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The Golden Room

The wind blew hard against the side of the cabin, making Annabeth tremble with the chills, and providing the perfect scenery for the mood. It was three am, and she couldn't sleep. Everyone was passed out from an exhausting day filled with training and working in the fields, everyone but Annabeth.

She sighed and stared at the ceiling above her with worry. The past couple of days were tough, training felt as if it would never end, and working in the fields was torturous for her. Normally she would be fine with it, she'd suck it up, and try to have fun during those hours with Percy, but Percy was the problem. Percy was the cause of her sleepless night tonight.

It all started a couple days ago, when in the morning he strangely when she noticed he was acting strange. He would often complain about having to work, or having to wake up so early in the morning for festivities and breakfast. But that uneventful morning, he complained of nothing.


At breakfast, sitting at their respective tables, Annabeth noticed the lack of sleep from of eyes. He looked like he pulled an all nighter to solve the world's most complicated math problem or something challenging like that.

Annaebth did attempt to ask him what was bothering him but every chance she got, Percy just pushed her away or changed the subject. And after a couple hours she just let it drop, figuring that he was just having a hard time sleeping with all that's been going on.

That night, after a long exhausting day Annabeth found Percy sitting on the dock of the ocean, the cool breeze flowed through his hair as the moon engulfed him in its natural like.

His feet were dangling on the side of the pier and he was leaned back, enjoying the presence and sway of the ocean. His body appeared to be relaxed, a big difference from that morning, but his mind seemed to be somewhere else entirely.

"Hey." Annabeth exhaled as she took a seat next to him. Percy looked up at her with and smiled. She took note that he looked much better than he had in the morning which was a big relief.

After a moment of comfortable silence Annabeth sighed and spoke up. "What's on your mind Seaweed Brain?" She asked in wonder.

It took Percy a minute but he eventually responded. "Luke, Luke's on my mind." He said faintly without turning to look at her. His answer was so unexpected—so surprising and abrupt, that shock ran through her body at the mention of her late good friend.

She didn't understand why she was so surprised by his answer, it had only been a few weeks since the big war ended, and the thoughts that ran through their minds, the things they saw, the emotions they felt, were still painfully fresh in everyone's minds. For her, she guessed she hadn't tried to think about Luke, it was most likely her subconscious way of dealing with the loss of her good friend.

But then again, she thought she had lost him a long time ago.

"I just don't understand it." Percy began once more. Annabeth raised an eyebrow in confusion. "What do'you mean?"

Percy exhaled and started once more. "I don't understand how it all happened Annabeth—I mean, I was so ready—I was prepared; to die, and then he jus—he just takes the fall instead—w-what changed?" Percy struggled to realize the simplest answers.

"I mean, I can't imagine what he went through to change his mind about the one thing he was stubbornly set on." This time Percy turned to his girlfriend and gave her conflicted look.

The look of struggled Percy expressed on the topic only cleared her head even further.

Annabeth gave him a sly small smile as she finally realized what Percy was feeling; survivor's guilt. She instantly thought, as her heart continued to sink deeper into the small pit in her stomach. After a moment of much deliberation, Annaebth laced her arm around his and spoke. "There's no doubt in my mind, that what he went through wasn't horrible Percy. But this is what he wanted."

"This, right here; me, you, camp, everyone alive and happy, is what he fought for in the end, it's what he died for." She finalized.

Percy turned his head back towards her and revealed a slight smile on his face. "Ya know, sometimes I wonder how can you mange to make me feel better at a time like this." He chuckled.

Annabeth rolled her eyes playfully, they both laughed for a couple moments but eventually the laugher died down and Annabeth came to another realization.

"Is this the reason why you acted so differently this morning?" She asked. Percy nodded after a second. "Partially," He looked at her with this gaze, with worried pained gaze in his face that she's only seem him wear when something wasn't right.

She had guessed correctly, something wasn't right.

"I've been getting these nightmares—Luke, warning me—warning us. There's something wrong Annabath." Percy admitted, he couldn't take his eyes off her stormy grey eyes in that moment.

They seemed to be calculating something, a puzzle she couldn't solve, at least not yet. "Wh-what has he been saying?" She asked in confusion.

"H-he told me he's back." Percy sighed in frustration. "But I don't understand what he means—and I can't answer him back, I mean, I try. But it's like my mouth is glued shut."

Annabeth frowned. "D-did he say anything else?"

Percy shook his head in disappointment. "No, all he keeps saying is "he's back" and I have a feeling I know who he's talking about." He said dreadfully.

The blond immediately understood what her boyfriend had she, but she just couldn't bring herself to believe it. So she ran the idea through her head trying to figure out if what he said was even plausible.

After a moment of debate she came to a conclusion; it was plausible—though highly unlikely—but very plausible.

Percy just stared at her, his eyes filled with hopeless desperation and determination.

-End Flashback-

Annabeth didn't know what do. Every day it was getting worse and worse and she just helplessly watched, sometimes he would let her in, other times he would painfully keep to himself.

Another sigh escaped her lips as she continued to stare at the glow-in-the-dark stars mathematically positioned in identical perfection as the real ones, from the spot on her

She wanted to tell someone—Chiron maybe, but nothing has happened yet. Percy let Grover in on what was going on, but that was all. They kept waiting, for what? She had no idea, but they were waiting for a sign, that something was wrong in the world—it wasn't anything specific.

Little did she know, that a sign was standing outside her door with a message.

The wooden boards outside the cabin door creaked, and shifted under the weight of a large creature making a loud unsettling noise. Annabeth's head snapped to the door as she made a grab for her dagger.

There was a small faint knock on the door, and Annabeth lowered her dagger, knowing that if it was an attacker, it would have mostly likely used the element of surprise to their advantage.

With her dagger lowered in her hand, she turned the knob with the other. Chiron stood there, his head touching the hanging light on the porch of the cabin. He looked tired, worn out, and concerned. "Annabeth something's happened." He exhaled, his tone was filled with sorrow. Her heart began to speed up in panic. "Oh gods what?" She answered quickly shutting the door behind her not wanting wake the rest of her siblings.

"Percy's asking for you, I didn't have the heart to tell him no—"

"—What's going on Chiron? What's wrong?!" Annabeth shouted in utter horror. She understood something was wrong—but Chiron's lips weren't moving fast enough to explain.

"Where is he?!" She nearly yelled in panic, right there, she didn't care if the woke up the camp, let alone her brother's and sister's.

"The infirmary." Chiron revealed. A wave of nausea hit Annabeth as she began to panic. "What—why?" She choked out as they both made their way to the front of the big house where the infirmary was located.

With everything that had been going on previously, she couldn't help think of the worse possible scenario. He's dead, he's dead—stop it Annabeth, he's not dead. He's not dead. She kept repeating in her head.

Chiron ran after her, trying to warn her about what she was about to discover, but he was too late, he watched as she ran though the entrance of the infirmary and disappeared. He would have to let her handle it the way she wants, or he knew she would break. So he let out a sigh and followed her inside.

Once Annabeth was inside she sprinted towards the back room after not finding him in any of the regular cots, something had happened, and given by the look on Chiron's face, she knew it wasn't good.

She stood in the doorframe too afraid to walk in any further, as if the deeper she walked inside, the more painful the news was going to be. But when she saw him awake and alive, that nasty knot in her stomach released itself, and she let out a breath she didn't know she was holding.

"Percy." She exhaled. Percy slightly smiled at her from the distance, she could tell he was trying, but didn't have the energy to do much.

Annabeth looked up at Will and was silent. She didn't need to say anything, her eyes did the work. They pleaded him to tell her everything of anything.

Will hesitated for a moment, he knew what she was asking him, he just didn't know if he had the heart to actually tell her.

"I'll do it..." Percy's voice boomed through the silence of the room. Annabeth's head snapped in his direction, a mix of confusion and worry broke out on her face.

"Come 'ere." He whispered. She walked up to his bedside, and sat down in the chair by his bedside. Before he said anything else he looked her in the eye. "A couple hours ago Nemesis came here..." He took a breath, as Annabeth frowned with concern.


"And she attacked me."


The night was dark and almost kind of peaceful. The windows were open due to it being completely hot both inside and out, and the white flowing thin curtains danced as the wind blew through them. Percy lay asleep in his one of the Med, beds. Riptide tucked carefully in the pocket of his pajama pants.

Then, through the peaceful, silent night, a door opening could be heard, a large disturbance. A tall, confidant women carried herself toward the boy, leaving the lights off..

Once was she close enough her torturous smile drew deeper and she spoke. "Awaken Percy Jackson."

Percy had not only heard her but felt the uncomfortable presence of another person which woke him up. He stared into the eyes of his attacker. "Nemesis?" His voice was confused almost amused.

Nemesis continued. "All in form Demi-God, now it's time for you to pay." There was a hint of danger Percy picked up in her voice and he reached for Riptide immediately. His heart raced as he got up slowly, trying to find his balance. But getting up, generally backfired as his head throbbed against his skull; he started to sway from the dizziness.

He clutched the side of his bed and face Nemesis. "What you want?" It didn't come out like a demand, but more like annoyed questioned he's asked a million times before.

"I want a few things... and the only way I'm going to get them Son of Poseidon is by doing this..." Nemesis stepped forward too fast for Percy to comprehend in his dazed state and pulled out a dagger slicing his shirt open, as well as his skin underneath it in a jagged from.

Percy didn't even know what hit him. He immediately dropped Riptide and fell to the floor unconscious.

-End Flashback-

"Will found me, and it took a minute but I remembered everything." He whispered. Annabeth nodded, a storm was ragging in her eyes full of anger, this was the sign.

"So what now? Do you have any idea what Nemesis's motives could possibly be?" Annabeth asked. Will shook his head, but Percy nodded. "Ethan."

Annabeth shook her head in disagreement. "Kronos killed Ethan, not you." She explained trying to reason.

"That's true." Will looked at Percy as if to question him on something and he nodded slowly. Annabeth caught this and her eyebrow went up.


Percy gangly grabbed her hand. "That's not all..." He sighed.

"What is it?"

"There was poison –there was poison on the dagger." Annabeth's heart sank. She glanced at Will for a second then faced Percy once more. "W-why type of poison –y-you got it outta him right?" She raised her voice in deep concern.

"Annabeth, its θεός δηλητήριο." Percy revealed. "God's Poison."

Gods Poison; Suddenly Annabeth's mind indulged in everything she knew about Gods poison. Over the period of seven days the poison would slowly, and painfully shut down and kill organelles of the body ultimately trapping the victim in ones self's, before kill them. It was rare poison, one that only gods could only survive; hence the name.

Annabeth froze in utter disbelieve, her eyes never leaving Percy's. He stared back at her, not attempting to say anything knowing what she needed wasn't comfort, but reassurance.


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