Chapter 34 / The Finale Part II

I'm dead.

Annabeth's eyes were trying hard to focus on her surrounds but it difficult—it was like a part of her brain that controlled her motors refused to work. Everything remained in a constant state of blur, and no matter how hard she tried she couldn't focus—she couldn't do it.

I'm dead. She repeated, trying to grasp ahold of the situation.

Across her vision there were obscure outlines of dark figures contrasting the almost blinding white background. She couldn't move, she couldn't hear, and she couldn't speak.

But she could feel.

There were hands on her body—pulling and pushing and grabbing—strange dark hands she didn't know. She could their rough touch pulling her in and out of a stream of consciousness, rough hands toying at her body like vultures picking on a dead carcass. Annabeth wanted to tell them to stop, because it hurt—because she could no longer take the strange feeling any longer, but she couldn't find the voice to speak. So she just pushed back her tears and closed her eyes, praying it would all end soon.

A siring pain rang in her ears as they began to pick up sound waves in the atmosphere, shocking her into completely state of sentient as her eyes were forced open.

There was voice—she could almost hear it. Right now it was only a mere formed mumble in the distance, but she realized her senses were slowly coming back to her. Annabeth swallowed and tried to breathe in correctly as her mind began to race, endlessly searching for a plausible answer to where exactly she was.

Because there was no chance, this was the underworld.


She knew that voice all to well—even her state of utter confusion she knew who it was.


At that point she knew she was dead—no question.

"M' d-dea-d." She mumbled nearly incoherently as she pushed her tears back once again. She didn't want to cry but there was such an overwhelming amount of vulnerability instilled in her at the moment that she could do nothing else.

She knew the black figure before her was Percy—but she could nearly make out any of his features… or maybe she was in the underworld and Hades was playing some twisted joke on her, figures.


There it was again. That constant, invariable reminder she was dead.


And with that last effort, she closed her eyes and felt her body relax beneath the spinning earth.

Hours Earlier

"Son." A heavy large hand reached out and grabbed Percy by the shoulder, shaking him lightly. Poseidon's head shot to Apollo as the realization that Percy was unmoving and inbreathing before him.

"Percy." Poseidon pleaded once more as Apollo approached them in panic. "Perseus, can you hear me?" Apollo asked examining him in the process. He pressed his thumb against Percy's closed eyelid and gently forced it open. "His eyes are dilated." Apollo let out much to his dismay, but Poseidon didn't fully understand what he meant.

"Wh-what does this—"

"Pulse is weak." Apollo continued.

"Contrary to what it might look like , he's breathing. But it's swallow—not good."

"He's not—"

"T-this isn't you, this isn't you." The worse slipped between Percy's lips almost incoherently and Apollo breathed in relief. "He's still in his state—we should leave him be for for the mean time."

Poseidon gave him a strong suited nod as he watched his son.

"It may take awhile for him to fully recuperate—"

"Apollo…" The Sea God stood and faced the healer. "D-did it work? I-is he—?"

Apollo smiled; a real genuine grateful grin before his lips parted granting Poseidon the only answer he wished to hear. "Yes, it worked."


"Annabeth! Annabeth wake up!" Percy shouted as he held onto her with all the strength he had left in his body.

Tears streamed down his face filling his body with dread as he came to the realization that he might be too late. "No, no." He mumbled not wanting to believe it.

"Annabeth!" This time Percy screamed; agony reaching a tipping point in his heart.

But he wasn't going to give up. Not now—not after he had survived all that hell. No. Percy quickly laid her on the hard deck underneath them as Chiron and other camper slowly approached them.

"Percy? H-how?" And for once the old centaur was lost for words as he watched the chaos and confusion unfold around him. Percy just ignored him, this was not the place nor the time for any type of reunion; at least not one that didn't include Annabeth.

He tipped her head upwards making sure to clear up her airway and shut his eyes tight, willing any water that remained trapped in her lungs to clear out.

Everything stood still for a mere moment before he figured it hadn't worked.

Come on, come on! He yelled to himself as he tried again. But the results remained the same and he was quickly running out of options.

Crap, crap. Think Percy, think. He pushed himself, not know what else to do. He can't let her die—he'll never stop trying. What would Annabeth do? What would she do? What would she do? He continued trying to calculate an answer. But who was he kidding? He wasn't nearly as smart as Annabeth—he didn't know what to do. No, he was Percy Jackson, and he always pulled through, no matter what. There had to be way.

He won't give up.

It came out of nowhere really, but as soon as he thought of it, his emotions took toll on his actions, and there was no stopping him. He leaned in and pinched her nose as he pressed his lips around hers in desperation, blowing in as much air as he could with one breath at a time remembering what those pointless P.E. classes in middle taught him about CPR.


He came up for a breath and knotted his hands together as he pushed against her diaphragm.


He leaned in once more and continued until he was out of breath and getting a bit dizzy from the exercise. He felt Chiron approach behind him, placing a solemn hand on his shoulder in sorrow. "No… no." Percy let out in dread.

This cannot be happening.

"An-beth," He managed out not wanting to believe his eyes.

Percy slowly let his arms fall from her chest as numbness washed over his body, filling his core with utter and undeniable dread, and rested his head where his hand once were.

It was silent, and still, and he never wanted to experience that kind of pain in his life ever again.

That's all he remembered about that grim moment, because it only last a minute before everything changed.

It happened all to quickly. Chiron was just about ready to speak before a heave took over the body on the ground. It was small and barely noticeable, but it was there. And that's all that mattered.

"Annabeth?" His voice sprung out.

Another heave, this time stronger and more powerful. She was fighting.

Then a cough and another, before water spurted from her lips and fell through the cracks of the deck underneath them. Everyone remained still and silent, not daring to speak a word in fear they would miss something.

Everything was blurred around her, she could make out distinct colors and outlines of people, but it was never clear. And as she drew in breaths, there was nasty burning sensation running down her throat to her lungs.

It hurt, but she didn't care anymore.

At least not when her vision parted and suddenly she could see details once again. T

This was the time she though she was dead.

There was a person—a boy, leaning in before her. Dark jet black hair, and those sea green eyes she knew so well. Tears swelled up in her eyes as she thought she'd never see them again. And from some power of will she managed to find her voice.


The boy smiled down at her as relief washed over his body.


Annabeth swallowed as she remained on the floor, not daring to take her eyes off his.

"I—is t-that really you?" She asked not wanting to get her hopes up. Percy nodded and he reach out for her hand.

"Ye-yeah. It's me."

A frown lingered on her face as confusion tool took of her emotions. "I-I watched you die." She mumbled, coming back to the senses more quickly. Percy placed a hand on her beck and helped her sit up.

"I-I don't get it… you died!" She shot out in utter dubiety.

Percy looked at her bleakly as he shook his head. "I know—"

"Y-you can't just do that! Y-you can't just d-die… a-and come back Jackson!" Annabeth shouted as she remained some strength. She was angry, no. She was happy—relieved—grateful. But there was a lingering frustration that drove her in that moment.

She was mad. Mad at Percy for doing this to her once again, mad at herself. But more importantly she was thankful—relieved he was there—he was alive. He was right there next to her.

Percy just smiled reliving that mischievous troubling look in his eyes Annabeth loved the most, and without thinking it, she wrapped her arms around his back and pulling her closer to him and burring her head in the crook of his neck. Hoping no one were to see the tears of relief fall down her face in the process.

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