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Chapter 3:

(3rd person- Dimitris' Perspective)

"Not like that!" Dimitri groaned in frustration as he yanked at his shoulder length brown hair. What once was a neat ponytail with a few strands purposefully left out was now a tangled mess. Who knew teaching somebody how to do something as simple as arching an eyebrow would make you want to commit suicide?

Dimitri tried to explain it to Rose once again. "Leave one down while you raise the other." Rose groaned.

"That's what I'm doing!" Dimitri shook his head exasperatedly.

"Clearly you're not," his voice sounded calm. However, there was a slight edge to it, proving just how long they've been at it. (A/N: How wrong does that sound?) With still no progress.

"You're just explaining wrong." Rose spoke matter of factually.

"No. I'm not!" How can you possible explain this wrong?

"Then you're just a bad teacher!" He shot her a glare.

"Maybe it's just impossible for you to learn!" Dimitri said back.

Rose crossed her arms over her chest, looking away. "There's no such thing as a bad student. Only a bad teacher." A smirk pulled at her lips. "How about that Zen lesson for you, Comrade. See, I can do them too. And in a bra!" Dimitris' eyes shortly flickered to her chest before training them back on her face. Her smirk grew.

Ignoring the look of satisfaction at catching him on Roses' face, Dimitri narrowed his eyes in thought.

"Try scrunching your face up like you do when you get angry-" Rose looked taken aback, undoubtedly offended by Dimitris' choice of words. "-and then push one down further so that the other goes up. Almost like a seesaw."

"A seesaw." Rose spoke slowly. As if she was unsure. "You're comparing my face to a fucking seesaw! Nice Dimitri. Nice. You really know how to make a girl feel great." She huffed, eyes blazing.

"That's not what I meant," he tried to reason. "Besides, I was comparing the way you move your eyebrows to a seesaw. Not your face."

"Same difference."

His face shown confusion at what she said. Being from Russia, even after so many years of living in the United States, he still didn't quite catch the concept of many American phrases. Especially the ones Rose uses.

"That makes absolutely no sense."

"Whatever," She said with a wave of her hand. "Now back to what we were doing."

He didn't see any point in trying to explain to her that it was probably impossible for her to accomplish it. Therefore, he bit his rebuttal back and complied.

Using his hand he moved one up, and the other down. "Like that. Now hold it." He let go.

She struggled in doing what was told, and after a moment the one that was once down shot back up, joining the other.

Seriously? Dimitri asked himself in shock. Are they like magnets or something?

"Okay, I am officially the only person in the whole entire world who cannot do this!" Rose screeched. Dimitri rolled his eyes at her dramatics.

"Roza," he whispered against her lips. He didn't even know when he got so close to her, but it was a nice feeling. He liked the way he could talk to her -be near her- without feeling uncomfortable like he would with one of his fellow guardians. And he liked that she always understood him. Knew what to say about something in his past and what not to say. Like with the conversation that they had when he found her in one of the lounges with Jesse Zeklos. Sure, it wasn't the greatest of memories considering the circumstances, and his momentary shock of what she saw through his mask, but it was still a nice remembrance. It was one of the first times since he's been at St. Vlads' -since he's been away from his late friend- that he actually felt a spark of life in himself.

Then without as much as a second thought he, again, brushed his lips across hers. Lingering for a couple of seconds. A fire burned within him, except he knew that he couldn't do much more than what he had. Graduation was coming up soon anyhow. He could wait until she was no longer a student. His student.

"Don't frustrate yourself too much. You'll get it eventually. And if not, you still look cute raising both," he breathed his warm breath against her face, still being oh so close to each other.

"Now," his voice was back to mentor mode as he -very reluctantly- pulled away. "You have five minutes before class starts."

"No!" She pouted. "Not until I learn. Besides it's just Stannys' class."

Reading her expression for a few seconds, he sighed in defeat. "Fine!"

Over the course of another three minutes, Dimitri helped Rose; despite the fact that he was willing to protest for the remaining time and then get her to class. Even if he had to carry her there. Not minding at all really, if it came down to it.

"Is this right?" Rose asked.

Dimitri gave a tight smile in return. "Yeah." Her face lit up.

How could she not notice? He wondered to himself.

"Really?" He simply nodded, putting his guardian mask in place.

"Now get going before you're late Roza." He told her. "And try not to give Stan a hard time."

"Gotcha' Comrade."

"Rose," he warned.

"What?" She asked turning around to face him. He tapped his sneaker against the floor of the gym. "You did say try. So I'll try." She paused. "No promises though!"

With that, Rose exited the gym, no doubt taking a shower before heading to first period.

Dimitri let out a throaty chuckle, remembering the way he had to use some black tape to keep one of her eyebrows up, as straitened out the gym for the next class using it.

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