Chapter Two

Percy's words made Annabeth's blood run cold as she stood there trying hard to process the sentence.


There was poison, killing him.

"There must be something we can do…" She frowned the quickly turned to Percy. "Percy I… I don't understand…" She tried to form words but her vocal chords were failing. "you bathed in the Styx's River. You're invincible—w-what happened to the Achilles heel?!" Annabeth exclaimed in utter confusion; she couldn't believe what she was hearing.

No, it can't be true.

Percy grunted, a flash of pain running up his side. "Nemesis…" He struggled out. "She—I-I don't know what she did, sh-she must've lifted it… I-I don't know." He explained remaining on the bed, much of the poison was starting its affect, making him weak and feverish. Annabeth held her breath as she turned away from Percy, trying desperately to hid the tears that threatened to come out behind her shaky palms, and Percy quickly reacted.

"Annabeth," Percy whispered soothingly, his strength somewhat restoring for a moment. He attempted to sit up and reached his hand out to catch her wrist. She didn't pull away, she couldn't bring herself to do so. "Wise Girl listen… please." He faintly said the last part. Percy knew she was upset and crying but he knew that he didn't want to leave her alone in her moment of need.

"Will, can we have a minute?" He asked not taking his eyes off his girlfriend. Will nodded , "Sure" and stopped what he was doing to leave the room, giving them their privacy.

"Annabeth," He exhaled softly, finally being able to sit up. He brought his legs over the bed and sighed taking her figure in. "I'm sorry." He continued soothingly strumming his thumb over the roundness of her wrist gently.

This seemed to relax her.

Percy sighed in dread and slowly began to pull on the side of her hips to turn her around and make her face him. "Its—" "I tho-thought it was all over." She mumbled a sniff, controlling herself. She was not just about to lose it in front of him, Percy would never let it go.

Pery's heart dropped upon hearing her. It had indeed come too soon. They barely had a few weeks of peace and quiet and now this. Why couldn't they just be normal teenagers worrying about what normal mortal teenagers worry about? Like grades and who their taking to prom. But they weren't normal, no, they could pretend all they want, but they'll never normal.

Percy nodded. "I know." He quickly added looking up at her. She was so utter upset, it nearly broke his heart. "I know." He repeated faintly one more time. Annabeth dropped her hands and leaned into him, pressing her hands gently around his face and neck, engulfing him into a warm hug. Percy wrapped his arounds around her legs and breathed in her aroma.

"We're always here hu?" Annebth asked after a little while. Percy drew back and looked back up at her in confusion. "What do you mean?" The blond shrugged. "We're always right here, on the brink of explosion… in that moment that you know one thing and everything is about to go wrong… on the brink of impending doom." She continued poetically.

"We're always here." He repeated. Percy nodded slowly and swallowed, realizing how true her words seemed. No matter where they were, or how many monitors and villains they've defeated it'd never be enough, they were always back to square one.

Annabeth sniffed and whipped at her face aimlessly before looking down at her Seaweed Brain. "I love you." She whispered softly.

Percy smiled, a genuine warm smile. "Where did that come from?" He teased her. He would not be Percy if he didn't teased her. But Annabeth only rolled her eyes and leaned in closer as she shrugged. "I don't know… I jus—I don't say it enough, and I want you to know that." She admitted.

Percy looked up at her in awe. "I love you too."

"I'm gonna fix this—we're gonna fix this, I promise you Perc." Annabeth fought as she proceeded to sit next to him on the bed. Percy nodded, wanting to believe every word she spoke, but failing. It wasn't that he didn't trust her, it wasn't that at all, but he knew it couldn't be done-he knew it was just false hope. "I know we will." He said as the turned to her.

Annabeth fidgeted with their finger's for a moment before she realized how late it was. "you should go back to sleep." She mumbled sadly.

"Yeah, let's sleep." He agreed gently pulling her down with him and starching out on the remainder of the cot. "Percy…" She exhaled in a slight amused annoyance. He knew it wasn't very appropriate but after getting comfortable so close to him, she didn't really seem to care anymore. Annabeth sighed and turned towards him, her head resting on the pillow, her leg entwined with his.

"Give me a kiss?" Percy asked, his eyes closed, his hand interlaced with hers. "For good luck?" Annabeth smiled at his wittiness, but nodded, now leaning in. She placed her lips gently on his and deeper the kiss quickly, it wasn't long, but it was defiantly meaningful.

Percy smiled and tried to embrace that moment, but then out of nowhere a rough cough took his breath, making him double over, his hand instantly grabbed his stomach as he turned over and left the fluid that came to his mouth out. Annabeth quickly sat up, just in time to hear the sickening sounds hit the floor below.

"Oh my—" Annabeth jumped off the bed rushing towards the other side stopping dead in her tracks once she saw what now lay on the floor.

Blood. His blood.

Her heart instantly raced, beating violently against her chest. She ignored the blood and quickly got over her shock as she rushed to Percy who was still doubled over and now in utter pain.

She kneeled before the bed and tried to help him. "Hey… hey, try not to move Percy, okay?" She exhaled in panic as she ran her finger soothingly through his hair. Percy nodded trying hopelessly to stay still and not cause anymore damage to himself.

"It's gonna be okay, you're gonna be fine." Annabeth mumbled soothingly. Percy nodded. "Will!" Annabeth shouted desperately through the room. "Will!?" She nearly screamed this time.

Apollo's son rushed back in the room with wide eyes. "What happened—Oh gods…" He exhaled, taking the scenery all in. "Okay." He took a moment to regroup then quickly proceed. "Annabeth help him lie down on his back… Percy are you alright?" He asked on high alert.

Annabeth fought rushing over towards a cabinet to grab a paper towel. She handed it to Percy so he could wipe his face. Percy nodded. "I-I'm F-fine… I'm good." He answered quickly. "I-I, I don't know where that came from, is that supposed to happen?" Percy asked.

Will sighed and nodded. "From the poisoning; your body is already rejecting whats in your system." Will exhaled in defeat.

"O-Okay? So what now?" Annabeth cut him off, she sat on his bed holding his hand too tight as Percy shut his eyes, it was obvious he was still in some sort of pain.

"I-I don't know, as you know there isn't an anecdote for his kind of poison." Will stated trying to figure out anything he can do. Annabeth turned back to Percy her eyes threading to let her waterworks out.

"Okay… I'm gonna try this." Will turned and rushed towards the cabinets pulling out a syringe and a small clear bottle, after remembering something. He then went back to Percy and instructed Annabeth to grab some extra medical supplies.

"Alright, I'm going to give you some antibiotics that may help stop or slow down the poisoning," He said to Percy. "and Annabeth is gonna get another IV set up okay?" He informed him, Percy nodded in agreement, there wan't much he could do anyway.

Percy sighed. "What choice do I have?" He let out a small slight smiled. And Will returned and favor before turning back to his job, he stuck the syringe into the current IV catheter and inserted the liquid.

"Where do you want this?" Annabeth asked after putting all the parts together. Will examined the IV bag and then turned back to the cabinets and poured some of the antibiotics into the bag before hanging it up next to the other one.

"I-I'm sorry Annabeth." Percy rasped out locking eyes with his girlfriend. Annabeth's heart nearly stopped at his words. Sorry for what? She intently thought then shook her head rapidly. "No, no, don't be."

Will took out an IV port and quickly injected the needle into his other arm. "Okay? Don't blame yourself, this isn't your fault." She continued to fight. Percy nodded.

"Hopefully that'll work for now." Will sighed in utter defeat after finishing up this procedure. Annabeth took her seat on his bed back and looked down at him with a soft smile. "It has to." She said brushing the hair that rested beneath Percy's eyes so she could see his whole face.

Percy nodded. "I-It will… come 'ere Wise Girl," He shakily exhaled scouting over to make room for her to lay next him, extending his arm out. Annabeth blushed lightly but shook her head. "Perc," She fought aimlessly even though she knew this was fight she was going to lose.

Percy gave her a playful glare. "Come on Wise Girl, don't deny a dying man his wish." He joked cruelly. Annabeth's smile dropped as soon as she processed what just came out of his mouth. "Don't say that!" She scolded. Percy shrugged. "I won't, if you join me."

Annabeth rolled her eyes and without further hesitation she laid down next to him on her side positioning her head at the crook of his shoulder and embraced his comforting warmth. Percy wrapped his free arm around her back and exhaled peacefully.

"See? I'm already feeling better." He admitted letting out his famous smirk. Annabeth blushed but smiled and chuckled at him. "Oh shut up Seaweed Brain."

Will smiled at the two. "I'll let you stay the night, but only if you let him sleep. He need his energy." Will explained.

Annabeth nodded. "Don't worry, I'll take care of him."

Annabeth tried to sleep, but all the crazy thoughts kept her up once more. So she laid there, awake in Percy's comfortable embrace. Listening to the lulling sound of his shaky breathing, and the drumming beat of his heart. Annabeth sighed taking in his aroma while grabbing a tighter grip on his hand. She was restless, anxiety ripped through her making it almost impossible for her to sleep with a head so full. After a moment she extended her neck out to catch the time that was on the other wall and saw it was almost four in the morning and she sighed once more, this time looking up at Percy's peaceful state.

I love you. She said in her head.

Annabeth let go of his hand letting it against the flat of his stomach, she gently dragged the tips of her fingers against the outline of his knuckles then whole hand in complete boredom as she thought. Her mind simply wouldn't let her rest. But eventually sleep overcame her and she dozed off, but her mind never emptied. Even in her sleep she tried to think.

Annabeth woke up around eight am, pretty late in the morning for camp half blood, but given her circumstances, not surprising.

Percy remained asleep; most likely the work of the antibiotics and fluids Will pumped him with. Annabeth gently got out of his grasp and off the bed, hoping to catch Will or one of the Apollo healers.

She turned around and looked down at Percy with loving, tired eyes but didn't say anything, she just ran the back of her hand against his arm soothingly. He looked peaceful when he slept, even now under these extreme circumstances. Annabeth exhaled and let out a slight smile before walking out the door to the open infirmary .

"Will." She cried out once she spotted him. He was handing another patient a cup of nectar. He looked up at me. "Hey Annabeth, sleep well?"

She approached him nodding. "Yeah, slept fine." That was a lie. "Um, I've been meaning to talk to you about…"

Will nodded, understanding. "How bout take a walk? You look like you could use some fresh air." He suggested leading the blond girl toward the door.

They walked quietly along a trail in the woods, it was somewhere they knew they have privacy. "H-how much time does he have?" Annabeth asked knowing the answer on some level. Will sighed and spoke. "Usually, it takes about seven days, but Percy's strong –he's a son of the big three, which has some advantages." He explained.

Annabeth frowned but nodded, it did make sense. "Yeah, I figured it would be something like this, but how much more time will it give him?" They continued to walk down the trail, Will shrugged.

"Anywhere between seven to fourteen days, maximum." He said. Annabeth nodded. "Well that's more than a week, maybe we'll have time to come up with something."

Will gave out a remorseful smile and nodded Annabeth quickly noticed it and spoke. "What?" She asked almost dumb-folded. After a moment Will responded. "Annabeth…" Will began once more with caution. "Just because it gives him more time doesn't nessisarily mean this is a good thing."

Annabeth frowned once again this time stopping dea din her tracks. "Wh-what do you mean?" She asked in complete confusion.

"Annabeth this is θεός δηλητήριο, God's Poison… it takes a lot out of a person. It weakens the mind, toxicants the body, destroys the immune system; it's a dangerous thing, if the poison doesn't kill him first, then something resulted from it will." He explained with dread.

Annabeth now remained silent, her eyes falling to the ground; denial rushing through her body like wild fire. "We can't just do nothing Will—we have to do something!" She fought in frustration.

Will nodded mumbling out. "I know. But I don't know what to do—nobody really does."

"I-I have to do something, I can't just sit there and watch him die Will… maybe Chiron will give me a quest, maybe I can find nemesis and she can reverse—"

"Annabeth!" Will now nearly shouted getting her out of her trance and back to reality. "I'm gonna tell you this, because you're my friend—and nothing else." He grabbed her gently by the shoulders and made her look him in the eye.

"Percy is dying." He began. "He doesn't have much time left." He explained. "Now… how are you going to feel when instead of being with him right now, you're off searching for a silly cure that doesn't exist?"

Annabeth frowned, refusing to accept his state but understanding it. "How bout this? How am I gonna feel, knowing that I could've done something to prevent this? How am I gonna feel sitting there; watching him die, while doing absolutely nothing." She practically spit out in complete anger.

"Did you think about that?" She tore herself from his grasp and tired to relax. "I'm sorry…" He began once more, guilt taking over her; she hadn't meant to snap at him.

But Will shook his head. "It's okay, I understand… you feel helpless."

Annabeth nodded. "You have no idea."

When she arrived back at the Infirmary Annabeth found Percy still asleep but not alone, this time was Chiron was present sitting in his wheel-chair form watching him. "Chiron?" Annabeth asked, standing in the doorway.

The old centaur looked up at her and sighed. "Good morning Annabeth." He greeted her turning his head towards her briefly. "Good morning… any news?" She asked full of hope.

Chiron remained silent for a moment before answering, you could tell this was breaking his heart. "I-I called his mother, she said she'll be here as soon as she can—" This was not the type of news Annabeth was talking about. She hoped something had happened, something had changed, but she quickly learned she was too helpful.

"—Sally's coming?" She paused now looking at the son of the sea god asleep on the bed. "Percy will like that." She exhaled leaning against the doorframe.

Chrion nodded. "He will," Then he cleared his throat and spoke a little louder—with more confident. "I'm going to call a meeting at the Big House soon, I suggest you go eat something and get dressed."

Annabeth nodded. "I will, I just want a few minutes with him." She explained. Chiron nodded in approval. As soon as Chiron made his exit Annabeth laid her eyes on Percy approaching him subconsciously.

"Hey, Perc." She whispered putting a hand on his shoulder and shaking him lightly. "Percy…wanna wake up?" She asked a little louder.

After a few moments he moaned and shook his head. "No…" Annabeth chuckled. "Same Seaweed Brain I see," She smiled.

Percy opened his eyes and joined her. "Oh come on Wise Girl its early." He groaned in prostration but with a smile. The blond rolled her eyes and sat down next to his side. "It's eight am Percy, we're usually up at six. Come on, I have a feeling you want to be a part of this." She explained placing a hand on his arm.

"W-what's going on?" He frowned coming to his senses.

"Chiron's gonna call a meeting at the big house soon, I think you should be there." Annabeth revealed. Percy nodded. "Okay, yeah, I'll have Will help me there after I get dressed," He started looking towards the door. "You should go eat something." He spoke as he sat up and dragged his legs off the side of the bed.

He held his head for a moment after feeling a little light headed. "You okay?" Annabeth quickly asked noticing his struggle.

Percy let go of his head then faced her with a bright smile. "I'm fine, see?" Then he gave his girlfriend a look that made both of them laugh; reassuring her. "I'm okay, you should really go if you're gonna be there on time." He warmed with a smirk on his face.

Annabeth let out a smile that soon vanished. She hesitated to leave to room. "I'm fine Wise Girl, just go eat, when you come back I'll be right here, I promise." He reassured her.

Annabeth nodded getting up. "See you in a minute." She faintly said as she walked out the door.

Once at the Athena cabin Annabeth rushed to dress in fresh clothes. She pulled out an identical orange Camp Half-Blood T-shirt to the one she was wearing and changed her jeans into a pair of washed out jean shorts and rushed towards the bathroom, throwing her messy hair in her classic pony tail then rushing back towards the big house where she was told a plate would be waiting for her.

As soon as Annabeth excited Percy drew in a deep breath and let himself relax, it had taken way too much effort to convince her he was fine. He remained sitting there on the edge of the bed for a moment before slowly, gathering enough strength to stand up, disconnecting both IV's they put in him. He walked normally towards the door; his stance a little unbalanced and peered outside hoping the coast was clear so he could sneak out.

And once her saw the coast was clear, he made his way out the front door and down the porch steps as quickly as he could, hoping none would catch him.

He just needed to get away for a moment, he wouldn't be gone long, but ever since he's gotten sick he never had time to go down to the lake. Maybe the water will help me feel better, maybe just being in familiar surrounding will be enough to help in someway... Percy thought to himself.

He walked down the same path to beach he did so many times before. He was feeling much better than the night before so he had the energy for a small walk, which put a smile on his face.

But what made him even happier was when he saw the water line from beyond the tree's. Home. He thought as he smiled to himself. He couldn't wait to lie in the water.

As he approached the lake, it was getting difficult for him to keep his balance but not impossible but it was mostly due to the sand being tricky to walk in just in general, but a little to the fact that he was still sick.

He breathed in the fresh water breeze and welcomed the water as his feet touched it's cold substance.

Admittedly he did feel a little better, but he noticed water didn't have the same affect on him as before he was sick; which bothered him more than he ever thought it could.

Come on. He thought.

He walked in deeper, letting the water reach his ankles. He still wasn't wet. The water did as told but it nothing to heal him but make him feel more comfortable. To him, it kinda felt like the waves were welcoming him come, but he was too dazed or something to accept it.

He exhaled in defeat and sat down in the mucky wet sand and let the water get him wet. Nothing happened for a while as he just sat there breathing in the crisp water breeze and enjoying the warmth of the sunlight, before he noticed he was becoming drowsy, and his chest felt like it was slowly burning.

"Ughh." He let out as a flash of pain raced across his wound. It literally came out of nowhere. He quickly reached for it but that didn't help. His vision quickly doubled making his upper body sway to balance. He tried blinking but it only made it worse.

I shouldn't have left. I should've stayed there. He thought to himself as another flash of pain struck him. He tightened his eyes hoping it would go away eventually, but it only seemed to get worse.

Please… He begged in his mind.

HIs head began to feel lightweight making the pain faded but quickly strike back harder, leaving him fighting the urge to close his eyes and lose consciousness. His head began to pound against is skull as the rest of his body lightly hit the soft sand below. He laid there, unmoving for a small moment that felt like an eternity to him before he heard someone holler his name out.


And that was the last thing he heard before the thin line between consciousness and unconsciousness broken and he was pulled under.

There was chapter two, hope you enjoyed! I love re-writing this story it's a bunch of fun, and then it's not, because I realize what a bad writer I was and oh, I am embarrassed… haha but I'm glad I was bad (who wasn't) and I'm glad I learned and am now a better writer! Hope you guys liked it, I'm gonna try to re-write that whole story in the coming moth, but honestly I don't know how far I'll get considering I'm in my second semester junior year of HS and I've been pretty busy with school:/ Well, review and let me know if you enjoy the new re-write so far!