."

This time it was Obin's turn to laugh. "You know who gave me all those gifts?"

"Your mother."

"Yes her and you. She still misses you."

"I only wish I could be there. Hila beat me because I was too confident."

"I will not make the same mistakes you did father. However, a new development has risen. Apparently this week I not only ran into my cousin but his son named Kopa has run away from his home and is now living amongst our pride. What would you have me do?"

"If I were you and had your gifts I would do what you were doing right now. Wait for an opportunity to get the entire pride on your side in a situation and kill them."

"Thank you for your advice father."

"Someday you will avenge me and your grandfather Obin. And remember son, I will always be watching you my son." Obin got up from his vision and paced, thinking about his father and what was his own personal destiny.

Scene Change:

Kiara ran all around Pride Rock, trying to find someone to play with. It was hunting and training day for the cubs so unfortunately Kiara's usual friends that she played with were busy today. Kiara came back to the cave where her parents were talking to Timon and Pumbaa about bad habits they were teaching the cubs.

"You guys need to realize that cubs are young and will do anything you so sticking your heads in trees to look for grubs isn't okay anymore. All the cubs look up to you guys because you're the only adults that don't sleep or hunt and aren't ever busy."

"I wish Adam and Sam were still here. If Simba ever got cranky Adam and Sam would put some Crack into Simba's food," Timon whispered to Pumbaa while Simba was talking.

"Timon, we shouldn't put Crack in Simba's food," Pumbaa said aloud in front of Simba, Nala, and Kiara while Timon tried to cover Pumbaa's mouth.

"What's crack?" Kiara asked.

"Oh nothing you need to know about kid," Timon smiled sheepishly.

"You see that's exactly what I'm talking about right there!" Simba scolded Timon and Pumbaa.

"Mom there's no one to play with today."

"There would be if Kopa was still here," Simba mumbled to himself as he walked outside sadly.

"Stay here Kiara me and dad need to talk first," Nala instructed Kiara.

"Simba you need to forget about that. That happened a long time ago."

"Not for me. It seems it happened yesterday. I love my son Nala. It's still hard to let him go."