Love Triangle?

Summary: Mikan and Ryoma are childhood friends, and when she moves in to Seishun High, she meets him there. But then the Alice Academy finds out that Mikan has an alice, so she has to go there, and there she meets Hotaru, her other childhood (best) friend, and a certain firecaster. But then a week later, Ryoma shows up, and he also has an alice... There he meets his rival in love... !

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Chapter 1

Mikan's POV


Ugh, I don't want to wake up... Oh wait, this is my first day in Seishun High, and I don't want to be late on my first day... Better wake up then..
"Bye mum, bye dad!" I called out.
"Bye honey!" they replied.

I stood outside the classroom, waiting for sensei to tell me to some in.

Ryoma's POV

"OK class, I know this is a bit sudden as we are going to have a new student, in the middle of the semester, so that's why you should be especially nice. You may come in!" said sensei.

I wasn't really paying attention, until I saw all the boys drooling and having hearts in their eyes, so then I looked up to see 'this' new student. Wait, WHAT! Is that Mikan? What the hell is she doing here? Oh, she looks so beautiful- snap out of it Ryoma!

"Hello! My name is Mikan Sakura. I hope we could be friends, please look after me," she said in her angelic voice, which made the whole class go swoon over her.

"OK, so who wants to be Mikan-chan's partner?" asked sensei. Then everyone's hands came up. "What about Ryoma kun, as he doesn't have a partner."

"Ryo-chan? OMG! I can't believe it, is that you!" she yelled as soon as she saw me.
" Mikan," I said as a smiled at her.

Class POV


(Let's pretend the whole day passed and class finished.)

Normal POV

"Ryo-chan! Ryo-chan! I missed you soooooo much! You never told me that you attended Seishun High. How's uncle, and auntie, and onee-san?" screeched Mikan in her high-pitched angelic voice.

"There's good. And how about your parents?" Ryoma asked

"Oh, they're fine! I see that you still play tennis. So is there a tennis club here or something?"

"Yeah there is, hope you aren't too rusty. So do you want to join?

"Oh yes!" exclaimed Mikan. Then they had arrived at the clubroom. (Pretend that they were walking to the clubroom/courts, while they had their conversation. And also the tennis team is mixed gender, but when there are matches, there's a boys' team, a girls' team.)

So then Mikan signed up and changed into her own tennis whites, with pink lines down her sides, and said 'MIKAN SAKURA' at the back, and her pink and white tennis racket. (Just pretend that she randomly carries her tennis whites and racket wherever she goes. She's a bit of a tennis freak like Ryoma, right? LOL)

"Hey Mikan, lets warm up by playing a match," said Ryoma.

"Ehh, are we allowed?"

"Yeah, I'm a regular so it's all right. Hope you didn't get worse over the years.." he grinned evilly. (Boastful, eh, Ryoma-kun?)

Ryoma started with his twist serve, then Mikan retuned it like it was no sweat, and they kept on rallying non-stop with loads of cool moves (e.g. drive B, cyclone smash, and also Mikan's moves).

Everyone watched their rally as they were in awe.

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