Love Triangle?

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Tezuka POV



"They are so good.. I wish I could be like that.."


Hmm.. I wonder what that's all about.. Well they obviously aren't practising... Must make them run laps..hehe. (A/N major OOCness XD)I stopped to see what was going on. Oh, it's just Ryoma having a match or someone with.. wait, who is that? And he's making Ryoma run around like a chicken! And it's a girl.. HE'S LOSING TO A GIRL? 0.o...looks like a 1st year. Probably new. Hmm..

"Eh hem! (fake cough)" I coughed. Everybodys' eyes were on me and the match stopped. 'Good now I've got their attention.'

"50 laps around the court NOW!" I said as strictly as possible. I do have to keep my facade. As the captain, I must not let them slack. Even though I do feel a bit guilty, sometimes, for making them run around so much.

(A/N; It's like in the real Prince of Tennis, they have a girls team and a boys team, but they don't practise together, and so far Mikan went with Ryoma to the boys tennis team. LOL)

Normal POV

As the whole tennis team was running, they only just realised that this new (and random) freshman girl was RUNNING WITH THEM and was INFRONT OF THEM, no in fact SHE WAS IN FRONT OF THE REGULARS and SHE WAS RUNNING AT THE SAME PACE AS RYOMA WITHOUT A SINGLE DROP OF SWEAT IN HER FOREHEAD!

They had all finally finished running and they were all on the floor, panting, looking like they've all been somehow murdered. Even some of the regulars were on the floor and the rest were panting really hard, even Ryoma was sweating and trying to catch his breath, and Tezuka was sweating.

But wait a minute, they then all realised that this freshman girl wasn't lying dead on the floor. SHE WAS SMLILNG LIKE SHE HAD JUST HAD FUN AND WAS NOT PERSPIRING NOR PANTING AT ALL.

'What the hell? Just what is she? She's a girl for God's sake. Even the regulars look tired!' they all thought.

Tezuka POV

WHAATT? How come she doesn't look tired at all? Even I am, although I'm trying hard not to show it.

"Ehh, nani? Why is everyone on the floor? Are you playing a game? I want to play too!" she wined. Everybody then sweatdropped.

'Wooah, she acts just like a little girl..She thinks were playing some kind of hey-let's-pretend-to-be-dead-and-very-tired game?' they all thought.

"Uh-hem, excuse me umm Miss.." I tried to say.

"Sakura Mikan desu!" she said.

"Uh, Sakura-san, you really didn't need to run laps with us as you aren't in the tennis team, but if you want to join there's also a girls' one in the east courts, where they practise. This is the west courts," I told her.

"But Ryo-chan's in the boys one, so I want to be in it too! I can can't I?"

'0.o Woah, why does she look that damn cute?' They all thought.

Damn, what's with me today? Why can't I tell her she can't, I mean I'm known as the stoic team captain, nobody dares to stand against me. Well I guess apart from Echizen, but her eyes, they're hypnotizing me! Somebody help! Where's Ryuzaki-sensei?

Ryuzaki-sensei POV

Hmm this seems interesting...heh... I shall come out now..

"Well, I certainly think it's all right. I'm sure the principle won't mind, as she seems very capable of playing tennis, and I could tell the Head of the National Middle-School Boy's Tournament to make an exception for her, he owes me a favour anyway. What do you think Tezuka? Didn't you see her playing tennis a while ago? I'm sure that even Ryoma would agee," I said. Hehe, this is gonna be fun. The look on Tezuka's face, ahahaha!

"Uh... Well, I guess it's fine, if it's all right with you, sensei.." he replied.

"Of course it is, if it isn't why would I suggest it?"

"Uh, all right then. Welcome to the tennis club, Sakura-san."

"It's all right, just call me Mikan! YAY Thank you sensei!" she exclaimed and ran over to hug me.

Everyone was shocked.

The next day, Ranking Matches were being held and...

Mikan POV

I came to school here with Ryoma, EARLY IN THE MORNING as we have training IN THE MORNING (I repeat again)! No fair! Oh well~

Hmm... Why's everybody being so loud, and huddling around that board?

"Ne, Ryo-chi, is there something important happening today?"

"Hn. There's the Ranking Matches. I guess you don't know what it means though.. Well every month, we hold ranking matches, to give everyone a fair chance on being a regular. If your name's on the board, then you have a chance, but it's basically only the second and third years' names that are on it."

"But aren't you a regular?"



"It's because I'm so good at playing tennis, I'm a regular. I'm sure my name's on it, and I'll be a regular again. Heh," then Ryo-chi smirked. Grr..

We went to look at the board, just in case if Ryoma's name was not on the board... But wait...

"Nani!" I exclaimed, "Why is my name on it?"

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