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Chapter 2:

(3rd person- Roses' Perspective)

Dimitri swallowed, taking a step back. "And what would that be," he asked. Rose could detect a hint of suspicion in his voice. Suppressing an annoyed huff she met his sparkling eyes. Even after these past few months, they still left her breathless.

"Why do you always think so badly of me?" She twirled a lock of her dark hair around her index finger.

"I don't," his tone became defensive. She hummed.

"Good." She dropped her hair, a smile spread across her face. Her eyes shined. She already knew that he didn't, but it never hurt for him to say it again. She always loved how even before he knew her he always found the best in her.

"Because this isn't bad at all. No harm will be done… to anyone," she reassured with a nod.

"Okay. Then what is this compromise of yours?" There was humour in his words, mixed with a tinge of curiosity.

"Well… I just wanted you to teach me how to raise an eyebrow. You know like you can. It seems like everyone, "she emphasized with a hand gesture, "can except for me."

He crossed his arms over his chest arching an eyebrow at her. (Much to her annoyance.) "Fine," he agreed after what could easily be mistaken for a year.

Rose jumped up and down in excitement before launching herself at Dimitris' well-muscled body. He went stiff for a moment, clearly not expecting that, before wrapping his arms around her small waist. Their embrace lasted much longer than that of a normal student-teacher relationship. The gentle rocking of their bodies wasn't helping either. Nonetheless, neither seemed to mind.

A few seconds later Dimitri pulled back. "Now go get dressed." She nodded, but stayed where she was, making no move to do as told.

A sly smile crept onto her face. "Are you going to stay here with me and watch? Really, I wouldn't mind if you did." He rolled his eyes at her words before walking out her door calling a,

"you have one minute," over his shoulder.

Rose let out a sigh as she walked over to her dresser. She pulled out a pair of black shorts with two red stripes down the sides along with red sports bra that had a white racer back.

She hurriedly put them on, and then grabbed her hairbrush, running it through her tangles a few times. Using a black hair tie that was wrapped around the handle of her brush, she tied her long brown hair up. She'll have to take a shower after training.

While throwing her clothes in the hamper there was a knock on her door. "Coming Comrade!" She called, a smile in her voice. She could almost hear him rolling his eyes at her ridiculous nickname for him. (Secretly knowing that he liked it.)

Walking out of her dorm room, she gave Dimitri a warm smile. His eyes briefly glazed over in lust from her choice of outfit before he cleared his throat and turned his head away. Rose rolled her eyes at his 'teacher-mode'. Without bothering to lock her door she walked off, her mentor not far behind.

"Don't you ever lock your door Roza?" She pretended to think about it.

"Nope," she said with a pop of the 'p', as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. He shook his head muttering something in Russian, and then turned back to her. His guardian mask was in place but Rose could see happiness in his eyes. She could always read him, and him her. Just as she was about to say something he opened his mouth, beating her to it.

"Race you," he said, and then added, "at a jog Roza. It can be your warm up." She did not hesitate.

"So cheating Comrade!" She yelped. Taking off at a steady pace, she kept going on about how unfair and immature it was of him to just suddenly blurt it out and then leave her behind.

"Fine," he said, "how about I slow down for you?" Her eyes grew wide. What an ass! How could he- Why- Ughh!

"Is that a challenge?" She didn't give him time to answer before she sped up, still not going faster than a light run.

He didn't answer.

After, about, five minutes Dimitri got to the green double door of the gym. Followed by Rose. She didn't seem too happy at losing, still claiming that he obviously cheated. Dimitri pushed them open, holding it for Rose.

"What first Comrade?" She asked.

"Laps, remember?" She nodded glumly. She thought that with all of the talking that it would have left his mind. However, this was Dimitri.

"How could I forget?" She responded rhetorically. "How many?"

He pursed his lips in thought. Rose couldn't help but stare, subconsciously licking her lips. "12 will do." She nodded once again, not taking her eyes away from his mouth. That is until he walked away to lay down on one of the gym mats and pull out a western novel to read. How many of those does he have? I swear that he has a different one everyday! Sometimes twice a day! Fucking hell!

She physically shook her head to clear her thoughts, seeing as it was one of those questions that the world will never know, as she stepped outside onto the track. For the first lap, she went at the same speed that she did when 'racing' Dimitri. He so cheated. Then quickened her pace until she was sprinting. She didn't really like running, especially on a track because all you're doing is going around a big oval over and over again. Where's the excitement in that? Nonetheless, it gave her time to clear her head and think a couple of things over. Like how she and Dimitri were going to work their relationship out after graduation while still being guardians. Or how she was going to tell Lissa.

On her sixth lap, she felt a presence on her right side. Turning her head, she let out an almost silent gasp at seeing Dimitri. "You scared the shit out of me Comrade!" He gave a soft chuckle.

"You don't want me to run with you? I'll just go back into the gym then." She gave him a 'you must be insane' look. (Which is frequently directed at her.)

"No! I want you to stay. But next time a little warning would be nice!"

"You should be paying attention to your surroundings. Not everything is going to give noise, Rose. All of your senses must be used."

"Lay of the Chinese food Dimitri." She advised. "I never understand you and your 'Zen life lessons'. Wait… I don't even think that they have as many as you do on every fortune cookie in the world!"

Now it was his turn to give her the 'you must be insane' look. She simply grumbled something unintelligible under her breath, wiped some of her hair out her face, and sped up. Dimitri easily matching her new pace.

"Sparring next?" Rose asked Dimitri, hope in her voice, as they walked back into the building. He shook his head. "Good. Then we're on the same page."

He gave her a questioning look, to which she shrugged.

"Make out session."

"Roza, Roza, Roza." Her eyebrows furrowed in confusion.


"I thought that you wanted me to help you with something…" Her eyebrows shot up to her hairline.

"No. Not that!" He hastily clarified with a stern look.

"Not what?" Rose asked innocently when she was anything but.

"You know."

She cocked her head to the side, a smile threatening to show. "Know what?"

"Something that we shouldn't be doing."

"We shouldn't be doing a lot of things," she told him as her fingers trailed up and down his arm. "You have to be a bit more specific."

"I'm not having this conversation." He said abruptly, hands raised in a 'surrender' gesture.

"What conversation." Rose continued to move her finger down his arm.

"Rose," he said in a warning tone.

"Fine, fine. Next time don't bring it up." She winked at him before continuing. "Though I am glad you were thinking about it."

"We have about fifteen minutes before classes start."

"I thought that you said that we were finished talking about this!" She exclaimed.

"That isn't what I was insinuating!" He defended himself.

Rose pulled at her hair in frustration. "Then think before you say something. I'm a teenager; we always take things the wrong way!" She yelled, pointing a finger at him accusingly. "And stop getting me all hot and bothered if you don't mean it and you aren't going to do anything about it!"

An awkward silence fell between the two. Rose shifted her weight back and forth, rocking on her feet as her mentor stared at nothing in particular.

"Now about teaching me how to raise an eyebrow…"

Dimitri held up a hand to stop her. "Let's go."

How many of you did I trick on what Rose was going to ask?