Okay so I was looking though my computer and I found this –which I wrote awhile back while suffering from writers block, and I decided why not post it! I don't really like it and I wrote it in like 5 minutes… but oh well.

When Luke became Kronos' host, he didn't have control of his own body, but he was still able to hear and watch everything that happened.

So, when Kronos took over his body, Luke realized that Kronos ruling the world might be a very bad idea. He tried to fight back, but he wasn't strong enough. He eventually subsided in his attempts.

He started fighting again during the fight on Mt. Olympus. He didn't want to fight Percy; he didn't want to hurt Annabeth.

"Family, Luke. You promised," She croaked.

He stared at her bloody face, her knife –the one he had given her– and he fought Kronos with all the power he had.

When Kronos was changing, getting rid of Luke's body, Luke pleaded with Percy and Annabeth. He knew they had no reason to trust him –just look at all the horrible things he had done, all the times he had betrayed them– but he was the only one who could stop the monster.

Percy gave him the knife, and Luke undid the straps of his armor, praying to the gods he'd betrayed for forgiveness and help.

They say that as you die, your life flashes before your eyes, but he only saw the girl he had gotten into this mess for.

So when he asked Annabeth if she loved him, he wondered how the Fates could be so cruel, to have him asking his little sister instead of his best friend. He was relieved when she told him no, and as she looked to Percy, he knew he was leaving her in good hands.

So the son of Hermes sacrificed himself to set right all the destruction he had caused. As he thought about all the things he had done, and why he had done them, only one reason came to mind.

Sure, he had hated the gods, but he had started hating the gods because she had hated them, and even though she was younger than him, he had looked up to her. When she was gone, he blamed the gods, who could only turn her into a stupid tree. He wanted to avenge her death.

And as he died, he realized there could have been other ways. The Golden Fleece had brought her back for crying out loud. If only he could have found that instead of joining the Titan of Time.

It was all for you, Thalia Grace. Please forgive my pathetic attempt at being your best friend.

I loved you.

Well, it didn't turn out quite as I had liked it, but again, I wrote it in like 5 minutes.

Maybe you have a different opinion? I'd love to hear it.

~ettie tobias

EDIT: May 4, 2012